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2012 Index


Air quality, no-till spring cereal rotations and, Jul-19
ALEXI computer model for monitoring drought, Feb-4
Alfalfa, soil copper’s effect on growth of, Sep-22
       compounds in hulls may benefit health, Feb-22
       infrared heating kills Salmonella on, Feb-20
American beautyberry, natural insect repellency, Nov/Dec-4
Ammonia, new system captures from livestock waste, Nov/Dec-21
Anthracnose stalk rot, Jan-4
Antibiotic alternatives
       chlorate and nitro compounds, May/Jun-4
       endolysins produced by phages, May/Jun-4
       for use in livestock, May/Jun-2, 4
       recombinant NK lysin in chickens, May/Jun-4
       vitamin D for cattle mastitis treatment, May/Jun-4
Antibiotic resistance in E. coli, Nov/Dec-18
Antifungal plant compounds, Oct-12
       DNA barcoding to identify eggs of, Apr-16
       key proteins affect ability to transmit yellow dwarf virus, Apr-12
Asian citrus psyllid, submerging citrus to control, Jul-2
Asian soybean rust, Vietnamese variety DT 2000 resistant to, Jul-22
       K49 biocontrol fungus in bioplastic pellets, Oct-20
       thymol from thyme can fight, Oct-12
Avocado, laurel wilt disease in, Oct-8
       method predicts tenderness, color stability of, Aug-16
       updated USDA nutrient data for, Jan-20
Biobased fire logs, from grass clippings, Nov/Dec-21
       long-term cold storage of parasitic wasp, Oct-22
       of Aspergillus flavus with Aspergillus K49, Oct-20
       of Aspergillus flavus with Pichia anomala yeast, Jul-15
       of Japanese beetle with Metarhizium fungus, Feb-12
       of kudzu bug with Paratelenomus saccharalis wasp, May/Jun-22
       of Oriental fruit fly with Fopius arisanus wasp, Feb-12
       of potato psyllid with fungi, Feb-8
       of silverleaf whitefly with Encarsia sophia wasp, Sep-20
       of spider mite with gall midge, Sep-20
       of termites with nematodes, Aug-18
       using plants as hosts of predatory insects, Sep-20
       energy content of sunn hemp, Jan-17
       feedstock options for U.S. southeast, Sep-10
       prairie grasses as feedstocks for, Sep-7
       regional centers for research on, Sep-2, 4
       seed oils for renewable jet fuel, Sep-14
       sorghum’s potential for, Sep-10, 12
Biotechnology, Apr-2, 6, 18
Black raspberry, large raspberry aphid resistance in, Oct-4
Blueberry, new varieties, Aug-9, Sep-16
Bone development study in piglets, Jan-8
Candida yeast, Oct-12
Carbon dioxide, effect on crops of higher, Aug-6
       color-stability variation in beef, Aug-16
       forage kochia nutritious for, Jan-22
       manure as compost for mine-damaged soils, Oct-16
Cheatgrass, preventing on rangelands, Jan-14
Climate change
       effect on crops of higher temperatures, Aug-6
       potential to restore arid grasslands, Aug-4
       predictions for crop rotations, Aug-2, 6
Coccidiosis, egg-yolk antibody treatment to control in chicks, Jul-9
Colony collapse disorder
       list of suspected causes, Jul-7
       overview of ARS research on, Jul-4
Colorado potato beetle, DNA barcoding to identify predators of, Apr-16
Computer models
       ALEXI estimates evapotranspiration, Feb-4
       calibrating with long-term field, climate data, Aug-6
       evaluation, update of TurfPQ runoff model, Oct-10
       RUSLE2 for erosion, Apr-20
       RZWQM2, Aug-6
       as a biocontrol banker plant, Sep-20
       biochemical response to insect, fungal attacks, Jan-4
       biocompetitive exclusion of Aspergillus in, Oct-20
       gene confers resistance to leaf diseases in, Feb-16
       developing nematode resistance in, Jul-16
       enzyme treatments for nonwovens, Apr-14
       nanoparticles of clay give flame retardance to, Apr-14
Cow’s milk, comparison to soy formula, mom’s milk, Jan-8
Cranberry, extracting, measuring polyphenols in, Aug-10
Crop genetic improvement and genomic resources, Oct-2
Crop yields, climate change and, Aug-6


Dairy cows
       copper footbaths for, Sep-22
       vitamin D treatment helps fight mastitis, May/Jun-4
DEET, Nov/Dec-2, 4
Deployed War-Fighter Protection program, Nov/Dec-2, 4
Dietary Guidelines for Americans, Mar-8, 16
Ecologically Based Invasive-Plant Management model, Feb-10
EcoTrends Project for long-term ecosystem monitoring, Aug-5
Energy cane, potential as biofuel crop, Sep-10
       no-till spring cereal rotations reduce, Jul-19
       RUSLE2 computer model for predicting, Apr-20
Escherichia coli
       antibiotic resistance in, Nov/Dec-18
       chlorate and nitro compounds kill, May/Jun-4
European corn borer, Jan-4
Evapotranspiration, mapping with satellites, Feb-2, 4
FasTrack method for improved tree-fruit breeding, Oct-2
Food composition analysis using metabolomics, Apr-6
Forage kochia, benefits to rangeland, cattle, Jan-22
Formosan subterranean termites, biocontrol of, Aug-18
       Alternative Strategies for Keeping Animals Healthy, May/Jun-2
       ARS Scientists: All-Purpose Agronomists, Aug-2
       Biofuels: No Single Answer, Many Possibilities, Sep-2
       Breeding Better Fruits and Veggies, Oct-2
       Innovations for Pest Control in Produce, Jul-2
       Innovations Through Biotechnology, Apr-2
       It Takes a Satellite To Feed the World, Feb-2
       Mining for Phytochemicals: A Multifaceted Effort, Jan-2
       Monitoring America’s Nutritional Bottom Line, Mar-2
       Products To Protect Consumers and the Military From Insects, Nov/Dec-2
Fruit flies
       biocontrol of, Feb-12
       gas chromatography to detect, Jul-2
       sterile insect technique improved for Mexican, Sep-18
       card catalog collection at National Agricultural Library, Aug-12
       postharvest pest control in, Jul-2, 10


       Corngrass gene inserted into switchgrass, Sep-8
       DNA barcodes identify insect predators of pests, Apr-16
       DNA tool distinguishes bermudagrass cultivars, May/Jun-23
       genetic analysis of mixed communities of microbes, Apr-18
       invertase gene in potatoes, Oct-4
       markers for resistance genes in soybean, Jul-20
       markers used to breed nematode resistance into cotton, Jul-16
Germplasm, safeguarding, Oct-2, 8
Ginseng, chemical differences in, Apr-6
Glassy winged sharpshooter, May/Jun-20
Grapefruit, chemical analysis of, Apr-6
Grape, Pierce’s disease of, May/Jun-20
       as bioenergy feedstock in U.S. southeast, Sep-10
       fire logs, pellets, made from clippings of, Nov/Dec-21
       native, use of hydrogels to establish, Jan-14
       prairie perennials as biofuel feedstocks, Sep-7, 8
Grassland, arid, climate change may help restore, Aug-4
Green tea dietary supplements analyzed, Apr-6
Herbicide resistance, PPO enzyme’s role in, Aug-20
Honey bee, colony collapse disorder in, Jul-4
Horticultural crops, EDDS chelating agent for, Aug-22
Human nutrition
       ARS dietary-intake survey, Mar-2, 16
       ARS methods for food analysis, Mar-4, 8
       ARS National Program for Human Nutrition Monitoring, Mar-23
       ARS nutrient databases, Mar-2, 8
       Beltsville Human Nutrition Research Center, Mar-4
       children’s fruit/vegetable intake, Jul-12, Mar-8
       cranberry polyphenols, Aug-10
       database of nutrient profiles for foods, Mar-8
       dietary supplements analyzed, Apr-2, 6
       Food Composition and Methods Laboratory, Mar-4
       Food Surveys Research Group, Mar-16
       green tea dietary supplements analyzed, Apr-6
       “Healthy Kids” nutrition-software competition, Mar-8
       “Kiddio: Food Fight” video game for parents, Jul-12
       “Lets Move!” Initiative, Mar-8
       metabolites in blood serum, Apr-10
       National Food and Nutrient Analysis Program, Mar-14
       Nutrient Data Laboratory, Mar-9
       sodium intake, Mar-16, 22
       supplement intake, Mar-16
       techniques to analyze foods, supplements, Apr-6
       “What We Eat in America” survey, Mar-2, 8, 22
Imidacloprid and colony collapse disorder, Jul-4
Immunocrit test for piglet, cow colostrum intake, Oct-18
Insects, monitor to study feeding behavior of, May/Jun-20
Insect-transmitted diseases, protecting troops from, Nov/Dec-2, 4
IR-4’s assistance with pesticide registration, Nov/Dec-2, 4
       copper footbath wastewater use for, Sep-22
       deficit, in peaches, Nov/Dec-16
       modifying sprinkler heads to better manage, May/Jun-8
Kauralexins in corn, Jan-4
Kudzu bug, Megacopta cribraria, threat to soybean, May/Jun-22
Laurel wilt disease in avocado, Oct-8
Leafminer, oxygenated phosphine fumigation for, Jul-10
Leishmaniasis, controlling sand fly vector of, Nov/Dec-2
Leptospirosis, spread of, vaccine for, Jan-10
Lettuce, oxygenated phosphine fumigation for aphid, Jul-10
Livestock, alternatives to antibiotic use in, May/Jun-2, 4
Livestock waste management, Nov/Dec-21
Mealybug, oxygenated phosphine fumigation for, Jul-10
Metabolomics, Apr-10
Metagenomics, Apr-18
Milkweed weevil, formula for lure for, Oct-17
Monarch butterfly, preserving food source for, Oct-17
Mosquito, natural compounds that repel, Nov/Dec-4
Nanotechnology, Apr-4, 14
Napiergrass, potential as biofuel crop, Sep-10
National Agricultural Library, historical resources for researchers, Aug-12
National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference, Mar-8, 9
       associations with bacteria, Aug-18
       biocontrol potential of, Aug-18
       Panagrellus species harms pet tarantulas, Aug-18
       root knot and reniform in cotton, Jul-16
Nitrate loss from crop fields, Feb-17, 18
Nitrogen, new system captures from animal waste, Nov/Dec-21
       benefits to soil and air quality, Jul-19
       effect on snow accumulation, soil water, Aug-8
       versus conventional till, Aug-2, 8
Nosema and colony collapse disorder, Jul-4, 7


Papaya, as a biocontrol banker plant, Sep-20
Peach, deficit irrigation of, Nov/Dec-16
Pecan shell biochar adsorbs copper, Sep-22
Pepper, ornamental, as biocontrol banker plant, Sep-20
Pest control
       apps for spraying insecticides, Nov/Dec-15
       ARS innovations in, Jul-2
       biocontrol methods in greenhouses, Sep-20
       oxygenated phosphine fumigation for, Jul-10
       possible role in colony collapse disorder, Jul-4, 7
       turf cultivation and runoff of, Oct-10
Peter Wilcox potato, carotenoid content of, Oct-4
Phosphorus loss from crop fields, Feb-17
Phytochemicals, role in plant defenses, benefits to humans, Jan-2
Phytophthora late blight, potatoes that resist, Oct-4
Phytoremediation of selenium in soils, Jan-12
Plant breeding
       crossing tetraploid and diploid cotton, Jul-16
       genomic selection approach to, Apr-2, 13
       statistical approach for, Apr-13
Plant diseases, proteins in aphids key to virus transmission, Apr-12
Plant explorer research records at National Agricultural Library, Aug-12
Poinsettias, insect biocontrol on, Sep-20
       method predicts tenderness, color stability of, Aug-16
       updated USDA nutrient data on, Jan-20
Potato psyllid, methods for control of, Feb-8
       breeding for higher carotenoids levels, Oct-4
       disease resistance in, Oct-4
       improving cold storage of, Oct-4
       zebra chip disease in, Feb-8
       feeding yolk antibodies to chicks fights coccidiosis, Jul-9
       metagenomics identifies viruses in gut of, Apr-18
       new bacteriophage identified in, Apr-18
       new strategies to boost immunity in, May/Jun-2, 4
PPO enzyme
       role in herbicide resistance in plants, Aug-20
       symptoms of disruption of in humans, Aug-20, 21
Prairie reconstruction and water quality, Feb-17
Prickly pear cactus for bioremediation, Jan-12
Rangeland, forage kochia grown on, Jan-22
Rangeland restoration
       decision-making model for, Feb-10
       with native plants, Jan-14
Redbay ambrosia beetle, attractants tested for, Oct-8
Red flour beetle control in stored-grain facilities, Jul-2
Revised Universal Soil Loss Equation update (RUSLE2) Apr-20
Roundworms, see Nematodes
Russian wheat aphid, DNA barcoding to identify, Apr-16
       chlorate and nitro compounds kill, May/Jun-4
       detecting, differentiating with SERS, Apr-8
Sand fly, control of for deployed troops, Nov/Dec-4
Satellite monitoring, agricultural uses of, Feb-2, 4
Sea lions as maintenance hosts of leptospirosis, Jan-10
Selenomethionine supplement for sheep, Feb-14
Serum Metabolome database of metabolites in human blood serum, Apr-10
Sheep, selenomethionine supplement for, Feb-14
       copper buildup in from dairy cow footbaths, Sep-22
       effects of sprinkler irrigation on, May/Jun-8, 9
       manure compost to amend mine-damaged, Oct-16
       phytoremediation with prickly pear cactus, Jan-12
Sorghum, Sep-10, 12; Oct-14
Southern pine beetle, Dendroctonus frontalis, Aug-18
Soybeans, lines with superior flood tolerance, Jul-20
Staphylococcus aureus, endolysins that kill methicillin-resistant, May/Jun-2, 4
Sterile insect technique for Mexican fruit fly, Sep-18
       Botrytis and anthracnose in, Oct-4
       longer growing season with low tunnels, Oct-4
Streptomyces scab, potatoes that resist, Oct-4
Sugar beet
       curly top virus resistance, Jan-18
       irrigation management to protect seedlings, May/Jun-8
       sugar loss linked to rhizomania, Jan-18
Sunn hemp, energy content for biofuel, Jan-17
Surface-enhanced Ramen scattering detects pathogens, Apr-4, 8
       bone development study in piglets, Jan-8
       immunocrit test for piglet colostrum intake, Oct-18
       effects of Corngrass gene inserted into, Sep-8
       for revegetating mine-damaged soils, Oct-16


Thyme, thymol from as antifungal for Aspergillus, Oct-12
Tomatoes, insect biocontrol on, Sep-20
Tree nuts
       beneficial yeast controls Aspergillus flavus on, Jul-15
       plant compounds as antifungals for, Oct-12
Turfgrass, DNA tool distinguishes bermudagrass cultivars, May/Jun-23
Ug99 master switch genes, Oct-2
       150th anniversary, May/Jun-10
       agricultural library established, May/Jun-19
       breeding, improving livestock and crops, May/Jun-17
       Regional Biomass Research Centers, Sep-2, 4
Varroa mites and colony collapse disorder, Jul-4, 7
       identifying in poultry, Apr-18
       Rift Valley fever, detecting, Apr-4
       West Nile, detecting, Apr-4
Vitamin D
       analyzing amounts in milk, orange juice, Mar-4
       updated Dietary Reference Intakes for, Mar-5, 6, 12
Wastewater, new system captures ammonia in, Nov/Dec-21
Water availability, satellite monitoring of, Feb-2, 4
Water quality
       core cultivation of turfgrass and, Oct-10
       origin of E. coli in Santa Ana River, Nov/Dec-18
       prairie reconstruction and, Feb-17
       wood chips remove nitrates from field leachate, Feb-18
Wheat, statistical approach used in breeding, Apr-13
Wheat, winter, effect of no-till in Palouse region, Aug-8
Zealexins in corn, Jan-4
ZmPep1 peptide in corn fights fungal attack, Jan-4
Zoonotic diseases, leptospirosis, Jan-10

"2012 Index" was published in the November/December 2012 issue of Agricultural Research magazine.

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