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2008 INDEX


Ackee fruit, canned, statistical sampling of, May/Jun-18
Agricultural waste as ethanol feedstock, Oct-13
Air quality
  device controls dust during nut harvest, May/Jun-23
  wet scrubber cleans exhaust from livestock housing, Jan-23
  wind tunnel studies of agricultural emissions, Sep-12
Animal health, new foot-and-mouth vaccine, Feb-23
Anise, unique compounds in fight strawberry disease, Sep-23
Apples, bactericidal film made from puréed, Jul-8
Aquaculture, overview of ARS research on, May/Jun-2
ARS Culture Collection, history/importance of, Sep-2
ARS National Research Program for
  Bioenergy, Oct-27
  Food Safety, Jul-17
  Genotyping and Phenotyping, Aug-23
  Human Nutrition, Mar-13
ARS research, holiday-season products from, Nov/Dec-2
Asian cockroach feeds on pests of soybean, cotton, Jan-11
Australian pine, Casuarina, identification/biocontrol of, Sep-9
Avocados, resistance to Phytophthora root rot, Aug-21
  in biobutanol production, Oct-8
  low-oxygen/improper storage make hardier, Jul-12
Bacteriophages kill E. coli O157:H7 on produce, Jul-15
  genotyping database for, Aug-11
  GrainGenes website has information on, May/Jun-20
Beans, pinto, reduced total cholesterol in volunteers, Apr-23
  alfalfa leafcutting, Megachile rotundata, Feb-2, 4, May/Jun-14
  blue orchard, Osmia lignaria, Feb-4
  bumble, May/Jun-14
  chalkbrood disease of, Feb-2, 4
  database of pollinators, Feb-2
  honey, see Honey Bees.
  mason bee, Osmia sp., May/Jun-14
  Osmia aglaia improves berry crops, Feb-4
  Peponapis/Xenoglossa pollinate squash/gourds, Nov/Dec-8
  wild, native, managing them as crop pollinators, Feb-2, 4
Biocontrol of
  Australian pine with weevils, torymid wasp, Sep-8, 9
  blueberry gall midge with parasitic wasps, Jan-4
  peachtree borers with nematodes, Mar-14
  pecan casebearer with Trichogramma wasp, Nov/Dec-4
  plum curculio with nematodes, Mar-14
  biobutanol from wheat straw, enzymes, bacteria, Oct-8, 9
  chart of Power Plants used to make biofuels, Oct-24
  converting municipal solid waste/ag waste into, Oct-13
  Cuphea, other plants, as sources of, Oct-20
  enzymes for production of, Oct-10
  feedstock development/production for, Oct-2
  food/feed uses for DDGS ethanol byproduct, Jan-23
  fortifying feed with crude glycerin coproduct of, Mar-23
  harvesting corn stover as ethanol feedstock, Oct-14
  models gauge sustainability of growing crops for, Oct-16
  overview of ARS’s extensive research program on, Oct-27
  sugar-/fiber-rich sugarcanes for ethanol production, Oct-4
  wet gasification/pyrolysis of manure to generate, Oct-7
BIOTIC irrigation scheduling system, Apr-4
Black raspberry decline, several viral causes of, Jan-18
Blue bottle flies for controlled pollination, May/Jun-14
  BBGD database of markers, gene sequences, Aug-8
  crop potential in states with milder climates, Jan-2, 4
  new ARS cultivars, Jan-4, 5
  parasitic wasp controls blueberry gall midge, Jan-4
  research on diseases, irrigation of, Jan-2
  wild, antioxidant bioavailability of, Mar-4
Boll weevil, subtropical feeding/diapause of, Nov/Dec-20
  model plant for grass/grain research, Oct-12
  new genes inserted into via bacterium, Sep-16
Cacao, QTL markers for disease-resistance genes in, Sep-21
Carbon dioxide, long-leaf pine grows fast under high, Jul-23
Carbon, glomalin’s role in soil storage of, Jul-20
  genetically modified to have more calcium, Nov/Dec-10
  higher beta-carotene levels in, Mar-6
Carvacrol, oregano extract has bactericidal activity, Jul-8
Casein, plus glycerol, biodegradable film made from, Jul-9
Castor, assessing genetic diversity of, Aug-10
Catfish, Mar-6, May/Jun-2
  dairy, shotgun proteomics and immune response of, Aug-18
  DNA study of Chirikof Island feral herd, Sep-15
  heat stress model for managing, Sep-23
  linking DNA markers to important traits in, Aug-12
  pasture management/water quality, Feb-18
  Slick gene for short, sleek hair gives heat tolerance, Aug-14
  study of swath grazing in Northern Plains, Jul-18
  breaking down for biofuels production, Oct-8, 9, 10, 13
  municipal solid waste a source of for ethanol production, Oct-13
Cereal crops, GrainGenes website for, May/Jun-20
Cheese, low-fat mozzarella in school lunches, Mar-6
Cherries, antioxidant study of, Mar-4
  chilling method affects meat quality, yield, water use, Apr-20
  genes involved in Eimeria infection response, Aug-12
  glucagon gene’s role in feed intake/nutrient use, Aug-12
  locating genes for Marek’s disease resistance, Aug-12
Cilantro, foodborne pathogens in, Jul-4
Citrus as subtropical food for boll weevils, Nov/Dec-20
Coconuts, Fiji Dwarf may resist lethal yellowing, May/Jun-17
Collards, heirloom landraces collected, preserved, Apr-12
Colony collapse disorder, see Honey Bees.
Colorado potato beetle may transmit pathogens, Jul-16
Corn stover, sustainable harvesting for biofuels, Oct-14
  biobutanol from fiber of, Oct-8
  new method of purifying/deodorizing zein from, Nov/Dec-12
  Panzea website on maize genes and markers, Aug-7
  stink bug control in, Jan-16
Corngrass gene controls traits for bioenergy use, Nov/Dec-18
  3-D moisture sensor spots overly moist bales, Nov/Dec-16
  4 new Fusarium-resistant parent pimas, Feb-16
  Asian cockroach feeds on pests of, Jan-11
  boll weevil feeding/diapause in subtropics, Nov/Dec-20
  breeding heat-tolerant lines of, Feb-14
  dark respiration rate linked to heat tolerance, Feb-14
  new textiles battle bedsores, bleeding, microbes, Feb-20
  stink bug control in, Jan-16
Cover crops
  Purple Bounty hairy vetch for Northeast use, Apr-18
  rolling/crimping to kill/make mulch of, Sep-6
  survey of Corn Belt farmers’ use of, May/Jun-23
Cowpea defense response to attack by fall armyworm, Jan-23
Cranberries, antioxidants in, Jan-22, Mar-6
Crop rotations
  for optimal biomass for bioenergy, Oct-20
  use with swath grazing in Northern Plains, Jul-18
Cuphea varieties for biofuel/bioenergy production, Oct-20
Definitions of selected genotypic terms, Aug-22
Dietary Guidelines for Americans, how ARS research supports, Mar-2, 9, 12, 13
DNA markers used to find useful traits in plants, Aug-4
Drylands Development Paradigm to combat desertification, Feb-23


E. coli O157:H7
  bacteriophages kill on fresh-cut produce, Jul-15
  hide-washing system reduces in ground beef, Jul-11
  killed by carvacrol plant extract, Jul-8
  nitrogen helps it bind to romaine lettuce, Jul-4
  tracking in Salinas Valley watershed, Jul-6
E. coli
  other pathogens aid/hinder survival on plants, Jul-4
  proteins involved in mastitis infection, Aug-18
  finding/identifying/creating for biofuels production, Oct-10
  in biobutanol production, Oct-8
EPIC model, use in feedstock production, Oct-16
Ethanol, see Bioenergy/Biofuels.
Evapotranspiration, importance to Ogallala aquifer, Apr-4
Fish, farmed, overview of ARS research on, May/Jun-2
Food safety
  bacteriophages as antimicrobials on produce, Jul-15
  cattle hide-washing system reduces E. coli in beef, Jul-11
  chicken-chilling methods both reduce bacteria, Apr-20
  edible barrier films protect produce, perishables, Jul-9
  factors in microbial contamination of produce, Jul-2
  house fly’s role in Salmonella spread in poultry, Mar-22
  new Internet portal for Listeria information, Mar-23
  of fresh-cut, bagged leafy greens, Jul-12
  study of bacteria in organic produce, Jul-16
  vegetable-based bactericidal edible films, Jul-8
  remote sensing helps compute quantity, quality of, Mar-23
  rhizoma peanut may need phosphorus, Feb-18
  TifQuik, fast-germinating new bahiagrass, Apr-9
  ARS and Your Holiday Season, Nov/Dec-2
  ARS Blueberry Research: Good for Farmers, Great for Consumers! Jan-2
  Encounters With the 2005 Dietary Guidelines, Mar-2
  Linking Plant and Animal Traits to the Genes That Shape Them, Aug-2
  Making Sure Leafy Greens and Other Produce Stay Safe, Jul-2
  My Life With Bees, Feb-2
  Present and Future Issues in Aquaculture, May/Jun-2
  The Future of Fuel, Oct-2
  The Ogallala: Cooperative Efforts To Preserve, Protect It, Apr-2
  Who Knows What Lurks? Microbial Collections Key to Unlocking New Discoveries, Sep-2
Fresh-cut produce
  antimicrobial edible films may protect, Jul-8
  factors in microbial contamination of, Jul-2
  washing/sanitizing, storage of, Jul-12
Fruit flies, Feb-10, Jan-12
Fruit, tropical, ARS research program in Puerto Rico, Jan-12
Fungal controls, Metarhizium kills sugarbeet root maggots, Sep-4
Fungi, arbuscular mycorrhizal and glomalin formation, Jul-20
  head blight reduced by Pseudomonas, Apr-22
  pima cotton that resists FOV race 4, Feb-16
  soil fumigants, solarization, as controls for, Feb-16
  wheat markers for resistance to, Aug-4
Garlic, preparation method affects health benefits of, Mar-23
  advances in genome sequencing, Aug-2
  cataloging 50,000 soybean SNP markers, Jul-23
  marker-assisted breeding for dairy cow traits, Aug-12
  orphan genes, genomisotopic method and, Apr-16
  research to breed better fish, May/Jun-2
  SNP markers in cattle, Aug-2
  linking to phenotypes in animals, Aug-12
  linking to phenotypes in plants, Aug-4
Germplasm, genotyping/phenotyping collection of, Aug-10
Glomalin, levels of in soil under various grasses, Jul-20
Glycerin, crude, as feed supplement, Mar-23
Glycerol, plus casein, biodegradable film made from, Jul-9
GrainGenes website, May/Jun-20, Aug-11
Grains, low-phytic-acid varieties, Mar-6
  indexing genetic variation in germplasm collection, Aug-4
  microsatellite markers used to genotype, Aug-6
  test to identify strains of Pierce’s disease in, Jan-23
  bluegrass hybrids for forage, turf, Jan-20
  Brachypodium as model plant for research on, Sep-16
  Chet sand bluestem variety, Jan-20
  for year-round grazing in southern Plains, Jan-20
  glomalin levels in soil under various types of, Jul-20
  new DNA test for seed-increasing trait, Jan-20
  TifQuik, fast-germinating new bahiagrass, Apr-9
  Verl eastern gamagrass, Jan-20
Green peach aphid, tracking movement of, May/Jun-19
Greenhouse production, pepino mosaic virus in tomatoes, Sep-10


Hairy vetch, early-flowering Purple Bounty, Apr-18
Hawaii Areawide Fruit Fly Pest Management Program, Feb-10
Hemicellulose, degrading for biofuels production, Oct-8, 10
Herbicides, rolling/crimping cover crops reduces use of, Sep-6
Holiday-season products from ARS research, Nov/Dec-2
Honey bees
  5-year areawide program to improve health of, Feb-7
  colony collapse disorder, Feb-4, 7, May/Jun-8
  high-protein MegaBee diet for more brood, Feb-8
  use in controlled-pollination program, May/Jun-14
Hops, trellising/storage media for/cultivars of, Jan-8
House flies, controlled pollination with, May/Jun-14
Human nutrition
  absorption of antioxidants from various fruits, Jan-23
  antioxidant bioavailability of fruits varies, Mar-4
  bioavailable calcium from modified carrots, Nov/Dec-10
  breeding more nutritious vegetables, fruits, Mar-6
  consumption of fats, Mar-12
  DHA’s effects on LDLs and triglycerides, Jul-23
  Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertention meal plan, Mar-9
  effects of fast carbs on eye health, Jul-23
  grape compound stops type 1 diabetes progression, Mar-10
  infant porridges with more iron bioavailability, Mar-18
  MyPyramid meal plan, Mar-9
  phytochemicals kill leukemia cells in mice, Mar-10
  pinto beans reduced total cholesterol, Apr-23
  probiotic bacteria being developed, Mar-6
  study of dietary calcium intake for adults, May/Jun-23
Hydrogen fuel cells powered by bacterial treatment of wastewater, Apr-23
Inulin boosts iron absorption in pigs fed corn, soy, Jan-17
Invasive species, identifying/controlling Australian pine, Sep-8, 9
Ipu gourd, fruit fly management program and, Feb-13
Irrigation-systems research in Ogallala region, Apr-4
Israeli acute paralysis virus, historical presence in United States, May/Jun-8
Kiwifruit, antioxidant study of, Mar-4
Lamb, selenium-rich feed for, Mar-6
Leafy greens, improving safety of bagged, Jul-2, 8, 12
Legumes, phytochemicals tested for industrial uses, Aug-10
  iceberg, sunlight increases nutrients in, Mar-6
  romaine, E. coli prefers young leaves of, Jul-4
  study of bacterial survival, movement on, Jul-16
  washing/sanitizing, storage of bagged, Jul-12
Lignin, breaking down for biofuels production, Oct-10
Listeria, gene expression on vegetables, Jul-6
Long-leaf pine, growth rate under higher CO2, Jul-23
Maize, iron bioavailability in, Mar-6
Mamey sapote, fruit fly host status of, Jan-12
Mangoes, DNA analysis of genetic diversity in, Apr-14
Mastitis, neutrophil proteins in immune response to, Aug-18
Melons, potassium sprays increase nutrients in, Mar-6
Metagenomics, fast way to find genes of interest, Oct-10
Metarhizium, control of soil-dwelling pests with microsclerotia, Sep-4
Municipal solid waste as feedstock for ethanol, Oct-13
National Clonal Germplasm Repository, Jan-8, Aug-6
National Genetic Trait Index, Aug-4
National Plant Genomics Initiative, Aug-2
National Plant Germplasm System, Apr-12, 14, 18, May-Jun-14,17, Nov/Dec-2
No-till farming, rolling/crimping cover crops uses less pesticide, Sep-6
  avenanthramide in helps arteries, Mar-6
  GrainGenes website has information on, May/Jun-20
Ogallala Aquifer Program to stop overdraft of aquifer, Apr-2, 4
Organic management
  bacterial survival, movement in, Jul-16
  GF-120NF Naturalyte organic bait, Feb-10
  Purple Bounty hairy vetch as cover crop mulch, Apr-18
  success of in pecan orchard, Nov/Dec-4
Oysters, control of burrowing shrimp pests of, May/Jun-2, 4
Peaches, 2 nematodes control beetle, moth pests of, Mar-14
  diamond planting formation for, Feb-9
  stink bug control in, Jan-16
  new Lakota matures early, resists scab, Apr-23
  quality/profits with organic management of, Nov/Dec-4
  wasp biocontrol of casebearer pest of, Nov/Dec-4
Pesticides, Hawaii areawide program reduces, Feb-10, 12
PGA-BIOECON model, Oct-16
  linking to genotypes in animals, Aug-12
  linking to genotypes in plants, Aug-4
Phytophthora spores destroyed by heartwood extracts, Apr-10
Plant extracts and oils tested for bactericidal activity, Jul-8
Plums, antioxidant study of, Mar-4
Poinsettias, ARS-developed varieties of, Nov/Dec-2
Pollination, controlled, ensures genetic purity of germplasm, May/Jun-14
  colorful, more antioxidants in, Mar-6
  molecular species-classification system for, May/Jun-23
  pale potato cyst nematode confirmed in Idaho, Feb-23
  phytochemicals/vitamins identified in, Nov/Dec-2
  psyllid may cause zebra chip disorder in, Apr-23
  tracking green peach aphid pest of, May/Jun-19
Poultry, genes sequenced for AMPK pathway in, Jan-22
Power Plants bioenergy garden at U.S. National Arboretum, Oct-22
Predictive Microbiology Information Portal, food-safety resource, Mar-23
  choline-eating species of reduces scab in wheat, Apr-22
  genomisotopic study of its orphan gene clusters, Apr-16
Purple false brome, model plant for grass research, gene insertion, Sep-16


Raspberries, irrigation methods compared, Feb-23
Raspberry aphid transmits raspberry viruses, Jan-18
Red flour beetle, genome sequenced, Sep-23
Rhizoma peanut
  as nutritious forage, hay in South, Mar-16
  phosphorus may be needed for Feb-18
Rice, new DNA markers for Pi-z blast-resistance gene in, Sep-22
Rye, rolling/crimping of high biomass cover crop, Sep-6
Safflower, 3 new winter-hardy germplasm lines of, Sep-23
  gene expression on sprouts, Jul-6
  house fly’s role in spread among poultry, Mar-22
  other pathogens aid/hinder survival of on plants, Jul-4
Scrapie, prion gene alleles for detecting in sheep, Aug-17
Seeds, useable DNA recovered from stored, unviable, Aug-20
Sheep, linking physical traits to genes, Aug-17
Shotgun proteomics to study cow immune response, Aug-18
Shrimp, nonedible, pests of oysters, May/Jun-2, 4
SNP50 BeadChip, genotyping cattle with, Aug-12
  glomalin’s role in formation, tilth, structure of, Jul-20
  improving fertility of with organic treatments, Nov/Dec-4
  nutrients in bahiagrass-based beef cattle pastures, Feb-18
  as a trap crop for stink bug control, Jan-16
  new gene is key to aluminum tolerance in, Nov/Dec-19
Southernpeas, ARS-developed varieties of, Nov/Dec-2
Soybean oil-based hydrogel polymer with biomedical uses, May/Jun-7
  Asian cockroach feeds on pests of, Jan-11
  cataloging single nucleotide polymorphisms of, Jul-23
  markers for pest/disease resistance in, Aug-4
  slow-wilting breeding lines set for release, Nov/Dec-14
Spinach, study of bacterial survival, movement on, Jul-16
Squash Pollinators of the Americas study, Nov/Dec-8
Stink bug control in corn, cotton, peanut, Jan-16
  anise compounds fight rot, blight, anthracnose in, Sep-23
  genetic control of repeat fruiting in, Aug-11
Stripe rust, Aug-4
Sudden oak death, heartwood extracts halt spread of, Apr-10
Sugar beet pulp as filler in plastic composite, Mar-20
Sugarbeet root maggots, biocontrol of, Sep-4
  mannitol test for Leuconostoc bacteria in juice of, Oct-5
  sugar-/fiber-rich varieties for making ethanol, Oct-4
Sunflowers, disease resistance in wild species of, May/Jun-12
  inulin boosts iron absorption in, Jan-17
  new influenza virus identified as H2N3, May/Jun-23
  recent advances in sequencing genome of, Aug-12
Switchgrass, EST marker genes sequenced, Oct-12
Teamaker, hop cultivar good for herbal tea, Jan-8
Ticks, ability to survive laundering processes, Apr-23
  breeding resistance to pepino mosaic virus, Sep-10
  cherry, more lycopene in, Mar-6
  gene loci for fruit firmness, rot resistance, Aug-9
  Salmonella aided by bacterial-spot pathogen of, Jul-4
Toxoplasma gondii, transmission/evolution/migration of, Sep-18
Tropical Agriculture Research Station, germplasm at, Jan-12
Tropical fruit, production and trade potential of, Jan-12
Trout, rainbow
  areas of ARS research on, May/Jun-2
  genome research for disease/stress resistance, Aug-15
  test aids in breeding meatier, Mar-6
Turkeys, Beltsville Small White, Nov/Dec-2
U.S. National Arboretum, Power Plants exhibit at, Oct-22
Walnuts, genetic markers for valued traits in, Sep-22
Wastewater, treatment produces hydrogen, electricity, Apr-23
Water conservation
  air chilling of chicken saves half gallon per bird, Apr-20
  research to preserve Ogallala Aquifer, Apr-2, 4
Water quality
  of Florida lakes near cattle operations, Feb-18
  recirculation technology for aquaculture, May/Jun-2
  genes/markers sought/found for useful traits, Aug-4
  genotyping database for, Aug-11
  GrainGenes website has information on, May/Jun-20
  Pseudomonas bacteria reduces scab severity in, Apr-22
  stored, electrical conductivity detects insects in, Feb-23
Whitefly, identification, control of new Q biotype of, Jul-22
Wool, heat-resistant polymer imparts flame retardance to, May/Jun-22
Zein, corn protein decolored/deodorized, Nov/Dec-12

"2008 INDEX" was published in the November/December 2008 issue of Agricultural Research magazine.

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