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2009 Index


Agricultural conservation practices study in Little Washita Watershed, Jan-22
Alfalfa, in rotations to study greenhouse gas emissions, Nov/Dec-4
Animal health, new center for research in Ames, Iowa, Mar-12
Apples, genes for disease resistance, Apr-18
  feed alternatives for farm-raised fish, Mar-13
  floating vegetated mats to treat wastewater, Jan-17
  genetic mapping of rainbow trout, Mar-8
  low-salt recirculating system for marine fish, Feb-14
  vitamin mix for farmed fish, May/Jun-18
Arcobacter butzleri, genome of sequenced, test for, Apr-10
ARS National Research Programs for
  Agricultural System Competitiveness and Sustainability, Sep-17
  Biocontrol, Jul-23
  Global Change, Nov/Dec-17
  Water Availability and Watershed Management, Jan-23
ARS partnerships with
  businesses and nonprofits, Mar-18
  industry, Mar-15
  international groups, Mar-2, 8, 11; Aug-10; Sep-13; Oct-14
  other federal agencies, Mar-12
  states, universities, Mar-2, 4
ARS regional research centers’ accomplishments, Feb-2
ARS research, diversity, accomplishments of, Aug-2
Atrazine, degradation of by eastern gammagrass, Jan-20
Avian influenza
  ARS’s efforts to monitor, combat, Aug-8
  genome sequences of 150 viruses released, Feb-23
Bacillus anthracis, new way to remove from eggs, milk, May/Jun-12
Banana moth, attractant for mating disruption, Jul-10
Barley, breeding resistance to Ug99 rust, Mar-22
Basil, testing yield, oil content of, Sep-23
Beans, resistance to chocolate pod, other viruses, Aug-19
Bees, wild, aromas to attract for crop pollination, Sep-23
Bermudagrass hay, wastewater irrigation of, Jan-18
Berries, DNA markers developed for, Mar-4
  ARS overseas labs’ role in, Jul-2
  of Arundo donax, four insects for, Jul-12
  of Colorado potato beetle with various predators, Oct-10
  of fire ants with microsporidia, phorid fly, Jul-18
  of garlic mustard with weevil, Jul-8
  of kudzu with Myrothecium verrucaria fungus, Jul-4
  of Old World climbing fern with Neo moth, Jul-6
  of olive fruit fly with parasitic wasp, Feb-12
  of white peach scale with Encarsia wasp, Jul-10
  cost-benefit calculations with EPIC model, Sep-7
  crude glycerin coproduct as feed supplement, Apr-20
  hydrogen production by nitrogen-fixing bacteria, Mar-18
  wet distiller’s grains with solubles byproduct as feed, Sep-18
Blueberry, Prince, an early-ripening rabbiteye, Aug-23
Brown marmorated stink bug, U.S. invasion, spread, Jul-14
Calera Aquifer, U.S.-Mexico effort to preserve, Sep-13
Carbon dioxide, effects of future levels on crops, weeds, Nov/Dec-10, 12
Carbon, tillage, rotations to preserve in soil, Nov/Dec-4
  crooked calf syndrome, cleft palate, Aug-4
  diagnostics, vaccines for bovine tuberculosis, May/Jun-8
  distiller’s grains as feed, Feb-6
  foot-and-mouth disease detection, vaccine, Apr-14
  high milk yield genetically linked to reduced fertility, Oct-4
  identifying genetic potential, Oct-2, 5
  mechanism behind fescue toxicosis, Oct-9
  nematode resistance in genome, Oct-5
  proteins linked to Johne’s disease, May/Jun-8
  retinal scan screens for TSEs, Aug-18
  wet distiller’s grains with solubles as supplement, Sep-18
Cayenne pepper extract kills plant, human fungi, Jul-17
Cheatgrass, cross-pollination in, Jul-20
Cherries, genes for disease resistance, Apr-18
Chicken feathers, biodegradable plastic, filters from, Sep-20
Chickens, hyperspectral imaging system scans carcasses for feces, Oct-18
Chickpea, Sclerotinia trifoliorum infection in, Apr-23
Citrus greening disease, qPCR test detects bacteria in psyl-
  lids, Oct-12
Cleft palate, goat model for prenatal surgical repair, Aug-4
Climate forecasts, usefulness to agriculture, Nov/Dec-7
Cobia, raising in low-salt recirculating system, Feb-14
Colorado potato beetle, insect predators of, Oct-10
Composting of manure, food residuals, Sep-4
Conservation Effects Assessment Project, Jan-14; Mar-12
Conservation tillage, estimating with remote sensing, Apr-4
Corn germ, plywood-glue extenders made from, Sep-22
Corn rootworm
  DNA technique to obtain genetic markers for, Feb-23
  insect predators of, Oct-10
Corn stover, use in gasification plant to heat campus, Sep-7
Corn-wheat system, irrigation at critical growth stages, Oct-16
  Germplasm Enhancement of Maize project, Mar-15
  inbred lines resist Aspergillus flavus, Oct-14
  nitrogen fertilizer use in, Feb-20
  no-till planting keeps organic carbon in soil, Nov/Dec-4
  transgenic lines contain green fluorescent protein, Apr-23
  cross-linking process adds valuable properties to, Feb-10
  hydromulch spray-on blanket made from cotton waste, May/Jun-22
  pests of and their predators, Oct-10
Cover crops
  growth, nutrients estimated with satellite data, Mar-4
  perennial, add back carbon lost to stover removal, Sep-7
  rye’s effect on soil chemistry, weed suppression, Oct-19
Crop canopy cover estimates water needs of plants, Jan-16; Mar-8
Crop residue, satellite imagery estimates percentage of, Apr-4
Crop rotations, effect of on soil microbes, carbon, Aug-16
Crop water needs, technology to determine, Oct-16, 23
Crops, response to elevated CO2 levels, Nov/Dec-12, 14
Crossflow microfiltration membrane separation, May/Jun-12


Dairy proteins, food-packaging films made from, Sep-14
Deer, white-tailed, reservoirs of bovine tuberculosis, May/Jun-8
Distiller’s grains, various uses for, Feb-6, 8
E. coli, false-positive tests in reclaimed water, Jan-8
Eastern gammagrass degrades atrazine, Jan-20
  liquid, removing pathogens from, May/Jun-12
  Salmonella’s ability to infect, Apr-8
  technology spots microcracks in shells of, Feb-4
Environmental Policy Integrated Climate model, Sep-7
  mini-JET test measures factors influencing, Oct-23
  model evaluates tillage effects on ephemeral gullies, May/Jun-23
  pelletized PAM/gypsum for control, Jan-4
  reducing by using more paper mill waste, May/Jun-23
Ethanol byproducts (distiller’s grains) as swine, cattle feed, Feb-6
Ethanol, feed uses for wet distiller’s grains with solubles, Sep-18
Federal green projects, Sep-2, 4
Food safety
  Arcobacter butzleri genome sequenced, Apr-10
  botulinum toxin test, May/Jun-2, 4
  ComBase database of foodborne pathogens, Mar-8
  crossflow microfiltration removes pathogens, May/Jun-12
  ProSafeBeef program to identify foodborne pathogens, Mar-8
  Salmonella’s ability to infect eggs, Apr-8
Food-production potential, assessing local production in
  eastern seaboard region, Sep-4
Foot-and-mouth disease, early detection, vaccine for, Apr-14
  ARS’s Animal Breeding Work, Oct-2
  Commodity Utilization Research: Ready To Meet Today’s and Tomorrow’s Needs, Feb-2
  Diversity of ARS Research, Aug-2
  Managing Agriculture in a Climate of Change, Nov/Dec-2
  Microbes: Marvels and Miscreants, May/Jun-2
  Overseas Labs Play Vital Role in U.S. Biocontrol Efforts, Jul-2
  Research: We Accomplish More Together, Mar-2
  Sustainable Agriculture: Efficient and Economical Practices for Maximum Production and Environmental Stewardship, Sep-2
  Understanding Earth From Space, Apr-2
  Water Availability, Watershed Management, and the Impending Global Water Crisis, Jan-2
Fruit flies, areawide control program in Hawaii, Mar-4
Fruit wraps, all natural, from purées, Aug-7


Garlic mustard, weevil biocontrol for, Jul-8
  expressed sequence tags in watermelon, Nov/Dec-18
  gene silencing technique for soybean rust resistance, May/Jun-23
  genome walking technique, Oct-12
  resistance gene analogs in Rosaceae species, Apr-18
  RNA interference used in red flour beetle chitin genes, Nov/Dec-21
  selective breeding influenced Holstein genome, Oct-4
Genetically engineered crops, new risk-assessment approach for, Feb-22
  mutation mapping of Salmonella’s, Apr-8
  of Arcobacter butzleri sequenced, Apr-10
  of plants, Mar-14
Germplasm Enhancement of Maize Project, Mar-15
  of Ecuadorian crops, ARS efforts to conserve, Aug-10
  of heirloom sheep breeds preserved at NAGP, Mar-20
Giant reed, Arundo donax, biocontrols, model, Jul-12
Global climate change, list of websites about, Nov/Dec-16
Glycerin, crude, as feed supplement, Apr-20
  cause, repair of cleft palate in, Aug-4
  rectal biopsy live-animal test for scrapie, Apr-12
GRACEnet, Apr-22; Nov/Dec-4
  CAY-1 pepper extract kills fungal pathogens of, Jul-17
  polyphenols in, water stress in, Mar-4
Grasses, response to elevated CO2 levels, Nov/Dec-14
Greenhouse gases, cutting emissions of from compost, Sep-4
Guayule as biofuel feedstock, hypoallergenic latex source, Feb-18
H1N1 virus, ARS’s efforts to monitor, combat, Aug-8
Hairy vetch mulch improves tomato growth, nutrient levels, Oct-23
Herbicide degradation in grass filter strips in riparian zones, Jan-20
Honey bees,
  attractants, sticky boards control Varroa mites, Jul-16
  ozone applications degrade pesticides, kills pests, Feb-23
Human nutrition
  beta-carotene genes added to red rice yeast, May/Jun-17
  breeding crops with more bioavailable nutrients, Mar-8
  caffeine content of botanicals in supplements, Apr-17
  dietary alkali helps preserve muscle, bone, Nov/Dec-20
  fast-food kids’ meals evaluated for nutrition, Oct-20
  federal surveys of dietary intake, health, Mar-12
  isoflavones database updated, Apr-23
  kaempferol’s role in iron absorption, Sep-6
  palm oil’s effect on plasma lipoproteins, Apr-22
  phytochemicals fight inflammation, Apr-6
  potassium-rich diets preserve muscle, Oct-23
  U.S. foods analyzed for vitamin D content, May/Jun-16
Illumina Bovine SNP50 BeadChip, Oct-2, 4
Insect predators, night observations of beneficial, Oct-10
Integrated pest management of fruit flies in Hawaii, Mar-4
Invasive species
  ARS’s overseas labs’ research roles, Jul-2
  banana moth, Jul-10
  brown marmorated stink bug, Jul-14
  cheatgrass, Jul-20
  garlic mustard, Jul-8
  giant reed, Jul-12
  kudzu, Jul-4
  nettle moth, Jul-10
  Old World climbing fern, Jul-6
  plants’ response to elevated CO2 levels, Nov/Dec-14
  red imported fire ants, Jul-18
  rush skeletonweed, Jul-22
  white peach scale, Jul-10
  automated canal systems in Arizona, Mar-4
  crop canopy cover estimates need for, Jan-16; Mar-8
  crop needs determined via remote sensing, Sep-10
  drip vs. furrow in onions, Feb-20
  of forage with saline wastewater from cannery, Jan-21
  recommendations from computer models, weather data, Oct-16
  subsurface drip, with pretreated swine wastewater, Jan-18
  with reclaimed water, Jan-8


Kaolin film and water stress in grapes, Mar-4
Kudzu, Myrothecium verrucaria fungus biocontrol for, Jul-4
Leafy spurge, detecting with infrared imaging satellites, Apr-5
Lignin, genes found for production of in plum stones, Apr-16
Listeria monocytogenes, proprietary disinfectant kills and
  removes biofilms of, Oct-9
Lychee, pruning, fertilizing regimen for, May/Jun-21
Milkweed oil, fatty acid in absorbs UV radiation, Feb-9
  new insecticidal compounds for, Mar-15
  role in transmitting Rift Valley fever, May/Jun-11
  treated military uniforms protect troops from, Aug-23
Nasonia wasp genome sequence completed, Aug-22
National Agricultural Library
  global climate change websites, Nov/Dec-16
  invasive species website, Jul-21
  sustainable ag website, Sep-16
National Centers for Animal Health, new facility, Mar-12
National Invasive Species Information Center website, Jul-21
National Plant Germplasm System, functions, importance of, May/Jun-14, 15
Nematodes, Nemacur alternatives for treating red raspberry, Mar-4
Nettle moth, mating disruption tactic against, Jul-10
Nitric oxide in soil modifies proteins in plants, Sep-23
  agricultural emissions of N2O, Apr-22; Nov/Dec-4, 8, 9
  later irrigation in China can reduce need for, Oct-16
  rotations to reduce use of in Arkansas River Valley, Feb-20


Obesity in children, fast-food meals’ contribution to, Oct-20
Office of International Research Programs, activities of, Mar-8
Office of Technology Transfer, activities of, Mar-15
Ogallala Aquifer
  effect of farming practices on, Aug-16
  U.S.-Mexico effort to preserve, Sep-13
Olive fruit fly, wasp biocontrol, x-ray detection of, Feb-12
Onions, nitrogen fertilizer use, drip irrigation in, Feb-20
Ozone, effects of future concentrations of on crops, Nov/Dec-10
Peanuts, automated grading, moisture detection, Feb-22
Peppers, new ornamentals Lil’ Pumpkin, Pepper Jack, Oct-8
Pesticides, constructed wetlands mitigate in runoff water, Jan-14
Phytochemicals, how they fight inflammation in body, Apr-6
Plant oils, biodegradable lubricant additives from, Sep-14
Plant residue, use as fuel, Sep-7
Plant starches, biodegradable foams from, Sep-14
Plums, breeding pitless, Apr-16
Pompano, raising in low-salt recirculating system, Feb-14
  disease-resistant Yukon Gem, Mar-7
  russet breeding line resists nematodes, corky ringspot, Apr-11
  zebra chip disease of, Oct-22
  ARS-industry collaborative work on diseases of, Mar-15
  composting litter, Mar-11
  crude glycerin as feed supplement for, Apr-20
  supplements boost immune response to Eimeria, May/Jun-16
Precipitation, multiyear variations affect conservation practices, Jan-22
Rainbow trout, genetic mapping of, Mar-8
Red flour beetle, disabling chitin genes in, Nov/Dec-21
Red imported fire ants
  biocontrols for, dominance of, Jul-18
  hypothetical U.S. origin, spread of, May/Jun-23
Red raspberries, genes for disease resistance in, Apr-18
Remote sensing
  estimating crop residue with, Apr-4
  in Southwest to conserve water use, Sep-10
  of leafy spurge infestations, Apr-5
  satellite data, agricultural uses for, Jan-16; Apr-2, 4
Renewable Energy Assessment Project, Sep-7
  fermented, increasing beta-carotene content, May/Jun-17
  multiple-inlet rice irrigation system saves water, Jan-12
Rift Valley fever, diagnostics, vaccines for, May/Jun-11
Rush skeletonweed, U.S. introduction, spread of, Jul-22
Ruth Benerito, ARS Hall of Fame 2004 Winner, Feb-10
Rye, benzoxazinoids in may suppress weed growth, Oct-19
Salmonella enteritidis
  DNA differences linked to virulence, Apr-8
  new way to remove from egg whites, May/Jun-12
Salmonella Typhimurium, response to norepinephrine in pigs, Aug-20
Scrapie, gene variants linked to resistance in goats, Apr-12
  artificial insemination advances, Oct-6
  Hog Island, Leicester Longwool breeds preserved, Mar-20
  ultrasound can predict loin muscle, back fat, Oct-6
  carbon, maintaining with rotations, tillage, residue, Sep-7
  microbes, enzymes, key to quality, processes of, Aug-16
  tillage, rotations to preserve organic carbon in, Nov/Dec-4
Sorghum, in rotations to study greenhouse gas emissions, Nov/Dec-4
Soybean oil, lubricating, metalworking fluid from, Mar-18
  breeding lines from ARS-Soybean Board partnership, Mar-15
  drought, heat boosts antioxidant levels in, Aug-23
  finding genes resistant to soybean rust, May/Jun-23
  in rotations to study greenhouse gas emissions, Nov/Dec-4
  response to elevated CO2, ozone, Nov/Dec-10
Strawberry, neuter gender class discovered, Aug-14
Streptococcus agalactiae (group B) isolates’ genes compared, Aug-12
Sucromalt slow-release carbohydrate-based sweetener, Mar-18
Sustainable Agriculture Information Tools website, Sep-16
  caffeoylquinic acids in protect against pathogens, Oct-18
  purée, rapid microwave heating process for, Mar-18
Swine influenza, ARS’s efforts to monitor, combat, Aug-8
  crude glycerin as feed supplement for, Apr-20
  distiller’s grains as feed for, Feb-6
  EchoMRI analyzes piglet body composition, Apr-23
  Salmonella-stress-norepinephrine interaction in, Aug-20
  wastewater used to irrigate bermudagrass, Jan-18


Tilapia, Bacteroides strain in, Jan-8
Tillage, to increase soil carbon, decrease greenhouse gases, Nov/Dec-4
Tomato, hairy vetch mulch improves taste, nutrients, Oct-23
Transmissible spongiform encephalopathies
  retinal scan screens cattle for, Aug-18
  tests for, May/Jun-7
Triclosan, new test to detect in water samples, Jan-13
Ug99 stem rust, collaborations to breed resistance to in
  wheat, Mar-22
Vegetable wraps, all natural, from purées, Aug-7
  bioreactor uses bacteria to remove nitrate from, Jan-18
  ELISA-based field kits detect sulfa drugs in, Sep-23
  floating vegetated mats to treat fishery, Jan-17
  from tomato cannery, irrigating forage with, Jan-21
Water availability
  aquifer preservation, Aug-16; Sep-13
  improving snowmelt forecasts in Southwest, Sep-10
  providing clean water for growing population, Jan-2
  reclaiming, reusing water in desert Southwest, Jan-8
Water quality
  better test to detect triclosan, derivatives, Jan-13
  denitrification of agricultural runoff water, Jan-18
  land-use changes benefit Beasley Lake, Jan-14
  methods of filtering golf course runoff, Jan-4
  riparian zones reduce atrazine levels in, Jan-20
  testing for drugs, bacteria in reclaimed water, Jan-8
Water use
  automated canal systems in Arizona, Jan-8; Mar-4
  irrigation techniques lessen, Jan-16; Oct-16
  reducing in Midsouth rice paddies, Jan-12
Watermelons, genes for growth, development, Nov/Dec-18
Weed Invasion Susceptibility Prediction Model, Apr-5
  elutriator separates seeds from soil, saves water, Feb-17
  response to elevated CO2 levels, Nov/Dec-12, 14
  sinalbin in white mustard seed meal controls, Aug-23
Western juniper, evidence of seed spread by diplochory, Jul-20
Wheat-corn system, irrigation at critical growth stages, Oct-16
  alternative tilling, rotations increase soil carbon, Nov/Dec-4
  breeding resistance to Ug99 rust in, Mar-22
  response to elevated CO2, ozone, Nov/Dec-10
Whey, high-protein snack foods made from, Mar-18
White peach scale, wasp as biocontrol of, Jul-10
Yersinia pestis, detection in food samples, May/Jun-12

"2009 Index" was published in the November/December 2009 issue of Agricultural Research magazine.

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