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2010 Index


Afla-Guard, for control of aflatoxin, Sep-8
Air quality
         farm and urban pollutants, Aug-10
         swine wastewater treatment system improves, Aug-22
         dried, as fertilizer, May/Jun-20
         faster growth on reformulated media, May/Jun-19
         in fish feed, Oct-8
         turf scrubbers clean manure effluent, May/Jun-20
         bee pasturing may provide pollinators for, Aug-20
         new self-pollinating variety, Apr-14
         replant disease resistance in, Jan-4
Amylose, standardized way to measure in rice, May/Jun-4
Animal germplasm, ARS collections of, Jan-12
Antibiotic breakdown in manure, Feb-22
Antimicrobial Resistance Collection, Jan-11
Aphid Biotype and Natural Enemy Collection, Jan-16
Apple replant disease, integrated management of, Mar-16
         coating for sliced, Mar-11
         mineral-particle films improve quality of, Mar-23
         Muscodor fungus kills codling moth on, Feb-20
         Pseudomonas fights replant pathogens, Mar-16
Aquaculture, water-recirculating systems for, Oct-4
ARS Cotton Germplasm Collection, Jan-18
ARS Culture Collection, role of, Jan-10
ARS human nutrition research centers, Mar-2
ARS National Research Programs for
         Aquaculture, Oct-20
         Children’s Nutrition, Obesity Prevention, Mar-13
         Corn, Sep-17
         Genomics and Genetics for Food Security, May/Jun-18
         Human Nutrition, Jul-21
         Oats and Barley, Feb-17
         Systematics and Collections, Jan-19
ARS plant genebanks/collections, Jan-4
Asian citrus psyllid, control of, Nov/Dec-2, 4
Asian lady beetles, nepetalactone from catnip repels, Feb-23
Aspergillus flavus, control of in corn, Sep-2, 8
Australian Biological Control Laboratory, Jan-8
Barley and oat cooperative projects, Feb-2
Barley Coordinated Agricultural Project, Feb-4, 5
         as bioenergy crop, Feb-2
         as winter cover crop in Chesapeake Bay area, Aug-16
         bio-oil from byproducts of, Nov/Dec-26
         concentrating protein for fish feed, Feb-11
         enzyme interactions during germination, Feb-7
         genetics of resistance to Fusarium, Feb-4
         new breeding lines, Feb-4
         reduced mycotoxin production in, Feb-4
         screening for stem rust resistance, Feb-8
         winter, as feedstock for biofuel/ethanol, Feb-14
Beans, disease resistance, heat tolerance, iron in, May/Jun-8
Bee pastures, wildflowers identified for use in, Aug-20
Beetles, lab identifies foreign, Jan-16
Begonias, light and cold tolerant, Mar-18
Beltsville Agricultural Research Center 100th anniversary, Apr-2, 4
         ARS overseas collections’ role in, Jan-8
         Europe’s first program for a weed, Nov/Dec-29
         of aflatoxin with benign Aspergillus species, Sep-2, 8
         of asian citrus psyllid with wasp, Nov/Dec-4
         of black cherry tree with Pythium fungi, Feb-23
         of gall wasp in Hawaii with beneficial wasp, Sep-18
         of insects with nepetalactone from catnip, Feb-23
Biofuel production
         from barley, Nov/Dec-26
         from canola, Oct-21
         from field pennycress, Nov/Dec-22
Bison, malignant catarrhal fever, Apr-12
Black cherry tree, invasive species in Europe, Feb-23
Blue orchard bee, alternative pollinator to honey bee, Aug-20
Bozoisky II Russian wildrye, Feb-18
Brassica fights apple replant pathogens, Mar-16
         from oats, barley, wheat, Feb-16
         gluten-free from corn zein, Nov/Dec-28
         seed meal to fight apple replant pathogens, Mar-16
         winter, alternative crop for Washington State, Oct-21
         copper sulfate to control Ich, fungi in, Oct-11
         see-saw device oxygenates eggs, saves water, Oct-7
         75th anniversary of Line 1 Hereford, Mar-14
         causes of and responses to heat stress in, Mar-20
         controlling cattle fever ticks, Nov/Dec-18
         malignant catarrhal fever, Apr-12
         nepetalactone repels stable flies, Feb-23
         postfire grazing, Nov/Dec-25
         preserving germplasm of, Jan-12
         vaccines reduce E. coli in calf manure, May/Jun-23
         weeds’ effect on forage for, Apr-22
Cereal Insects Genetic Resource Library, Jan-16
Chesapeake Bay
         ARS efforts to clean up, Aug-2, 4, 9, 10, 13, 16
         keeping nutrients out of, May/Jun-20
         as animal model for human iron absorption, May/Jun-10
         infrared laser to trim beaks of, Aug-26
         preserving germplasm of, Jan-12
         soft water removes more bacteria from, Feb-23
         ventilating broiler houses with attic air, Feb-22
         beet armyworm resistance in, May/Jun-8
         fungal biocontrol for fungal disease on, Sep-23
         new lines resist beet armyworm larvae, Mar-23
Chocolate pod resistance in snap beans, May/Jun-8
Choptank River, study of pollutants in, Aug-10
Christmas trees, pest control for, Nov/Dec-11
         compounds in protect glial cells, Apr-23
         extracts, effect on metabolic syndrome, Jul-16
Citrus, control of flushing in, Nov/Dec-4
Citrus cell lines, faster growth on media, May/Jun-19
Citrus greening, efforts to halt, Nov/Dec-2, 4
Citrus leafminer control via mating disruption, Aug-19
Climate change, effect on weed growth in corn fields, Sep-14
Coconut trees, genetic analysis of ancestry of, Aug-25
Conservation Effects Assessment Project, Aug-10
Coral bean trees, gall wasp control in Hawaii, Sep-18
Corn earworm, aerial insecticide application study, Apr-22
Corn genomics, database on, Sep-15
Corn-based plastic, improving heat tolerance of, Sep-2, 11
         aflatoxin control in, Sep-2, 8
         Bt, corn rootworm resistance to, Sep-12
         defatted zein for gluten-free bread, Nov/Dec-28
         genes linked to beta-carotene levels in, May/Jun-12
         MAGIC process to identify and map useful genes, Sep-7
         Nested Association Mapping Population (NAM), Sep-2, 4
         organizing and mapping genetic diversity of, Sep-2, 4
         photoperiod sensitivity in, Sep-4
         program to broaden genetic base of, Sep-15
         pyrolysis converts stover, cobs into bio-oil, biochar, Aug-31
         skip-row planting stabilizes yields, Apr-19
         sweet, weed management in, Sep-2, 14
         western corn rootworm predators, Nov/Dec-14
         5 tillage practices compared, Jan-23
         13 new host plants identified for pests of, Sep-23
         benefits of furrow diking, Jan-23
         cytokinin boosts yields of during drought, Aug-31
         germplasm, ARS collection of, Jan-18
         grass hedges for erosion control in, May/Jun-23
         reniform nematode resistance in, Jan-4
         test of region-specific varieties, Jan-22
Cotton Winter Nursery, 60th anniversary of, Jan-18
Cover crops
         cereal rye as, Nov/Dec-17
         winter, best for capturing nitrogen loss, Aug-16
Crop production and diversity, Jan-4
Crop residues, decomposition rates of, Mar-23
         of animal germplasm, Jan-12
         of insect germplasm, Jan-16


Deer, collaring device controls ticks on, Nov/Dec-18
Dietary Guidelines for Americans, adherence to, Jul-12
DNA markers for resistance genes in barley, Feb-4
Drought tolerance, breeding beans with, May/Jun-8
E. coli O157:H7, new vaccines, May/Jun-23
Echinacea root metabolites help identify species, Mar-22
Epigenetics, study of obesity susceptibility in rats, Mar-8
         grass hedges for controlling, May/Jun-23
         wave-breaking device controls on reservoir levees, Jul-22
Ethanol production, Apr-20
European Biological Control Laboratory, Jan-8, Nov/Dec-29
FANTESK, low-fat cake mixes made with, Mar-11
Fertilizer runoff, reducing from farms, Aug-4, 9, 10, 13, 16
Fire ants, microsporidia as biocontrols for, Jan-15
Fish feed
         from Alaskan fish byproducts, Oct-16
         with low or no fishmeal or fish oil, Oct-8
         byproducts, oil, gelatin, fish feeds from, Oct-16
         oils, interplay of fatty acids found in, Oct-14
         oily, brain benefits of eating, Jul-18
         preserving germplasm of, Jan-12
         vaccines, Oct-11
         potting media from whole loblolly pine, Aug-28
         thidiazuron extends life of some potted plants, Apr-10
Food safety
         detecting bone fragments in meat, fish, Oct-23
         Lactobacilli spoilage in pickles, Sep-22
         reducing Listeria, Shigella on fish fillet, Oct-18
         soft water removes more bacteria from poultry, Feb-23
Food technology, laser etching to label produce, Apr-23
         A Systems Approach to Corn, Sep-2
         ARS Research Partnerships Are Critical to U.S. Grain
            Production, Feb-2
         At BARC, We’ve Only Just Begun, Apr-2
         Childhood Obesity: Researchers Attack a Nationwide
            Epidemic, Mar-2
         Nutrition and Your Health: ARS Studies Target Nutrition’s
            Vital Roles, Jul-2
         Saving the Bay: It’s One of the Things ARS Does Best,
         Supporting U.S. Aquaculture, Oct-2
         Systematics and Collections: Preserving Diversity, Trade,
            and Our Way of Life, Jan-2
         Using Genetic Tools To Combat Hunger, May/Jun-2
         ARS collection of entomopathogenic, Jan-10
         freeze-drying to preserve, Jan-18
         Fungal Culture Collection, Jan-18
         Muscodor albus as biobased fumigant, Feb-20
         remove furanocomarins from grapefruit juice, Aug-31


Gene promoters for barley resistance to Fusarium, Feb-4
Genetic studies on
         common bean, May/Jun-10
         corn, May/Jun-12
         improving crops and livestock, May/Jun-2
         potatoes, May/Jun-14, 22
         rice, May/Jun-4
         wheat, May/Jun-11
         DNA markers in oats for valued traits, Feb-12
         gene-silencing technique to study plant aging, Apr-10
         Line 1 Hereford cattle breeding program, Mar-14
         MAGIC technique, Sep-7
         pregnant rats’ weight affects pups’ weight, Mar-8
         recombination in the corn chromosome, Sep-4
         virus-induced gene-silencing technique in plants, Apr-10
Genotyping of barley breeding lines, Feb-4
Geraniums, paralytic compounds isolated from, Mar-18
Germplasm collections, purpose, value of, Jan-2
Germplasm Enhancement of Maize project, Sep-2, 15
Germplasm Resources Information Network, Jan-4, 19
Germplasm, woody ornamental, conserving, Nov/Dec-29
GIS software to monitor winter cover crops, Aug-16
Glycerol, utilization of, Nov/Dec-22
Grain, suction vs. pressure aeration in storage bins, Aug-18
Grapefruit juice, fungi removes furanocomarins from, Aug-31
Grapes, Muscodor fungus kills Botrytis mold on, Feb-20
Grasses, cultivars to help damaged rangelands, Feb-18
Grasshoppers, microsporidia as biocontrols for, Jan-15
Hemlocks, resistance to woolly adelgids, Nov/Dec-20
Herbicides in Choptank River, Aug-10
Hops affect ammonia-producing rumen bacteria, Apr-18
Horses, imidocarb dipropionate for babesiosis in, Apr-23
         begonia and geranium research, Mar-18
         WholeTree potting media from loblolly pine, Aug-28
Human nutrition
         and disease prevention, Jul-2, 21
         adult calcium needs, Jul-10
         ARS-developed healthier snacks, Mar-11
         benefits of reducing trans fat intake, Jul-12
         chromosome 13 and blood glucose levels, Jul-16
         diabetes-prevention video game, Jul-17
         factors affecting bone health, Jul-10
         factors affecting brain health, Jul-18
         factors affecting cancer, Jul-4, 6
         factors affecting diabetes, Jul-16
         factors affecting eye health, Jul-7
         factors affecting heart health, Jul-12
         factors affecting immunity, Jul-8
         fatty acylcarnitines as diabetes biomarkers, Jul-16
         Food, Fun, and Fitness Internet Program for Girls, Mar-5
         interplay of CLA, DHA, EPA fatty acids, Oct-14
         lactose intolerance in girls, Jul-10
         links between diet and chronic disease, Jul-2
         model predicts vitamin D needs Jul-8
         new body-composition charts for kids, Mar-6
         nutrients protect against macular degeneration, Jul-7
         omega-3 fatty acids, health effects of, Jul-7, 18
         parents’ feeding styles affect kids’ BMI, Mar-6
         plant sterols and heart health, Jul-12
         reducing students’ dietary intake of fat, Oct-23
         soy isoflavones and bone loss, Jul-10
         weight-bearing exercise and bone loss, Jul-10
         weight-gain predictors in Hispanic kids, Mar-10
         weight-management program for Hispanic kids, Mar-4
         zinc and immunity in elderly, Jul-8
Insect control
         microsporidia as biocontrol, Jan-15
         pheromones for leafminer mating disruption, Aug-19
         spray rates/droplet sizes for corn earworm, Apr-22
         suction vs. pressure aeration in grain bins, Aug-18
Invasive species
         cheatgrass control, Aug-30, Sep-23
         search for biocontrols overseas, Jan-8
Invertebrate germplasm, ARS collections of, Jan-16
Japanese beetles, geranium compound may control, Mar-18


Lentils, new Essex variety released, May/Jun-8
Maize Genomics and Genetics Database, Sep-15
Malignant catarrhal fever virus, life cycle of, Apr-12
         algal turf scrubbers remove nutrients from, May/Jun-20
         antibiotic breakdown in, Feb-22
         disk injectors, reduce nutrient runoff, emissions, Aug-4, 9
         management system for swine producers, Aug-22
Microbe collections, values, uses of, Jan-10
Mushrooms, button, immune-enhancing compounds in, Jul-8
National Agricultural Library resources and websites on
         aquaculture, Oct-20
         corn, Sep-16
         nutrition and health, Jul-15
         oats, barley, wheat, Feb-16
         obesity, Mar-12
         world hunger, food security, May/Jun-17
National Animal Germplasm Program, Jan-12
National Antimicrobial Resistance Monitoring System, Jan-11
National Cotton Variety Test 50th anniversary, Jan-22
National Entomological Collection, Jan-16
National Rhizobium Germplasm Resource Collection, Jan-10
National School Lunch Program, Oct-23
Nematodes, Jan-4, 7
Nitrate levels in Choptank River, Aug-10
Nitrogen, removing from manure, May/Jun-20
Nutrient/fertilizer runoff, reducing, Aug-4, 9, 10, 13, 16
Oat and barley cooperative projects, Feb-2
         benefits of avenanthramides in, Feb-10, 15
         crown rust resistance, Feb-13, 15
         DNA markers for valued traits in, Feb-12


         dark-roasting raises antioxidants in, May/Jun-23
         heat/drought tolerance in, Jan-20
         irrigation and tillage of, Jan-20
Petunias, gene-silencing technique to study aging in, Apr-10
         gypsum-filled trenches capture runoff of, Aug-4
         levels in Choptank River, Aug-10
         removing from manure, May/Jun-20
Phytochemicals, effects of, Jul-4, 6
Phytophthora infestans, genes involved in infection, Mar-23
Plant culture media, new way to formulate, May/Jun-19
Plant defense, hypersensitive response as indication of, Sep-7
Plant fiber HPMC lowers cholesterol in hamsters, Feb-16
Plant germplasm, ARS collections of, Jan-4
Potatoes, potato germplasm
         5 new breeding lines resist disease, Aug-31
         Muscodor fungus kills tuber moth on, Feb-20
         origin of Neo-Tuberosum germplasm, May/Jun-22
         several new varieties with desirable traits, May/Jun-14
         with resistance to late blight, Verticillium, May/Jun-16
Poultry litter applicator injects manure below ground, Aug-9
Pseudomonas bacteria fight apple replant pathogens, Mar-16
         postfire grazing, Sep-23, Nov/Dec-25
         plants for revegetating, restoring, Feb-18
Remote sensing
         LiDAR, SAR to map forested wetlands, Aug-13
         monitoring cover crop performance with, Aug-16
Renewable energy, solar and wind power, Aug-30
Rhizobium, collection of, Jan-10
Rice blast, resistance genes in rice, May/Jun-4
         breeding for yield, disease resistance, May/Jun-4
         brown, whole-grain health claim, cooking time of, Apr-16
         Golden Rice-2, May/Jun-4
Rust resistance, breeding beans with, May/Jun-8
Rye cover crops
         best time to roll, Nov/Dec-17
         for winter in Chesapeake Bay area, Aug-16
Sagebrush, grazing and postfire recovery, Nov/Dec-25
Salmon, smoked, model predicts Listeria control on, Oct-18
Sheath blight, resistance genes in rice, May/Jun-4
         barber pole worm control in, Jul-23
         role in transmission of malignant catarrhal fever, Apr-12
         springtime grazing for leafy spurge control, Apr-23
         tests for ovine progressive pneumonia virus, Apr-12
Silverleaf nightshade, biocontrol project for, Nov/Dec-29
         constructed, Nov/Dec-8
         measuring mycorrhizal fungi in, Nov/Dec-27
         new way to measure CO2 in, Nov/Dec-27
         reducing arsenic levels from poultry production, Aug-4
Sorghum, skip-row planting stabilizes yields, Apr-19
South American Biological Control Laboratory, Jan-8
Soybeans, Phomopsis seed decay resistance, Nov/Dec-28
Stable flies, nepetalactone from catnip repels, Feb-23
Strawberry phytochemicals kill leukemia cells, Jul-6
         mother’s stress raises offspring’s cortisol levels, Aug-26
         preserving germplasm of, Jan-12
         tryptophan-enriched diet reduces aggression in, Sep-23
         vitamin C, beta-glucan enhance piglets’ immunity, Aug-26
         wastewater treatment system improves health of, Aug-22


Tannins, role and benefits of in soil, Nov/Dec-12
Trout, breeding for resistance to cold-water disease in, Oct-11
Turfgrass, constructed soils and, Nov/Dec-8
Turkeys, Bordetella hinzii causes disease in, Jan-23
Ug99 stem rust
         screening U.S. wheat for resistance, Feb-8
         summary of ARS research on, May/Jun-11
U.S. National Arboretum, Nov/Dec-20, 24
U.S. National Fungus Collections, Jan-10
U.S. National Parasite Collection, Jan-15
U.S. National Plant Germplasm System, Jan-6
U.S. Wheat and Barley Scab Initiative, Feb-2, 4, 17
Water quality
         activated carbons from almond shells, Apr-14
         Lactobacilli may degrade azo dyes, Sep-22
         rain gardens and, Nov/Dec-8
         restoring in Chesapeake Bay, Aug-2, 4, 10, 13, 16
         subsurface contaminant transport model refined, Apr-19
         testing oil-dispersant technology, Sep-22
Watershed data, STEWARDS online database of, Jan-23
Weed calculator predicts impact of weeds on forage, Apr-22
Weed management in sweet corn, Sep-14
Western corn rootworm
         predators of, Nov/Dec-14
         resistance to Bt corn, crop rotations, Sep-12
Western juniper, winter burning reduces cheatgrass, Aug-30
Wetlands, forested, detecting water flow in, Aug-10, 13
         as winter cover crop in Chesapeake Bay area, Aug-16
         cover crops fight apple replant pathogens, Mar-16
         Fusarium head blight resistance in Asian lines of, Apr-9
         hard winter varieties for eastern U.S., May/Jun-23
         Muscodor fungus kills Tilletia spores on, Feb-20
         screening for stem rust resistance, Feb-8
         straw as ethanol feedstock, Apr-20
         summary of ARS Ug99 stem rust research, May/Jun-11
         Winter Wheat Stem Rust Resistance Nursery, Feb-8
WholeTree, potting media from loblolly pine, Aug-28

"2010 Index" was published in the November/December 2010 issue of Agricultural Research magazine.

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