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Africa, ARS collaborative research in, Oct-16
Agricultural chemicals, environmental fate of, Jul-4
Agricultural emissions, ARS efforts to reduce, Jul-2, 4-19
AgroAtlas, interactive Russian/English website of crops, Mar-14
Air quality
        measuring particulate matter emissions, Jul-9
        overview of ARS research on reducing ag. emissions, Jul-2, 4-19
Anaerobic soil disinfestation, as methyl bromide alternative, Mar-12
Animal diseases, Oct-4
Apples, multispectral imaging detects defects/pathogens on, Apr-4
ARS National Research Programs for
        Air Quality, Jul-2, 17
        Food Safety, Apr-2, 13
ARS Office of International Research Programs, Oct-2, 4, 14
ARS Strategic Action Plan for Food Safety, Apr-13
Aspergillus flavus, testing fungicides for, Apr-4
Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt)
        Bt cotton, Nov/Dec-16
        long-lasting strains of, Mar-21
Barley, winter, ethanol from, Feb-2
Beans, Oct-4
        effect of gas grilling on E. coli O157:H7 in, Apr-17
        pathogen-monitoring systems found adequate, Apr-4
Bees, Bombus huntii, B. occidentalis, Aug-14
Bio-PCR, sensitive sample-enrichment technique, Apr-22
        effects of amending soils with, Nov/Dec-2, 4
        feedstocks for, methods of making, Nov/Dec-2, 4
        field tests of Green Muscle fungus, Jan-4
        of emerald ash borer with parasitic wasps, fungus, Apr-18
        of red imported fire ant with phorid fly, Jan-7
        urease-producing Bt strains last longer, Mar-21
        crops for Pacific Northwest vegetable rotations, Feb-4
        economics of producing from straw, Feb-6
        feedstocks for, Feb-2
        oilseed, grass crops for biofuel production, Feb-4
        stress-tolerant yeasts for production of, Aug-20
        breeding, May/Jun-2, 4, 14
        genebank of in Corvallis, May/Jun-7
        nutrients in, health benefits of, May/Jun-2, 9
Borlaug Global Rust Initiative, Oct-2, 4
Brazil, ARS collaborative research with, Oct-14
Bt cotton, Nov/Dec-16
        diseases of, Sep-8, Oct-4
        Peruvian varieties, genetic identification, Sep-8
Camelina, as bioenergy crop for Pacific Northwest, Feb-4
Canola, as bioenergy crop for Pacific Northwest, Feb-4
Cantaloupe, whitefly migration to cotton from, Nov/Dec-16
Carbon sequestration, Mar-6, Nov/Dec-2, 4
Carrots, ultraviolet light boosts antioxidants in, Jan-13
Cattle tick fever, Oct-2
        anaplasmosis vaccine tested in animals, Mar-21
        citrus byproducts kill bacteria in gut of, Nov/Dec-10
        dairy, keeping outdoors vs. indoors, May/Jun-18
        feed restriction and efficiency, Jan-18
        feedlot manure management with electrical conductivity, May/Jun-17
        gene markers for resistance to multiple diseases, Sep-12
        heat and tick tolerance of Nguni, Oct-16
        lab tests to detect drug residues in, Apr-12
        meadow fescue as forage for, Mar-7
        new PCR test detects osteopetrosis in, Sep-20
        wet distillers grains with solubles and E. coli in, Apr-8
Cayenne tick can transmit equine piroplasmosis to horses, Oct-20
CGIAR, ARS research partnerships with, Oct-2, 4, 13
Chamomile tea, health benefits of, Mar-19
Chesapeake Bay
        fate of legacy pesticides in air, rain, Jul-4
        federal forest lands help protect, Feb-10
Chocolate, see Cacao.
CIAT, ARS research partnerships with, Oct-4
CIMMYT, ARS research partnerships with, Oct-4
Citrus byproducts, antibiotic activity in cattle, Nov/Dec-10
Citrus greening, spectroscopy identifies leaf changes earlier, Aug-11
Citrus root weevils, attracting nematodes that kill, Jan-8
Computer models
        2 combined to simulate PM10 erosion in Mexico, Jul-12
        GPFARM-Range for livestock stocking rate, Mar-18
        KINEROS2 for hydrological processes, Mar-10
        Nitrogen Index, Sep-18
        Nitrogen Loss and Environmental Package, Sep-18
        Object Modeling System for managing of, Feb-22
        Phenology MMS predicts time of crop growth stages, May/Jun-22
        SWAT calibrated for E. coli levels in streambeds, Jul-20
        SWIIM for irrigation management, Aug-12
        to predict streambank failure, Feb-20
        USDA Water Erosion Prediction Project, Mar-8
Conservation grazing for rangeland management, Mar-2, 4
Continuous cropping to preserve soil moisture, Jan-14
        deficit irrigation study in the West, Aug-12
        raising beta-carotene content of, Oct-4
        tillage, fertilizer methods compared in Idaho, Aug-22
Corn earworm, soy saponins and growth of, Aug-8
Corn stover, biochar made from, Nov/Dec-2, 4
Corn-soy blend, cooked, for emergency food aid, Aug-2, 4
        Bt, Nov/Dec-16
        control of sweetpotato whiteflies in, Nov/Dec-16
        detecting source of boll weevil outbreak, Jan-20
        greige, use in nonwoven fabrics, Sep-14
Cotton gins, measuring particulate matter emissions, Jul-9
Coville, Frederick, blueberry breeding by, May/Jun-2, 4, 14
Crop pests, new method of using nematodes to control, Nov/Dec-12
Crop water productivity function, Aug-12
Cropping systems, no-till, and 4-year rotations of various crops, Jan-14
Cryopreservation of ash tree budwood, Apr-18
Cucurbit yellow stunting disorder virus, Mar-20


Dairy facilities, greenhouse gas emissions from, Jul-4
DNA markers, oligonucleotide primers identify more, Jul-22
Dried distiller’s grains, Feb-2
Dried plums, developing new germplasm, Mar-16
East Coast fever, Oct-4
Eggs, crack-detection method doesn’t harm quality, Jul-22
EMBRAPA, ARS research exchange program with, Oct-2, 14
Emerald ash borer, ARS-APHIS-Forest Service efforts to control, Apr-18
        importance of conserving, Jan-22
        in meadow fescue are nontoxic, Mar-7
        presence or absence in tall fescues, Nov/Dec-14
Environmental benefits of keeping dairy cows outdoors, May/Jun-18
Environmental data, system for wireless delivery of, Feb-22
Environmental fate of “legacy” pesticides, Jul-4
Environmental remediation, biochar and, Nov/Dec-2, 4
Equine piroplasmosis, imidocarb diproprionate to treat, Oct-20
        factors affecting soil’s susceptibility to, Jul-9
        no-till reduces rate of in Pacific Northwest, Mar-8
        preventing with grasses and grazing, Mar-6
        role of seepage in streambank collapse, Feb-20
Escherichia coli
        assays for 6 Shiga-toxin producing serogroups, Apr-8
        citrus compounds reduce in cattle gut, Nov/Dec-10
        O157:H7, fate of on cooked steaks, Apr-17
        genes activated when colonizing lettuce, Apr-14
        levels of, vaccines for, in cattle, Apr-8
        migration into spinach roots, Apr-7
        sensitive method for detecting in water, Feb-8
        survival in streambed sediment, Jul-20
        cellulosic, stress-tolerant yeast in production of, Aug-20
        from switchgrass in Pacific Northwest, Feb-4
        from winter barley, switchgrass, Feb-2
Fall armyworm, plant lignin levels and resistance to, Aug-8
Fallow and soil moisture preservation, Jan-14
        methods compared for corn in Idaho, Aug-22
        nitrogen management computer models, Sep-18
Fescue toxicosis, avoiding, Nov/Dec-14
Fescue, tall, for nematode control in peaches, Nov/Dec-14
Fire and rangeland management, Mar-4
Fish, faster freeze-dry process for salmon cubes, Aug-16
Food Safety Research Information Office, Apr-13
Food safety
        ARS collaborations with other countries, Apr-2, 4
        overview of ARS current research on, Apr-2, 4-17
Food security
        cooked instant corn-soy blend for food aid, Aug-2, 4
        in Africa, Oct-16
Food, contamination from residues and antibiotics, Apr-2
Foodborne pathogens, new methods for detecting Apr-2
Foot-and-mouth disease, Oct-4
        festulolium ryegrass, Nov/Dec-9
        GPFARM-Range model predicts yields of, Mar-18
        At the Agricultural Research Service, Bioenergy Is Up and Running, Feb-2
        Conservation Grazing Uses Livestock as Ecosystem Engineers, Mar-2
        Feeding the World Through Food Technology Excellence, Aug-2
        Food Safety Advances and Collaborations Here and Abroad, Apr-2
        Innovative Ways To Fight Insect Pests, Jan-2
        Managing Land With Aerial Digital Cameras, Sep-2
        Solving Global Agricultural Issues: International Scientific Collaboration Is the Key, Oct-2
        Sound Science, Sound Air: Helping Agriculture and Air Quality at the Same Time, Jul-2
        The Delightful Domesticated American Blueberry: Some Research Challenges for Its Next
100 Years, May/Jun-2
        Turning to Nature To Address Some of Our Most Vexing Problems, Nov/Dec-2
Fruit crops, generic irradiation dose for Hawaiian, Feb-12
Fumigants, preplant groundcovers as alternatives to, Nov/Dec-14
Fungi, new endophytic isolated from cacao, Sep-8


        for stress tolerance in yeast, Aug-20
        quantitative trait loci in cattle linked to 3 diseases, Sep-12
Genetic map for highbush blueberry, May/Jun-4
Genetic markers for cattle marbling, fatty acids, Jan-18
        enhancing tomatoes with, Feb-9
        Illumina Bovine SNP50 BeadChip use, Sep-20
        new PCR test detects osteopetrosis in cattle, Sep-20
        collecting, preserving cacao, Sep-8
        collections of, Oct-2, 4
Global change and streamflow in western mountains, Jan-16
Global Foot and Mouth Disease Research Alliance, Oct-2
        germplasm, Jan-22
        festulolium ryegrass, Nov/Dec-9
        meadow fescue’s benefits as cattle forage, Mar-7
        nontoxic tall fescue MaxQ, Jan-22, Nov/Dec-14
        tall fescue for nematode control in peaches, Nov/Dec-14
Grasshoppers, effects of grazing, fires on, Jan-4
Green Wedge federal lands, environmental benefits of, Feb-10
Greenhouse gas emissions
        biochar’s effect on, Nov/Dec-2, 4
        from dairy facilities, Jul-4
GRIN-Global plant germplasm database, Oct-13
Ground covers, fabric vs. polypropylene, Aug-22
Hardwood, biochar made from, Nov/Dec-2, 4
Hibiscus tea shown to lower blood pressure, Mar-19
Horses, cELISA test for equine piroplasmosis in, Oct-20
Huanglongbing (HLB), see Citrus greening.
Human nutrition
        blueberry powder placebo for nutrition research, May/Jun-10
        cooked instant corn-soy blend for food aid, Aug-2, 4
        fiber in soft-wheat whole-grain flour, Nov/Dec-18
        herbal tea health benefits, Mar-19
ICARDA, ARS research partnerships with, Oct-4
ILRI, ARS research partnerships with, Oct-4
Insect cadavers, rearing and applying nematodes in, Nov/Dec-12
Insect pests
        generic irradiation of fresh produce to control, Feb-12
        monitoring device identifies insects by sounds, Mar-22
        broad spectrum vs. pest specific, Nov/Dec-16
        new for military, public, Jan-2
        nootkatone activity prolonged with lignin, Jan-10
International collaborations, ARS’s involvement in, Oct-2, 4-18
Invasive species, blue sedge, Carex breviculmis, found, identified in Mississippi, Oct-22
IRRI, ARS research partnerships with, Oct-4
Irrigation, limited in the West, Aug-12
KARI, ARS research partnerships with, Oct-4
KEMRI, ARS research partnerships with, Oct-4
LABEX, ARS-Brazil exchange research program, Oct-2, 14
Lettuce, studies of how E. coli colonizes, Apr-14
Livestock, as tools for rangeland management, Mar-2, 4
Melons, resistance to cucurbit yellow stunting disorder virus, Mar-20
Methyl bromide, alternatives to, Mar-12
Mollusks, identifying and inactivating pathogens in, Apr-16
Mormon cricket, timing biocontrol of, Jan-4
Mountain plovers, habitat of, Mar-4
Mushrooms, ultraviolet light boosts vitamin D in, Jan-13
Nanocomposites, Oct-14
National Agricultural Library, Apr-13, May/Jun-14
National Plant Germplasm System, Jan-22
        masking-tape application method, Nov/Dec-12
        root knot, control of in peaches, Nov/Dec-14
        Steinernema carpocapsae attack peachtree borers, Feb-16
        test distinguishes potato cyst from golden, Aug-18
Newcastle disease in poultry, new vaccine for, Jan-12
        computer models for better use of, Sep-18
        sequestration, Mar-6
No-till and soil moisture preservation, Jan-14
Object Modeling System for delivery of science models, Feb-22
Oranges, dried feed pellets have antibiotic activity, Nov/Dec-10
Organic farming
        ryegrass certified for, Nov/Dec-9
        use of ground covers in, Aug-22
        breeding soybeans to tolerate high levels of, Jul-14
        damage to plants, Jul-15, 17


        fire gel protects beneficial nematodes applied to trees, Feb-16
        tall fescue ground cover controls nematodes, Nov/Dec-14
Peachtree borers, biocontrol of with nematodes, Feb-16
Peppermint tea, clinical studies of needed, Mar-19
Petunia, anthocyanins toxic to cabbage loopers, Aug-8
Phorid fly, Pseudacteon cultellatus, as fire ant biocontrol, Jan-7
Plant breeding, FasTrack system for, Mar-16
Plant production/breeding work with CIP, Oct-4
Plums, early flowering gene shortens breeding time, Mar-16
        breeding line resists wireworms, Sep-22
        importance to food security, Oct-4
        ridged row vs. raised flat bed planting, Sep-11
        test distinguishes nematodes that threaten, Aug-18
        litter, biochar made from, Nov/Dec-2, 4
        multispectral imaging detects feces on, Apr-4
        vaccine for Newcastle disease virus, Jan-12
        yeast extracts as antibiotic alternative in organic, Apr-8
Prairie dogs and rangeland management, Mar-4
        maintaining biodiversity on, Mar-4
        monitoring with digital imaging, Sep-2, 4, 7
Red imported fire ants, field release of phorid fly biocontrol, Jan-7
Remote sensing, aerial digital imaging to monitor rangelands, Sep-2, 4
Reynolds Creek Experimental Watershed, precipitation at, Jan-16
Rice, new varieties of, Oct-4
Rift Valley fever, Oct-4
Runoff from compacted surface soils, Mar-10
Safflower as bioenergy crop for Pacific Northwest, Feb-4
Salmon, faster freeze-dry process for, Aug-16
Salmonella enterica, citrus compounds reduce in cattle gut, Nov/Dec-10
Salmonella, sensitive method for detecting in water, Feb-8
Screwworm, Oct-2
Sheep parasites, Oct-4
Shellfish, identifying, inactivating pathogens in, Apr-16
Skip-row planting and soil moisture preservation, Jan-14
        biological properties that affect wind erosion of, Jul-9
        effects of ground covers on, Aug-22
Soil fumigants
        dimethyl sulfide (Paladin), methyl iodide (Midas), Mar-12
        measuring, slowing emissions of, Jul-18
Soil fumigation with poultry litter, molasses, and heat, Mar-12
Soil moisture
        effect on herbicide volatilization, Jul-4
        preserving with no till, rotations, Jan-14
Soil quality
        effects of biochar on, Nov/Dec-2, 4
        restoring with grasses and grazing, Mar-6
        insecticidal properties of saponins from, Aug-8
        Swedish variety Fiskeby is stress resistant, Jul-14
        market lighting affects nutrients in, May/Jun-22
        study of E. coli in, Apr-7
Streambanks, mechanisms behind collapse of, Feb-20
Sugarcane, solutions to factory and refinery problems, May/Jun-20
Sweetpotato whitefly, preserving predators of, Nov/Dec-16
        as bioenergy crop for Pacific Northwest, Feb-4
        biochar made from, Nov/Dec-2, 4
        ethanol from, Feb-2
        insecticidal properties of saponins from, Aug-8
        near-infrared sensing predicts ethanol yields, Aug-17


Ticks, nootkatone-lignin formulation kills nymphs, Jan-10
        conventional vs. no-till in Pacific Northwest, Mar-8
        methods compared for corn in Idaho, Aug-22
        lycopene levels in red vs. tangerine colors of, Feb-15
        yeast gene improves shelf life, lycopene in, Feb-9
USDA Regional Biomass Research Centers, Feb-2
Vegetative caps for landfills, Feb-10
Water quality, federally owned land helps protect, Feb-10
Water use, selling water rights from nonirrigated acreage, Aug-12
Water-conservation studies in Arizona, Mar-10
Water, measuring actual use by crops, Aug-12
Watermelon, finding DNA markers for desired traits, Jul-22
Western bumble bee, Bombus occidentalis, decline, Aug-14
        effects of increased heat on, Feb-19
        Ug99 rust, Oct-4
        whole-grain flour from soft, Nov/Dec-18
White mustard as bioenergy crop for Pacific Northwest, Feb-4
        life tables for, Nov/Dec-16
        role in cucurbit yellow stunting disorder, Mar-20
Wildlife on rangelands, Mar-4
Winter wheat, no-till, in Pacific Northwest, Mar-8, Oct-18
        source of surfactant-like sophorolipids, Jul-21
        stress-tolerant, for cellulosic ethanol production, Aug-20
Yerba mate, properties of saponins from, Aug-8

"2011 INDEX" was published in the November/December 2011 issue of Agricultural Research magazine.

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