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Honey bee in flight.
ARS is launching a National Bee Genebank to help preserve honey bee genetic diversity. (Jim Eklund, D3185-1).
Beekeepers inspecting honey comb.
ARS geneticist Tom Rinderer (right) and a commercial beekeeping collaborator inspect Russian honey bees that have resistance to Varroa mites. (Scott Bauer, K8535-14).
Semen being collected from a honey bee with a capillary tube.
Cryopreserved (frozen) semen, being collected from a drone honey bee in this picture, will form the basis of a new honey bee germplasm collection. (Stephen Ausmus, K11143-1).
Honey bee with mite on its back.
Genetically diverse honey bee germplasm will be preserved for resistance traits to pests like Varroa mites, pictured on this bee's back. (Stephen Ausmus. K11145-17).
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