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    caffeic acid quells production of on nuts, Oct-9
    genes involved in production of, Oct-6
    preventing formation of with antioxidants, Oct-2
Air quality, use of LiDAR to test near farms, Aug-8
Air-soil exchange of carbon, Aug-20
Animal diseases, exotic and emerging, Jun-2, 23
    content in Black Pearl pepper, Sep-4
    new one found in Beluga black lentils, Apr-23
Antibiotic resistance, bacterial transfer of, Oct-20
Apple replant disease, nitric oxide helps control, Apr-22
    Malus sieversii germplasm collection, Jan-2, 4
    rootstock breeding for disease resistance, Jan-2, 4
ARS Bioenergy Task Force, Aug-2
ARS National Research Programs for:
    Emerging Diseases, Jun-23
    Food Safety, Oct-23
    Natural Resources and Sustainable Ag Systems, Aug-23
    Obesity, Mar-23
Asian longhorned beetle, detection/tracking of, May-14
Asian soybean rust, Jun-12
    aflatoxin production by in nuts, Oct-9
    A. flavus genes for aflatoxin production, Oct-6
    genomes of two species sequenced, Oct-2
Avian diseases, breeding chickens that resist, Jun-22
Avian influenza
    heat inactivates in egg products, Feb-21
    vectored vaccines for, Feb-21; Jun-19
    interactions with protozoa in ruminants, Oct-20
    nonthermal ways to kill in foods, Oct-4
Barber pole worm, H. contortus, detecting, Feb-9
    as cover crop for potatoes, May-10
    heat-stable enzymes that withstand malting, Sep-18
Beans, resistant lines of great northern, pinto, Jun-12
Beef, hide washing reduces pathogens in, Oct-10
Biobased energy, Aug-2, 4
    of Indianmeal moths with parasitic wasps, May-23
    of sugar beet root maggot with fungus, Sep-16
    of whiteflies, Apr-14
    production of from Cuphea, Aug-4
    uses for glycerol byproduct of, Aug-2
Black lentils, new anthocyanin in Beluga variety, Apr-23
Black raspberry decline, BRDaV virus causes, Jun-15
Blueberry, pterostilbene content of, Nov/Dec-6
    as cover crop for potatoes, May-10
    pest-control role of in apple replant disease, Apr-22
    HOOF-Prints method to track outbreaks of, Jan-21
    new projectile vaccine tested in wildlife, Jun-7
Cacao, endophytes fight fungal diseases of, Jun-16
CAHFSE: Collaboration in Animal Health and Food
    Safety Epidemiology, Oct-18
    bacteriocins kill in chicken intestinal tract, Oct-14
    farm-to-fork epidemiology profiling of, Oct-18
    genome of emerging C. lari sequenced, Oct-17
    sources of contamination in poultry, Feb-10
Carbon dioxide, crop response to high levels of, Aug-20
Carbon storage
    how agricultural practices can increase, Aug-20
    on farms, effect on global carbon cycle, Aug-8
Catfish, frozen foods from meat byproducts of, Jan-16
    defaunation to rid rumen of protozoa, Feb-6
    E. coli O157:H7 hiding place found in, Oct-20
    expected progeny differences for Brahman, Sep-11
    gene-expression studies of BVDV infection in, Jan-11
    gentle management of, May-22
    grazing on seeded pastures vs. rangeland, Feb-19
    immunity to bovine diarrhea virus in, Nov/Dec-2, 4
    limonene from citrus peel waste as feed for, Apr-19
    Poly-x sugar injections reduce mastitis in, Feb-20
    spinosad useful in fighting fever ticks on, Jun-8
Cheese, low-fat mozzarella, Mar-12
Chesapeake Bay, farming and health of, Nov/Dec-14
Chickens, see Poultry.
Cicadas, fungus from is new source of myriocin, Feb-8
Citrus peel waste, ethanol production from, Apr-19
Competitive exclusion of Campylobacter in turkeys, Oct-20
Compost tea, additives boost pathogens in, Sep-22
Conservation and precision agriculture, May-10
Conservation management
    CEAP: Conservation Effects Assessment Project,
        Aug-16, 22; Nov/Dec-14,
    no-till may limit potassium uptake by roots, Jan-23
    soil-air exchange of CO2 under, Aug-20
    use of no-till in a cotton crop, Jan-14
    aflatoxin-resistant lines of, Oct-6
    bacterial endophyte fights Fusarium in, Oct-6
    canopy thickness fights wild proso millet, May-20
    tracking emerging viruses in, Jun-10
Corn gluten meal, improved methods to apply, Apr-20
Corn redness syndrome, search for cause of, Jun-10
DNA marker database for, Jul-21
    exporting to China, May-4
    genome map, DNA marker database for, Apr-23
    no-till, poultry litter raise yields in drought, Jan-14
    overview of ARS-invented gin technologies, May-18
    tropical spiderwort weed control in, Sep-7
Cover crops
    control of apple replant disease with, Apr-22
    for potatoes, May-10
C-Trim cuts fat, carbs in foods, Mar-12
Cuphea seeds, post-cold-storage warming of, Jul-11
Dates, ARS-Egypt studies of, Jul-16
Dutch elm disease-tolerant trees, Jun-18
E. coli
    additives boost growth of in compost tea, Sep-22
    chlorate feed additive reduces in livestock, Oct-14
    farm-to-fork epidemiology profiling of, Oct-18
    killed by bacteriophages isolated from cattle, Oct-14
    nonthermal ways to kill in foods, Oct-4
    O157:H7, Oct-20
Energy, alternative sources of, Aug-2, 4
Energy independence with biobased products, Aug-2
    computer models predict increases in, Sep-22
    from farms, minimizing, Aug-12
    advantages of using soybeans to make, Nov/Dec-9
    citrus peel waste used to make, Apr-19
    improving production, cost of, Aug-2


FAMACHA chart detects worm infection in sheep, Feb-9
Floral and nursery plants, ARS improvements to, Sep-2
Food safety
    antibody-based methods to detect pathogens, Oct-13
    antimicrobial treatments of fresh-cut produce, Jul-2, 4
    caffeic acid quells aflatoxin on nuts, Oct-9
    detecting food pathogens in livestock, Oct-20
    fighting mycotoxins that contaminate crops, Oct-6
    four Listeria genomes sequenced, Oct-17
    genome of Campylobacter lari sequenced, Oct-17
    heat kills poultry viruses in egg products, Feb-21
    nonthermal ways to pasteurize foods, Oct-4
    on-farm, in-plant microbe monitoring, Oct-18
    online database of information about, Feb-2
    postharvest decontamination of beef, Oct-10
    preharvest reduction of bacteria in livestock, Oct-14
    reducing incidence of food poisoning, Oct-2
    Salmonella-protozoa interactions and, Feb-4, 6
    sources of Campylobacter in poultry, Feb-10
    two methods to count pathogens in beef, Oct-10
Forage kochia, taller variety for winter grazing, Jan-18
    A Constant Fight Against New and Rare Diseases, Jun-2
    A Food Safety Net Based on Science, Oct-2
    Crisis Calls, Science Responds, May-2
    Farm-Based Energy and Sustainable Agriculture: Twin
       Missions for the 21st Century, Aug-2
    Food Safety’s Bright Web Venue: FSRIO, Feb-2
    Grapevine Research Extends Vigorous New Tendrils, Apr- 2
    Helping Processors Improve Their Cut of the Produce
       Industry, Jul-2
    Ornamentals Find Their Niche, Sep-2
    Protecting Livestock—From Day One, Nov/Dec-2
    Tackling a Weighty Problem: America’s Obesity
       Epidemic, Mar-2
    Travels To Gather, Improve Apples Start To Bear Fruit, Jan-2
Fresh-cut produce, improving safety of, Jul-2, 4
Fruits, edible food wraps made from, Apr-23
Fumonisin, genes that regulate production of, Oct-6
Fungal diseases of grain crops, efforts to fight, Jun-4
Fungal endophyte-plant interactions clarified, Jun-16
    arbuscular mycorrhizal, physiology of, Jan-12
    gene cluster for mycotoxin production in, Oct-6
    useful peptides from Cordyceps heteropoda, Feb-8
Fusarium, genes in that produce fumonisin, Oct-6
Gene pyramiding to breed disease-resistant beans, Jun-12
Genes, toxin-producing in fungi, Oct-6
Genetic engineering, viral vector ferries genes into
     insect cells, Sep-15
    expected progeny differences for Brahmans, Sep-11
    expressed sequence tags from Fusarium, Oct-6
Genomics facility supports Mid South Area, Jul-20
Goats, eye test for barber pole worm infection in, Feb-9
    acoustic sorter separates insect-damaged, Sep-23
    fighting fungal diseases of, Jun-4
    new low-cost harvesting unit for, Jul-23
    automated trellis system estimates yields, Apr-12
    embryo rescue technique, Apr-5
    genes for color, resistance, adaptation, Apr-9
    new releases, Apr-4
    overview of ARS research on, Apr-2, 4, 9, 12
    phenols in muscadines, Apr-7
    pterostilbene content of, Nov/Dec-6
Grasses, cool-season, on Great Plains pastures, Feb-19
Greater sage grouse, preserving habitat of, Nov/Dec-10
Greenbugs, online tools to manage in wheat, Sep-23
Greenhouse gases, measuring from soil, Aug-8
Herbicides, atrazine use and breakdown period, Aug-18
Honey bees, tylosin tartrate for foulbrood, Jul-23
HOOF-Prints method to identify Brucella species, Jan-21
Horseweed, glyphosate resistance in, Jan-23
    Chapman Field, new subtropical ornamental, Jan-7
    greenhouse monitoring/watering system, Feb-12
Human nutrition
    body mass index and vegetable consumption, Mar-7
    calorie and nutrient databases, Mar-2
    childhood obesity research, Mar-2, 7, 8
    copper and bone calcium during weight loss, Mar-22
    diet compliance, not type, key to success, Mar-19
    eating habits, lifestyle, body mass index linked, Mar-6
    effects of probiotics added to foods, Nov/Dec-8
    eHealth computer games to lower child obesity, Mar-8
    fat-fighting foods and ingredients from ARS, Mar-12
    “Health at Every Size” diet alternative, Mar-10
    high dietary carbohydrate linked to cataracts, Feb-23
    lowering upper limit of dietary copper intake, Jan-23
    macrophages cause inflammation in fat tissue, Mar-4
    new test for zinc status, May-23
    obesity intervention research in Delta region, Mar-16
    obesity prevention in African-American girls, Mar-7, 8
    perilipin gene variations and obesity, diabetes, Mar-5
    plant-based diet may help control weight, Mar-22
    refined-grain foods raise lipoproteins, Mar-20
    research to prevent weight gain, obesity, Mar-2, 23
    salivary proteomics cataloging, May-9
    whole grains slow progression of stenosis, Feb-23
    zinc and metabolic response during exercise, Apr-18
Insect control
    new gene-transfer technique may aid, Sep-15
    steam-based heat treatments for, Sep-23
Insect growth regulators, benefits of, Apr-14
Insect-repelling compounds from Callicarpa, Feb-15
    DNA tool matches immature and adult stages, Apr-23
    spatial analysis detects in stored grain, Sep-23
Integrated pest management of whiteflies, Apr-14
International agricultural problems, ARS efforts to solve,
    May-2, 4
    kills pathogens in foods, Oct-4
    of beef carcass reduces pathogens, Oct-10
Laboratory animals, new lancet for drawing blood from, May-23
Lambs, organic vs. inorganic selenium absorption in, Sep-20
    genomes of four strains sequenced, Oct-17
    serotypes of sequenced, Oct-2
    two highly specific methods to detect, Oct-13
    chlorate feed additive reduces gut bacteria in, Oct-14
    maternal antibody-vaccine interactions, Nov/Dec-2, 4
    new disease-research center for, Jun-20
    phytase in feed aids phytic acid digestion, Jul-14


Maize Genetics and Genomics Database, Jul-23
Manure, portable analyzer for, Jul-20
Manure-management system, three-stage, Aug-12
Molds, nonthermal ways to kill in foods, Oct-4
Mosquitoes, callicarpenal repellent for, Feb-15
MSEA: Management System Evaluation Areas, Aug-16
    ARS helps monitor incidence of, Oct-2
    genes involved in production of, Oct-6
National Plant Germplasm System, Jan-2, 4, 7; Feb-22;
    Apr-9; Jul-12, 18
Newcastle disease virus
    heat inactivates in egg products, Feb-21
    used as vaccine vector, Jun-19
    used in avian flu vaccine, Feb-21
Nuts, caffeic acid quells aflatoxin production on, Oct-9
Oats, HiFi spring line high in fiber, beta-glucan, Feb-11
Organic farming vs. conventional methods, Apr-20
Ornamental plants
    efforts to breed new, Sep-2, 4
    germplasm collected from Puerto Rico, Jul-12
Peanuts, blight resistant, high in oleic acid, Apr-16
    new ornamental, culinary varieties from ARS, Sep-4
    organic vs. conventional production of bell, Apr-20
    water use, needs, efficiency when irrigated, Sep-12
Pesticides, DRIFTSIM software estimates drift of, May-23
    alum reduces loss of from poultry litter, Nov/Dec-18
    new enzyme helps livestock digest, Jul-14
Phosphorus Index, Nov/Dec-14
Phytase, redesigned, aids phytic acid digestion, Jul-14
Phytochemicals, new, role in platelet adhesion, Jan-22
Pigs, see Swine.
Pine stands, straw harvesting, silvopasturing in, Jul-8
Plant diseases, exotic and emerging, Jun-2
Plant pathogens, TIGER method may help identify, Nov/Dec-16
Potatoes, benefits of cover crops to, May-10
    alum-treated litter cuts nutrient runoff, Nov/Dec-18
    bacteriocins kill bacteria in intestinal tract of, Oct-14
    H5N1 avian influenza, May-4
    litter used to fertilize cotton, Jan-14
    mass vaccines for avian influenza, Feb-21
    new research center for diseases of, Jun-20
    plastic from feathers of, Aug-16
    sources of Campylobacter in, Feb-10
    using vectored vaccines for diseases of, Jun-19
Poultry houses, electrostatic air sampler for, Oct-14
Precision agriculture and conservation, May-10
Prickly pear cactus, protecting from cactus moth, Sep-8
Protozoa, interactions with Salmonella by, Feb-4, 6
Protozoa-bacteria interactions in ruminants, Oct-20
Pterostilbene, beneficial effects of, Nov/Dec-6
Rainbow trout, research on ID genes in, Jan-17
    aerial-remote-sensing system for monitoring, Feb-16
    managing sagebrush/sage grouse on, Nov/Dec-10
    seeded pastures help defer use of, Feb-19
Rice, blast resistance genes found in collection, Jul-18
Rice-based batter reduces oil in fried foods, Mar-12


Sagebrush, managing to benefit wildlife, Nov/Dec-10
    additives boost growth of in compost tea, Sep-22
    farm-to-fork epidemiology profiling of, Oct-18
    genetics of DT104 strain’s antibiotic resistance, Feb-6
    methods to monitor and kill in or on animals, Oct-14
    protection of by Tetrahymena protozoa, Feb-4
Sclerotinia blight, resistance genes in peanuts, Apr-16
Scrapie, accurate genetic test for, Nov/Dec-20
Screwworms, ARS helps eradicate in Aruba, May-4
Seed storage of oil-rich tropical species, Jul-11
Selenium, organic vs. inorganic absorption in lambs, Sep-20
    eye test for barber pole worm infection in, Feb-9
    scrapie genetic susceptibility mapped in, Nov/Dec-20
    weed-eating habits of benefit native flora, Nov/Dec-10
Shiitakes, gene may be useful in making ethanol, Jul-23
    alum-treated poultry litter raises pH of, Nov/Dec-18
    electrical conductivity shows variability of, Aug-18
    metal-accumulating plants clean, Aug-16
Soil-air exchange of carbon, Aug-20
    anthracnose-resistant African lines of, Feb-22
    as cover crop for potatoes, May-10
South American cactus moth, halting spread of, Sep-8
Soybean aphid, breeding plants resistant to, Jun-10
Soybean-oil-based metalworking fluid, May-16
    anticancer glyceollin compounds from, Jan-8
    potential uses of cellulose from giant, Nov/Dec-9
    scoring resistance to bean pod mottle virus, Jun-10
    tracking emerging viruses in, Jun-10
    two new lines resist nematodes, diseases, Apr-23
STEWARDS database of watershed data, Aug-22
Stormwater runoff, increases predicted, Sep-22
Strawberries, planting method extends harvest, Jul-23
Streambanks, aerial-remote-sensing to monitor, Feb-16
Stripe rust, maintaining, enhancing resistance to, Jun-4
Sugar beets, fungus controls root maggots on, Sep-16
    CP 89-2143 cultivar tolerates Florida freezes, Jan-20
    DNA fingerprinting of seedlings, Jul-20
Super Slurper for chemical-spill cleanup, Aug-16
SWAT, water quality and conservation model, Aug-16
    human adenovirus as gene vector in, Nov/Dec-2, 4
    molecular studies of Salmonella resistance in, Oct-20
    new database of swine genes and proteins, May-23
    norepinephrine’s effect on Salmonella in, Oct-14
    tests of probiotic Bb 12 in, Nov/Dec-8
Switchgrass, biofuel from, carbon storage by, Jul-19
Thrips palmi, tracking spread of, May-4
Ticks, spinosad useful in controlling on cattle, Jun-8
Tropical spiderwort spread in Southeast cotton, Sep-7
Trout with three sets of chromosomes grow fast, Feb-23
Turkeys, Campylobacter dynamics, prevalence in, Oct-20
U.S. National Arboretum, Sept-2
    for avian influenza, Feb-21
    for Newcastle disease, Feb-21
    that bypass livestock maternal antibodies, Nov/Dec-2, 4
Vegetable-oil based elevator hydraulic fluid, Aug-16
    algal turf scrubber removes nutrients in, Nov/Dec-14
    planctomycetes bacteria isolated from, Feb-23
    vegetative mats grown on lagoons, Aug-11
Water primrose, beetle, weevil biocontrols for, May-13
Water quality
    acoustic sampling of sediment transport, Aug-12
    alum-treated poultry litter promotes, Nov/Dec-18
    efforts to improve Chesapeake Bay, Nov/Dec-14
    greenhouse monitoring system reduces runoff, Feb-12
    use of vegetation around farms to improve, Aug-12
    vegetative mats grown on lagoons improve, Aug-11
Water use
    greenhouse monitoring/application system, Feb-12
    monitoring in irrigated peppers, Sep-12
Watershed data integrated in STEWARDS database, Aug-22
Weed controls, organic, Apr-20
    herbicide-degrading bacteria and, May-20
    managing with seed-decay microorganisms, May-20
    WeedSite software for management of, Aug-18
    leaf rust, scab, stripe rust, Ug99 stem rust, Jun-4
    resistance genes to stem rust found in, Jun-4
Wheat seed gall nematode, May-4
Whiteflies, ELISA test identifies predators of, Apr-14
Wildlife, preserving rangeland habitat of, Nov/Dec-10
Wind turbines for electricity production, Aug-2, 4
Wool, itch-free biopolished, Aug-16
Yeasts, nonthermal ways to kill in foods, Oct-4

"Index" was published in the November/December 2006 issue of Agricultural Research magazine.

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