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ARS scientist collecting plant samples in Hong Kong
ARS ecologist Melissa Smith collecting samples at Lan Tau in Hong Kong. (Matt Purcell, CSIRO, D3690-1)
A plant with missing leaves
This plant is missing some leaves (near the scientist’s fingers). Callopistria larvae cause this type of damage. (Melissa Smith, D3695-1)
A green caterpillar Lygomusotima stria
This caterpillar species, Lygomusotima stria, is currently undergoing testing at the ARS quarantine facility in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. (Melissa Smith, D3694-1)
Plants growing on a hillside in Hong Kong
A hillside at Lan Tau in Hong Kong, where scientists looked for Rhodomyrtus tomentosa insects. (Melissa Smith, D3697-1)
Plant with rust and Idiophantis larvae damage
The fruit of this plant was eaten by Idiophantis larvae. The brown spots are myrtle rust, a common fungal pathogen on myrtles. (Melissa Smith, D3696-1)
Rhodomyrtus tomentosa along a roadside in Malaysia
Rhodomyrtus tomentosa along a roadside in Malaysia. (Melissa Smith, D3699-1)
A green caterpillar on a plant leaf in Singapore
A caterpillar, Lygomusotima stria, on a Lygodium microphyllum leaf in Singapore. (Melissa Smith, D3693-1)
Panorama from top of Plover Cove Country Park in Hong Kong
A panorama from top of Plover Cove Country Park in Hong Kong. The shrubs with pink flowers are Rhodomyrtus tomentosa. (Melissa Smith, D3698-1)
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