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Button mushrooms.
ARS scientists developed a way to increase the vitamin D content of mushrooms. (Stephen Ausmus, K10101-1).
Researchers test prototype infrared peeling equipment.
WRRC research team members test prototype infrared peeling equipment on tomatoes. (Z. Pan Laboratory, D3358-1).
Scientists examine devices that identify botulism toxin serotypes.
WRRC scientists examine new devices that can identify botulinum toxin serotypes. (Alice Lin, D3098-1).
Strawberries. (Brian Prechtel, K9189-1).
Research leader casts carrot wrap into rolls.
Tara McHugh, research leader for the Processed Foods Research Unit, casts carrot wrap into rolls. (Peggy Greb, D1148-1).
In Albany, California, research engineer Zhongli Pan (right) and food technologist Don Olson conduct almond pasteurization tests using infrared heating and a hot-air roaster. (Stephen Ausmus, D2408-9).
Cooper tire.
ARS scientists are working cooperatively with industry and university partners to develop tires made from guayule, a desert shrub.
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