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Aflatoxin, AF36 strain reduces in cottonfields, Aug-20
Africanized honey bees, Feb-2, 4, 7
Alfalfa, Apr-4, 8
Aluminum tolerance genes in sorghum, Arabidopsis, Jan-8
Anaplasmosis, developing vaccines for, Feb-21
Animal disease, tracking, control of with DNA markers, Jan-22
Animal health, physiological genomics research, Aug-2
   Asa Fitch’s entomological notes online, Apr-23
   plant-virus-transmission genes; genome of, Jan-8
   ARS fire-blight studies open U.S.-Japan market, Mar-16
   ARS germplasm collection, Oct-20
   inspection with machine vision, Jan-18
   prolonging storage with 1-MCP, Oct-18
ARS National Research Programs for:
   Agricultural System Competitiveness & Sustainability, Jul-20
   Bioenergy & Biobased Products, Apr-20
   Food Animal Production, Jan-17
   Genomics, Jan-17
   Specialty Crops, Oct-23
ARS-EMBRAPA collaborate in Labex program, Feb-12
Ash trees, preserving germplasm of, Oct-20
Asian citrus psyllid, detecting, controlling, Feb-11
Bahiagrass, potential use for biofuels production, Apr-7
   effort to fight emerging rust pathogen of, Nov/Dec-2, 4
   ethanol production from, Apr-10
   stripe-rust-resistant variety, Nov/Dec-7
Beans, common, breeding for heat tolerance in, Nov/Dec-21
BeeBase database, bee pathogen genomic data on, Jan-14
Bermudagrass, potential use for biofuels production, Apr-7
Biobased products
   biofuels, see Biodiesel; Ethanol.
   bioplastics, edible films from dairy byproducts, May/Jun-16
   detergent additive from cornstarch, Apr-9
   from raw crops and leftovers, Apr-20
   glue from plant fiber and bacterium, Apr-8
   industrial lubricants from plant oils, Apr-23
   supplements, gelatin from fish byproducts, Apr-18
Biocontrol of:
   Asian citrus psyllid with parasitic wasps, Feb-11
   black vine weevil with fungus, Aug-22
   Diaprepes weevil with parasitoid wasps, May/Jun-22
   fire ants with phorid flies, parasites, virus, Sep-8
   potato tuber moth with granulovirus, Apr-23
   red imported fire ants with virus, Aug-23
   red palm mite with lacewings, May/Jun-4
   termites with fungal foam, Sep-4
   toxic Aspergillus with nontoxic AF36 strain, Aug-20
   whitefly, sharpshooter, with fungus, May/Jun-11
Biodiesel (also see Ethanol.)
   converting waste grease, oils, fats into, Apr-10
   from raw crops and leftovers, Apr-20
Black cohosh, preserving germplasm of, Oct-20
Black vine weevil, control by dipping roots in fungus, Aug-22
Blueberry, cognitive function in rodents fed extract of, Aug-8
Boll weevil, using DNA microsatellites to identify, track, Aug-16
Bovine spongiform encephalopathy
   prion involvement in, Aug-2
   PRNP gene sequenced, variations studied, Jan-15
   tracking with DNA markers, Jan-22
Canola, industrial lubricants from estolides in, Apr-23
Carbon dioxide
   PHACE study of rising levels of, Sep-23
   predicting plants’ response to high levels of, Apr-23
   waste-management system cuts emissions, May/Jun-19
Carbon sequestration
   corn stover’s role in, Jul-12
   organic vs. no-till and, Jul-4
   three cropping systems and, Jul-8
Carrots, antioxidant content of colored, Mar-4
   DNA markers used to identify parentage of, Jan-16
   septicemia, columnaris vaccines for eggs of, Jul-23
Catnip, method to separate compounds in, May/Jun-7
   bovine prion gene (PRNP) sequenced, Jan-15
   calf survival trait added to Lifetime Net Merit index, Jan-11
   DNA markers identified to track, control disease, Jan-22
   feedlot waste-management system, Nov/Dec-12
   leptospirosis transmission among, Aug-4
   plant-produced CD14 protein eases mastitis in, Sep-12
   vaccines against anaplasmosis in, Feb-21
Cauliflower, Or gene induces high beta-carotene in, Jan-8
   controlling psyllid carrier of HLB greening disease of, Feb-11
   extracting, processing pectin from peels, Feb-16
   spread of Diaprepes weevil mapped, predicted, May/Jun-22
Coconut palm, red palm mites threaten, May/Jun-2,4
Codling moth, ultra-low-volume pheromone spray for, Sep-15
Conservation Effects Assessment Project, Jul-8; May/Jun-23
Conservation Systems Learning Tool, Jul-8
Conservation, online bibliographies relating to, May/Jun-23
Corn stover, competing uses for, Jul-12
   breeding for feed, specialty markets, sustainability, Jul-14
   conventional till vs. no-till, Jul-8
   cryogenic storage of, Feb-12
   protease enzymes speed ethanol production from, Apr-10
   search for genes that control complex traits, Jan-8
   boll weevil dispersal/survival, Aug-16
   early planting may control spiderwort, Jul-19
Cottonseed, disrupting gossypol production in, Jul-23
Cover crops, Jul-12
Crop Profitability Calculator, Jul-8
   hybrids may offer disease and pest resistance, Mar-7
   machine vision inspection of, Jan-18
Diaprepes root weevil, parasitoid controls for, May/Jun-22
Dietary Supplements Ingredients Database, Aug-6
Distiller’s dried grains, use as mulch, May/Jun-18
Eggplant flea beetle, two attractant compounds for, May/Jun-23
Ethanol (also see Biodiesel.)
   computer models to analyze costs of, Apr-10
   consolidated bioprocessing of, Apr-8
   DDG byproduct of used as mulch, May/Jun-18
   from barley, Apr-10
   from corn stover, Jul-12
   from plant cellulose, Apr-2, 4
   from switchgrass, Apr-14
   genetic engineering of yeasts for, Apr-17


FACE method models higher CO2’s effects in the field, Apr-23
Family Guide for Fruits and Seeds online database, Mar-12
FarmSuite software, Jul-11
Fire ants, red imported, SINV-1 virus kills, Aug-23
Fish byproducts, supplements, gelatins from, Apr-17
Flybrella fly trap for use in food-prep areas, Mar-19
Food safety
   G. asaii-phage combo kills Listeria on cut melon, Mar-22
   imaging systems for, Jan-18
   less bacteria on orange-fleshed honeydews, Nov/Dec-17
   prevalence of Toxoplasma gondii in retail meat, Feb-22
   Africanized Honey Bees: A Concern, Not a Hollywood Villain, Feb-2
   America’s Farms: Growing Food, Fiber, Fuel, and More, Apr-2
   ARS Vegetable Breeders: On a Nutrition Mission, Mar-2
   Devoted to Science, Even During Disaster, Sep-2
   Federal Agencies Unite To Fight Invasive Species, May/Jun-2
   Genomics—A New Gene Pool of Potential, Jan-2
   Once Again, International Cooperation Key to Saving Wheat & Barley, Nov/Dec-2
   Specialty Crops Move Into the Spotlight, Oct-2
   Sustainable Solutions To Agricultural Production Challenges, Jul-2
   Untapped Potential of Physiological Genomics, Aug-2
Fruit flies, better lures, baits, insecticides for, May/Jun-8
Fungal controls
   beneficial Trichoderma fights Botrytis cinerea, May/Jun-12
   Isaria poprawskii as insect biocontrol, May/Jun-11
   Metarhizium anisopliae kills black vine weevil, Aug-22
   nontoxic AF36 strain of A. flavus controls toxic one, Aug-20
   Paecilomyces fumosoroseus controls termites, Sep-4
   of biomass to make electricity, liquid fuels, Sep-23
   small-scale reactors for, Apr-10
Gene chip, or microarray, technology, Jan-4, 8, 14; Apr-14
Genetic engineering
   CD14-producing gene put into tobacco plants, Sep-12
   for plum pox resistance, Oct-8
Genetic Resources Information Network, updating, Feb-12
   DNA markers identify, track boll weevils, Aug-16
   expressed sequence tags, Apr-14; Sep-10
   genetic libraries, Apr-14, 16
   robotic system speeds laboratory work of, Apr-17
   single nucleotide polymorphisms, Jan-22; Sep-10
   benefits to animal-health research from, Aug-2
   improving crop plants through, Jan-8
   uses in, importance to plant and animal breeding, Jan-2
Germplasm Enhancement of Maize Project, Jul-14
Germplasm, United States-Brazil exchange of, Feb-12
Giant reed (Arundo donax), control of, Jul-16
Glassy-winged sharpshooter, new fungus harms, May/Jun-11
   making biopolymers from, Apr-10
   plus casein and water make edible films, May/Jun-16
Gooseberry, Jeanne variety resists disease, insects, Apr-23
Grapes, Pixie dwarf as year-round breeding tool, Aug-23
   DDG mulch helps growth of Kentucky bluegrass, May/Jun-18
   planting next crop through grass straw, Jul-4
   suitable for use in biofuels production, Apr-7
Greenhouse gases, system cuts from hog farm, May/Jun-19
Greenhouse production, high-tech sensors used in, May/Jun-12
Guava, antioxidant content of, Oct-10
Hessian flies, genetic interactions with wheat, Jan-4
Honey bees
   differences between European and Africanized, Feb-4
   new trap for small hive beetle pest of, Nov/Dec-20
   pathogen-resistance genes identified, Jan-14
   tylosin treats American foulbrood in, Jul-21
Honeydew melon, orange, high in nutrients, Nov/Dec-17
Human nutrition
   African-American teens low in Vitamin D, Feb-23
   antioxidant content of tropical fruits, Oct-10
   APOA5 gene variant linked to artery plaque, Sep-14
   beta-carotene bioavailability in spinach, Oct-12
   carotenoid absorption, use, Jan-23
   dietary effects on central nervous system, Nov/Dec-16
   dietary plant compounds and aging brain, Aug-8
   improving nutrient content of crop plants, Jan-8
   nutrient analysis of mushrooms, Mar-23
   nutrients’ effect on cognitive function, Nov/Dec-14
   online nutrient data from food surveys, Aug-6
   ORAC values of selected foods, Aug-8
   phytochemical content of potatoes, Sep-20
   role of copper, zinc in brain function, Sep-16
   updated database of flavonoids in foods, Jul-23
   vegetables bred for nutrients, flavor, Mar-2, 4
   vitamin K intake, health benefits, Aug-7
Hydroponic culture, silicon in fights plant disease, May/Jun-12
Imported fire ants, areawide project to control, Sep-8
Insect control
   air curtains keep insects on/off planes, Apr-21
   Flybrella fly trap for use in food-prep areas, Mar-19
Insect-borne diseases, model predicts outbreaks of, Aug-23
Invasive species
   air curtains keep insects on/off planes, Apr-21
   ARS helps inspectors prevent U.S. entry of plants, Mar-10
   federal agencies unite to fight, May/Jun-2
IR-4 project, importance to specialty crops, Oct-4
Irrigation, automated wireless system conserves water, Jul-6
Irrigator Pro software, Jul-11
Jerusalem artichoke, crypreservation of, Oct-20
Jet Erosion Tool used in levee restoration, May/Jun-23
   as biocontrol for red palm mite, May/Jun-4
   iridodial compound from catnip attracts, May/Jun-7
Latin American Maize Project, Jul-14
Leafminer, breeding spinach resistant to, Oct-12
Leafy spurge, control of, Jul-16
Leptospirosis, bacterial genome decay affects spread of, Aug-4
Lettuce, breeding for resistance to viruses, corky root, Feb-18
   Atlas bmr-12 sorghum line low in, Sep-7
   breaking down for better ethanol production, Apr-2, 4, 20
   switchgrass genes that regulate production of, Apr-14
Listeria, G. asaii-phage combo kills on cut melon, Mar-22
Lychee, coatings and surface treatments for, Oct-10


Machine vision, uses for food inspection, Jan-18
Mad cow disease, see Bovine spongiform encephalopathy.
Maize, see Corn.
Mango, coatings and surface treatments for, Oct-10
Manure-management system, low tech, low cost, Nov/Dec-12
Meadowfoam, no-till, as rotation crop for grass, Jul-4
Medusahead, control of, Jul-16
Methyl bromide alternatives, measuring emissions of, Oct-16
Mosquitoes, air curtains keep on/off planes, Apr-21
Mushrooms, nutrient analysis of, Mar-23
Napiergrass, potential use in biofuels production, Apr-7
National Agricultural Library, online bibliographies from, May/Jun-23
National Clonal Germplasm Repository, Jan-20
National Plant Germplasm System, Oct-20
National Small Grains Collection, Jan-23
Nematodes, golden, PCR distinguishes races of, Aug-18
   high-tech ways to measure need for, Mar-14
   website helps dairy farmers manage use, loss of, Mar-22
Oilseed crops, manipulating fatty acid content of, Aug-14
Olives, ARS collection of germplasm, Oct-20
Onions, health-enhancing compounds in, Mar-4
Organic farming
   effect of on soil organic matter, Jul-4
   of orange-fleshed honeydews, Nov/Dec-17
Ornamental crops, pyraclostrobin approved for use on, Oct-4
Paenibacillus larvae, antibiotic resistance in, Jul-21
Peanut flour, tests help users choose best kind, Jul-23
Peanuts, farm-management software for growers of, Jul-11
Pears, quince germplasm collection may benefit, Jan-20
Pectin, biomedical and industrial uses for, Feb-16
Peppers, TigerPaw-NR habanero released, Jul-22
   ARS labs test specialty crops for residue of, Oct-4
   ARS research helps states reduce use of, May/Jun-8
Phosphorus runoff, gypsum applied to soil slows, Feb-23
Pickles, spice prolongs shelf life of plastic-stored dills, Feb-23
   breaking down cell walls for ethanol production, Apr-2, 4, 14
   genomics used to improve, Jan-8
   low-lignin sorghum resistance to disease, Sep-7
   measuring nutrition, growth, water needs of, May/Jun-12
Plant viruses
   beet black scorch virus, Mar-13
   beet necrotic yellow vein virus, Feb-14, Mar-13
   cucurbit leaf crumple virus, Nov/Dec-10
   lettuce mosaic virus, Feb-18
   Mirafiori lettuce big vein virus, Feb-18
   plum pox virus, Oct-8
   potato virus Y, Aug-18
   squash vein yellowing virus, Nov/Dec-10
   dried, new system detects pits in, Sep-23
   plum-pox-resistant variety, HoneySweet, Oct-8
   environment influences flavor, Mar-4
   golden nematode, potato virus Y reemerge in, Aug-18
   granulovirus kills potato tuber moth pest of, Apr-23
   phytochemicals, vitamins in, Sep-20
   potassium, antioxidant content of, Mar-4
Potato Systems Planner software, Jul-9
   food safety imaging systems for, Jan-18
   genetically engineered Marek’s vaccine, Mar-23
   poultry-litter test for coccidiosis, Feb-20
   poult enteritis complex test uses cloacal samples, Jan-23
Prairie restoration, modern switchgrass cultivars for, Sep-18
Precision agriculture, integrated approach for study of, Mar-14
Quince, expanded ARS germplasm collection of, Jan-20
Rangeland, PHACE study of rising CO2 effects on, Sep-23
Rapeseed, See Canola.
Red flour beetle, genes for exoskeleton identified, Jan-23
Red palm mite, May/Jun-2, 4
Renewable Energy Assessment Project (REAP), Jul-12
Rhizoctonia root rot, sugar beets that resist, Feb-14
Rice Core Collection, Jan-23
Rice, breeding for straighthead resistance, amylose, Jan-23
Root Zone Water Quality Model 2, enhanced, improved, Mar-8
Root-knot nematodes, TigerPaw-NR habanero resists, Jul-22


Saltcedar, biocontrol of, Jul-16
Sclerotinia, crops infected by, efforts to control, Oct-7
Screwworm, new cellulose diet helps eradication effort, Mar-20
Silverleaf whitefly
   biocontrol of with new fungus, May/Jun-11
   transmitter of watermelon diseases, Nov/Dec-10
   corn stover’s role in protecting, Jul-12
   electrical conductivity maps of, Mar-14
   estimating nutrients, salts in, Nov/Dec-12
   lab method measures fumigant emissions from, Oct-16
   organic farming builds organic matter in, Jul-4
   plant genes for tolerance to aluminum, acidity in, Jan-8
   aluminum-tolerance gene cloned, Jan-8
   Atlas bmr-12 low-lignin variety for feed, fuel, Sep-7
Southernpea, two varieties of released, Jul-22
   extracting saponins, isoflavones from, Sep-23
   hulls useful in removing heavy metals from water, Feb-23
   making biodiesel from soy flakes, Apr-10
   search for protective genes in exotic varieties, Nov/Dec-18
Specialty crops, overview of ARS research on, Oct-2, 4, 23
Spinach, pest resistance, nutrient content, Oct-12
   ARS collection of germplasm, Oct-20
   compost socks fight black root rot, raise yield, Sep-22
Sugar beets
   beet black scorch virus identified in United States, Mar-13
   extracting and processing pectin from pulp, Feb-16
   resistance to rhizomania, Rhizoctonia root rot, Feb-14
Sugar cane, two quick lab tests greatly aid processing of, Feb-8
Super Slurper, book-drying product made from, May/Jun-20
Super Soil System replaces manure lagoons, May/Jun-19
Sustainable agriculture
   analyzing economics of, Jul-8
   breeding corn suitable for, Jul-14
   long-term research projects on, Jul-2, 4, 20
   BAC maps used in sequencing genome of, Jan-12
   Toxoplasma gondii incidence in retail pork, Feb-22
   waste-management system for, May/Jun-19
   breeding for biofuel/ethanol production, Apr-14
   choosing best cultivar for location, Apr-16
   genetics of, Apr-14, Sep-18
   test predicts ethanol-production potential of, Apr-16
   fungal foam kills, Sep-4
   survival after Hurricane Katrina, May/Jun-23; Sep-4
TigerPaw-NR habanero pepper released, Jul-22
Tillage, conventional till vs. no-till, Jul-8
Tobacco, genetically engineered to make CD14 protein, Sep-12
   DDG mulch raises yields of, May/Jun-18
   genes for ripening, response to light, Jan-8
   unexpected genetic diversity found in cultivated, Oct-20
Toxoplasma gondii, incidence in retail meat, Feb-22
Trees, cultivars suited to urban spaces, power lines, Oct-14
Tung oil, studies of enzymes, fatty acids in, Aug-14
Ug99 stem rust, global effort against, Nov/Dec-2, 4
U.S. National Arboretum, trees for urban spaces, Oct-14
Virtual Grower software for greenhouse management, May/Jun-12
Water quality
   new version of computer model helps protect, Mar-8
   precision agriculture and, Mar-14
   reaction breaks down estrogens in wastewater, Mar-23
   soybean hulls clean heavy metals from water, Feb-23
Water, automated wireless irrigation system conserves, Jul-6
Watermelon, viral cause of vine decline in, Nov/Dec-10
   biocontrols for invasives in the West, Jul-16
   crop rotations and, Jul-4
   database aids identification of invasive, Mar-10
   invasive swallow-wort spreading in Northeast, Feb-23
   mulch from distiller’s dried grains inhibits, May/Jun-18
   tropical spiderwort, in cotton, Jul-19
   cropping systems in Pacific Northwest, Jul-4
   DGE-1 germplasm line has scab resistance, Aug-23
   global effort to fight stem rust of, Nov/Dec-2, 4, 7
   Hessian fly resistance genes identified, Jan-4
   locating genes for better flour, bread-making, Sep-10
   planting mixtures of varieties raises yields, May/Jun-17
Whey, biodegradable bioplastic made from, May/Jun-16
White mold, national initiative aims to control, Oct-7
WholeFarm software, Jul-11
Wool, imparting flame, heat resistance to, May/Jun-23
Yeasts, robotic system speeds genetic engineering of, Apr-17
Zorbix, document-restoration product, May/Jun-20

"Index" was published in the November/December 2007 issue of Agricultural Research magazine.


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