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ARS scientists working with petri dishes in the lab
Microbiologist Tim Welch (right) and technician Jennifer Lipscomb examine cultures for the bacterium that causes weissellosis in fish. (Stephen Ausmus, D3909-1)
A female rainbow trout
ARS scientists developed a new rainbow trout line, ARS-Fp-R, that is resistant to bacterial cold-water disease. Shown is a 2-year-old female from the line. (Stephen Ausmus, D3911-1)
Oysters in tank opening their shells to eat
Oysters open their shells to feed (shown here). ARS scientists found a link between shell closure rate and parasite resistance. (Kathryn Markey Lundgren, D3916-1)
Catfish infected with Ich
Catfish infected with Ich (Ichthyophthirius multifiliis), a protozoan parasite that causes white spots on the fish. (Cindy Ledbetter, D1937-1)
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