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New Look, Same Commitment to Ag Research Reporting

Seven-hundred and thirteen issues ago, early in 1953, Agricultural Research magazine was debuted by E.G. Moore, Coordinator of Research Publication for the then-named Agricultural Research Administration (known today as the Agricultural Research Service):

This first issue of Agricultural Research marks a new milestone in our efforts to do a better job of reporting on research and regulatory work. We have had the encouragement and endorsement of many groups interested in agriculture . . . [E.G. Moore]

The tone of the bi-monthly issue (January-February 1953) conveyed a sense of urgent determination in meeting the growing food, fiber, and other agricultural needs of post-World War II America. Indeed, a sampling of article titles from the magazine’s table of contents reflects this tone: “We Must Break More Ceilings,” “Taking a Look at Research,” and “The Farmer Grows a House,” which examined new farm-home designs that “could stand up under the test of living.”

Although the magazine’s layout, fonts, design, and graphics have changed since its inception more than 62 years ago, one thing has remained unchanged: the determination to do the very best job we can—both in conducting research and in communicating the latest endeavors of our scientists to the public, producers, stakeholders, and industry.

Thus, ARS proudly introduces the first issue of AgResearch, a new, all-digital format designed to make better use of information delivery and technology changes in meeting the information needs of an increasingly tech-savvy, albeit time-pressed, audience.

In this and subsequent issues, site visitors will encounter a new look and content layout to complement the ag-research reporting that’s come to define the magazine over the years. The layout is a “responsive” one, automatically adjusting to the site user’s browser window or mobile device for optimal viewing. In addition to high-resolution images, articles will be accompanied by call-out boxes summarizing key facts to help users quickly access information. The site’s intuitive design also makes it easy to find links for additional resources, including video and published scientific works.

AgResearch also boasts “tweet” capabilities for the social-media-minded who wish to share what they’ve read. In the future, we’ll be adding even more features to continue to meet the demands of mobile users who want their news and information on the go.

Most importantly, though, AgResearch will continue its tradition of excellence in reporting ARS’s progress in meeting the needs of a growing world. And to quote E.G. Moore in the conclusion of his 1953 introduction: “We invite your suggestions as to how we can make this publication best serve that purpose.”

"New Look, Same Commitment to Ag Research Reporting" was published in the April 2015 issue of AgResearch Magazine.


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Key Facts

  • Agricultural Research magazine is now AgResearch.
  • All-digital format.
  • New, responsive, interactive layout.
  • Call-out boxes summarize key facts.
  • Good for mobile users, social-media minded.

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