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                                    2005 Index


Agricultural aircraft, for remote sensing, Mar-20
Agricultural byproducts, new products from, Mar-13
Alpine pennycress
    soil pH affects cadmium uptake of, Nov-23
    zinc transporter gene in, Jan-20
Animal-care ethics and welfare, Mar-2, 4
Antibiotics, detecting in meat, milk, fish, Jan-15
Antimicrobial-resistant organisms, tracking, Mar-18
Appalachia, silvopasture research in, Aug-2, 4
    laser beams detect quality of, May-8
    model for cooling sprinkler baths of, May-23
Aquatic life, effect of grass farms on, Oct-18
ARS partnerships, research advances from, Jul-16
ARS-Ohio State pest detection team, May-2, 4
Ash trees, biocontrols for emerald ash borer, Feb-22
Avian influenza, global migration of, Nov-8
BAC map of cow, Jan-4
    detecting in shellfish, Mar-10
     from animals, resistant populations of, Mar-18
    irradiation used to inactivate on foods, Feb-10
    new adhesive from combined strains of, Feb-23
    new Hespellia found in pig manure, Jan-23
    spotting antibiotic resistance genes in, Nov-17
Barber pole worm, copper controls, Jun-23
Barley, advances in uses for, Jul-20
Beef, calpastatin controls tenderness of, Feb-8
Bell pepper, Charleston Belle, Feb-23
    of emerald ash borer by wasps, Feb-22
    of fire blight with Pantoea agglomerans, Oct-23
    of mealybug with parasitoids, predator, Apr-16
    of red imported fire ants with SINV-1, Jul-23
    of saltcedar with leafbeetle, Apr-2, 4
    of termite alates with fungus, Nov-23
Biodiesel production, new method for, Apr-13
Biofumigation with Brassica crops, Dec-20
Bioplastics, made from cornstarch, Dec-10
Biting midge, vector of vesicular stomatitis virus, Apr-22
Bristlecone pine, genetic studies of, Apr-8
Broccoli, breeding for high glucoraphanin in, Dec-14
Cacao, fungal pathogens of are related, Oct-17
    antimicrobial resistance in, Mar-18
    assessing bacteriocins to combat, Nov-8
    predictive model for, Jun-18
    testing dairy cow samples for, Apr-20
Candida albicans, new DNA test identifies, Jul-22
    calcium, potassium applications improve, Aug-20
    Salmonella biofilm on rind of, Dec-17
    slicing under water, ultraviolet light, Aug-10
Canola, as rotation crop for potatoes, Dec-20
Carbon sequestration
    effect of grazing on, Jun-4
    in tillage vs. no-till, Apr-14
Carbon storage of eastern gamagrass, Sep-7
Casein-based edible film, Nov-21
Catfish, remote sensing of algae in ponds of, Mar-20
    Cryptosporidium in calves, May-22
    forages for year-round grazing of, Jun-4
    vesicular stomatitis virus transmission to, Apr-22
    water attracts better than salt, May-23
CATTS technique for killing insect pests on
    stored fruit, Jul-6
Center of Excellence in Extrusion and Polymer
    Rheology, Mar-13
Center Pivot Evaluation and Design computer
    program, Oct-14
Charles Valentine Riley’s papers, artifacts at
    NAL, Oct-20
Chicken feathers, useful fiber made from, Jan-23
    free-range, Salmonella incidence in, Apr-23
    infrared/laser methods to trim beaks of, Mar-4
    sequencing genome of, Jan-2, 4
Chili peppers, new cleaner for harvesting, Feb-18
    cancer-fighting limonoids in, Feb-16
    cholesterol-reducing flavonoids in peels, Sep-16
Citrus collection, species identification from
    molecular markers, Jun-20
Computer models for small-dams, Aug-14
Conservation Effects Assessment Project (CEAP), May-23; Dec-2,4
Controlled drainage, increasing use of, Sep-2, 4
Copper fed to sheep controls nematode, Jun-23
Corn stover, fermented, improves eroded soil, Apr-23
    rotation, irrigation study with, Nov-18
    viral team identifies viruses in, May-4
Cornstarch, electroactive bioplastics from, Dec-10
    faster roller gin stands for, Feb-18
    gossypol from hairy root cultures of, Jul-12
    yield vs. profit with varying irrigation, Nov-18
Cotton/flax mix for moisture management, Nov-12
    chronic pain from tail docking, Mar-4
    dairy, rotational grazing system tested, Apr-23
    new big bluestems put weight on, Nov-17
    sequencing genome of, Jan-2, 4
    testing for bacteria in dairy, Apr-20
    transport stress in, Mar-4
Crop rotations
    best for potatoes in Maine, Dec-10
    best sequences for use in Great Plains, Jun-14
    methods shared with scientists overseas, Nov-22
    of plant genetic material, Apr-8
Cryptosporidium, prevalence of in cattle, May-22
Dairy cows, corralling of keeps nutrients on
     fields, Sep-8
Dairy farms
    best management practices for, Apr-20
    rotational grazing system tested, Apr-23
DNA analyses, Jan-2
DNA chip spots antibiotic resistance genes, Nov-17
Drainage, controlled, increasing use of, Sep-2, 4
Drainage pipes
    proximity to wormholes, Sep-10
    radar locates underground, Sep-4
Drainage water, saline, use for irrigation, Sep-18
E. coli
    antimicrobial resistance in, Mar-18
    irradiation inactivates on foods, Feb-10
    new air sampler for in poultry houses, Oct-22
    testing dairy cow samples for, Apr-20
    using antibodies to detect, Jan-15
Eastern gamagrass, effects of heat, CO2 on, Sep-7
Eggs, human absorption of lutein from, Mar-23
Electrostatic air sampler for use in poultry
    houses, Oct-22
Emerald ash borer, potential biocontrol wasps
    identified, Feb-22
Enterococcus, antimicrobial resistance in, Mar-18
Erosion of topsoil, effect on wheat yields, Dec-9
Ethanol production, high-starch barley lines for, Jul-20
Exotic pest identification, prevention, May-2, 4


    application using canopy reflectance, Feb-23
    movement through drainage pipes, Sep-10
    using manure on legumes, Aug-16
Finger millet, fingerprinting accessions of, Apr-12
Fire ants, remote sensing detects, Mar-20
Fire blight, Pantoea agglomerans fights, Oct-23
Fish, new vaccines against bacteria, May-10
    as rotation crop for cotton, Nov-12
    blended with cotton for comfort, Nov-12
    blended with polymers for molded materials,
    new standards for fiber quality of, Aug-22
Food safety
    ARS-UMES research center for, Jul-16
    bacteria control in dairy products, Apr-20
    changing antimicrobial use in animals, Mar-18
    high-pressure processing of shellfish, Mar-10
    how microbes survive produce washing, Dec-17
    irradiating ready-to-eat foods, Feb-10
    models for pathogen growth on poultry, Jun-18
    new detection methods improve, Jan-15
    new DNA test identifies food pathogens, Jul-22
    Salmonella incidence in chickens, Apr-23
    time-resolved fluorescence, Jan-15
    filling feeding gap between crops of, Dec-18
    high-CO2 levels affect quality of, Aug-23
    quality, spectral reflectance studies of, Sep-20
    salt-tolerant, irrigating with drainage water, Sep-18
    systems for year-round livestock feeding, Jun-4
    two new big bluestems for cows, Nov-17
    yield and protein of in silvopastures, Aug-4
    ARS Pounces on Sudden Oak Death Pathogen,
    CEAP: Right Idea, Right Time, Dec-2
    Connecting a Vital Region’s Agriculture, Ecology, and People, Jun-2
    Finding Out What Makes Animals Tick—Genetically, Jan-2
    Gaining Insight From Probing Insects’ Genes, Nov-2
    Helping Industry Ensure Animal Well-Being, Mar-2
    Helping School Kids Reach Nutritional Excellence,
    North, South, East, or West—Suiting Farms to
      Their Environment, Aug-2
    Protecting Crops From Alien Invaders, May-2
    Saltcedar Scientists Trounce Troublesome Tree, Apr-2
    Taking Jack IN the Beanstalk, Jul-2
    Upgrading America’s Underground Drainage
      Network, Sep-2
Foulbrood disease, finding resistance genes in
     bees to, Jan-4
    fresh-cut, processing methods tested, Aug-10
    minor, efforts to introduce, Jan-12
    stored, CATTS method kills insect pests on, Jul-6
Functional genomics, TILLING technique used in
      soybeans, Jul-2, 4
Fungal plant diseases, sampangine controls, Sep-23
    Crinipellis reclassified to new genus, Oct-17
    Myrothecium toxin and indoor air quality, Feb-23
    DNA test spots head blight species, Nov-23
    F. graminearum genome mapped, on Web, Feb-6
    wilt, grafting for watermelon resistance to, Jul-8
Garlic, cryopreserving, identifying, Apr-8
Genes for green color in southernpea, Dec-14
Genetic linkage map of watermelon, Dec-14
Genetics technology, evolution of, Jan-2
Genome sequencing
    of farm animals, Jan-2,4
    of insects, Nov-2,4
    finger millet collection, Apr-12
    pineapple collection, Oct-12
    plant, ARS efforts to preserve, Apr-8
    sheep, efforts to preserve, Apr-11
Global climate change, projects on, Apr-14
Golf courses, fertilizer runoff from, Aug-18
Gossypol, agricultural and medicinal uses of, Jul-12
GRACENET, soil carbon research network, Apr-14
    cryopreserving, Apr-8
    pterostilbene in lowers rat blood lipids, Mar-23
    cool-season perennials fill forage gap, Dec-18
    new cultivars for forage, Jun-4; Nov-17
Grass farming and the environment, Oct-18
    effects on mineral cycling, carbon balance, Jun-4
    extending season in south Great Plains, Dec-18
Great Plains, crop rotations for Jun-14
Greenhouse gases, GRACENET research network
    on, Apr-14
Groundwater, livestock handling to protect, Sep-8
Healthy School Meals Resource System, Oct-2, 4
Hepatitis A, in shellfish, detecting, Mar-10
Herb garden at National Arboretum, May-20
Herbs, Turkish, oils from as insecticides, Jul-23
Historically black colleges and universities, ARS
    partnerships with, Jul-16
Honey bees
    bioassay tests Varroa mites’ resistance, Apr-19
    new insecticide kills Varroa mites, Jun-8
    sequencing genome of, Jan-2, 4
    SMR bees remove Varroa mites, Oct-8
Honeydew, calcium, potassium applications
    improve, Aug-20
Hops, model to time fungicide use on, Feb-23
Horses, vesicular stomatitis virus in, Apr-22
Human nutrition
    absorption of lutein from chicken eggs, Mar-23
    fast-food eaters consume more calories, Jan-23
    feeding guidelines through toddlerhood, Jun-7
    food and exercise effect on bone density, Jan-18
    mother-daughter milk-drinking habits, Mar-22
    nutrients in native communities’ foods, Sep-17
    protein intake and calcium excretion, Sep-23
    protein to reverse sarcopenia, May-14
    role of school meals in child nutrition, Oct-2, 4
    strength training to reverse sarcopenia, May-14
    study supports iron fortification of foods, May-14
    Tufts Strong Living Program, May-14
    ubiquitin and eye health, Aug-13
    vitamin B12 status linked to bone health, Oct-23
    zinc in normal vs. cancerous prostate cells, Jun-12
Hydrilla, gene for fluridone resistance in, Nov-14
Insect genes, importance of studying, Nov-2
Insect pests, CATTS method kills on stored fruit, Jul-6
Insect-borne diseases, ARS-DOD efforts to
    combat, Sep-12
Insecticide, new class of from sugar esters, Jun-8
Insects, NIR spectroscopy detects inside grain, Mar-8
Irradiation of meats, fruits, and vegetables, Feb-10
    center-pivot, adding sensors to, Oct-14
    crop-rotation study on ideal water use from, Nov-18
    of salt-tolerant forage with drainage water, Sep-18
    site-specific, precision, Oct-14
    sprinkler vs. subsurface drip, Nov-18
    using recycled drainage water for, Sep-4
Irrigator Pro, research to add new data to, Nov-18
LABEX, United States-Brazil collaboration, Apr-14
Land-grant colleges, ARS partnerships with, Jul-16
Lasers, detecting apple quality with, May-8
    methods of tracking, Apr-4, 7
    new synthetic attractant for, Apr-7
    success as saltcedar biocontrol, Apr-4
Legume Information Service website, Aug-23
Legumes, using manure to fertilize, Aug-16
Listeria monocytogenes
    new DNA test identifies, Jul-22
    radiation doses for inactivating, Feb-10
    testing dairy cow samples for, Apr-20
Livestock behavior and stress research, Mar-2,4
Lycoris, new species of, Dec-12


Mannitol production by fermentation, Oct-23
    as legume fertilizer curbs nitrogen runoff, Aug-16
    liquid, movement through wormholes, Sep-10
    managing with corralling approach, Sep-8
    system for treating swine wastewater, Mar-14
Marek’s disease, resistance genes for, Jan-4
Meat quality, testing facility for assessing, Jul-23
Melons, foliar potassium applications to, Aug-20
Methyl bromide alternatives
    CATTS kills insects on stored fruit, Jul-6
    grafting imparts pathogen resistance, Jul-8
Minor fruits, studies, preservation of, Jan-12
     NIR spectroscopy identifies malaria-carrying, Mar-8
    SS220 as repellent for, Sep-12
National Agricultural Library
    four conservation bibliographies at, May-23
    online course for dietitians, Jun-23
    special collections of, Oct-20
National Arboretum, Herb Garden at, May-20
National Center for Genetic Resources Preservation,
National Clonal Germplasm Repository, Jan-12,14;
    for Citrus and Dates, Jun-20
    for Tree Fruit and Nut Crops and Grapes, Aug-9
    for Tropical and Subtropical Fruit and Nuts, Oct-12
National Herb Garden, 25th anniversary of, May-20
National School Lunch Week, Oct-2,4
Nematode, copper controls in sheep, Jun-23
Newcastle disease, saponins for vaccines for, Nov-8
Nitrate losses, wood-chip trenches reduce, Sep-4
Noroviruses, RT-PCR detects in shellfish, Mar-10
Nursery plants, fungal infection of, Feb-2, 4
Oats, two freeze-tolerant genotypes found, Sep-23
Old World hunter fly as greenhouse biocontrol, Oct-7
    laser beams detect firmness of, May-8
    two new nonmelting varieties, Jan-22
    European taste panel likes U.S., Aug-22
    yield vs. profit with varying irrigation, Nov-18
Peppers, hot, as organic crop for growers, Apr-23
Pest control with air curtains on planes, Jan-23
    biologically based, mechanism of action, Jun-23
    movement through drainpipes in fields, Sep-10
Phytophthora ramorum
    origin, survival, spread of, Feb-2
    PCR used to identify, Feb-4
Phytoremediation of cadmium from soil, Nov-23
    immunity boosted with plasma, fish oil, Jul-15
    sequencing genome of, Jan-2, 4
    stress, housing, socializing, Mar-4
    vesicular stomatitis virus transmission to, Apr-22
Pineapple germplasm collection, Oct-12
Pink hibiscus mealybug, diet, lures for, Apr-16
Pinto bean, line that resists anthracnose, May-23
Plant genes, measuring expression of, Jan-20
Plant germplasm
    free exchange of worldwide, Nov-22
    new ways to protect, preserve, Apr-8
Plant physiology
    phytohormone interaction study, Mar-23
    synthetic peptide, SS2, halts cell division, Mar-23
Plant viruses, ARS-Ohio State team identifies, May-2, 4
Plants, hyperaccumulators of heavy metals, Jan-20
    bacterial sprays curb late blight infections, Apr-23
    Defender variety good for frozen products, Nov-23
    disease-suppressing rotations for, Dec-10
Potato Systems Planner software, Dec-10
    feathers, lightweight plastic from, Sep-23
    litter made into activated carbons, Jul-10
    modeling growth of bacteria on, Jun-18
    safety, ARS-international research on, Nov-8
Precision agriculture, imaging in, Mar-20
    mealybug diet made with, Apr-16
    SFE method measures carotenoids in, Oct-10
QuEChERS method detects pesticide residue, Jan-15
Rangeland management, grazing studies to
    balance ecosystem, Jun-4
Rare-earth elements as soil-erosion tracers, Jun-10
Red flour beetle, genome sequencing of, Nov-4
Red imported fire ants, SINV-1 virus of, Jul-23
Redvine, physiology of its tendrils, Sep-22
Regional Dairy Quality Management Alliance, Apr-20
Remote sensing
    from agricultural aircraft, Mar-20
    gauging forage nutrition by, Sep-20
Response Surface Methodology for developing
    insect diets, Apr-16
Rice, microfluidizer separates starch and protein,
Rice-based batter as coating for fried foods, Jan-23
Runoff of fertilizers, pesticides, Aug-16, 18


    antimicrobial resistance in, Mar-18
    assessing bacteriocins to combat, Nov-8
    detection with air sampler, Oct-22
    forms biofilm on cantaloupe rind, Dec-17
    inactivation of on lettuce, Feb-10
    incidence of in free-range chickens, Apr-23
    introduced jellyfish gene helps track, Jun-18
    irradiation inactivates on foods, Feb-10
    lowering infection of from stress in swine, Mar-4
    modeling growth of, Jun-18
    testing dairy cow samples for, Apr-20
    using antibodies to detect, Jan-15
Saltcedar, research to control, Apr-2, 4
Screwworm, cryopreservation of, Feb-14
    hair, copper controls nematode in, Jun-23
    method predicts weight gain in, Sep-20
    Navajo-Churro, efforts to preserve, Apr-11
    weight gain in lambs on silvopasture, Aug-4
Shellfish, methods to detect pathogens in, Mar-10
Silvopasture research in Appalachia, Aug-2, 4
Small dams, research on overtopping of, Aug-14
    carbon, infrared technology measuring of, Apr-14
    effect of crop rotations on properties of, Jun-14
    fumigants, impermeable film retains, Aug-23
    rare-earth elements to track erosion of, Jun-10
    reclaiming, managing saline-sodic, Sep-18
    increasing sorgoleone production from, May-18
    substituting for wheat in baking, Feb-23
Southernpea lines with green trait, Dec-14
Southern Plains forage and grazing, Jun-2, 4
Soybean aphid, May-2,4; Nov-7
Soybean oil with higher oleic acid, Jul-2
    automated screening for mutations in, Jul-4
    gene for resistance to soybean aphid, Nov-7
    mapping genome of, Jul-2
    new method to make biodiesel from, Apr-13
Staphylococcus aureus, new assays for, Jan-15
Starch-based coatings, Jul-23
Strawberry latent ringspot virus, Aug-23
Stress, in livestock, Mar-4
Sudden oak death, efforts to prevent, Feb-2, 4
Sunflowers, herbicide-resistant lines of, Jan-9
Sustainable agriculture for ecosystems, Aug-2
Swine, see Pigs
Termite, biocontrol fungus for alates of, Nov-23
TILLING, functional-genomics technique used
    in soybeans, Jul-2, 4
Treasures of the National Agricultural Library, Oct-20
Trees, planting in open pastures, Aug-4
Turf management for golf course runoff, Aug-18
USDA school-meal programs, Oct-2, 4
Vaccines, given as a bath for fish, May-10
Varroa mites
    low-tech test for chemical resistance, Apr-19
    new insecticide kills mite, safe for bee, Jun-8
    SMR bees remove from brood cells, Oct-8
Vascular puncture inoculation technique, May-4
Vesicular stomatitis virus, vector of, Apr-22
Vibrio bacteria, enzyme aids spread of, Mar-10
Viral plant diseases and vectors, May-4
Vitamin B12 status linked to bone health, Oct-23
Vitamin E in elderly vs. incidence of colds, Apr-21
    gallic acid in Tulare prevents aflatoxin, Mar-16
    identification of, Aug-9
Wasps as biocontrols of ash borer, Feb-22
    charred poultry litter filters metals from, Jul-10
    from swine, automated system to treat, Mar-14
Water quality
    and conservation, Sep-2, 4
    and management, dam failures affect, Aug-14
    curbing nitrogen runoff, Aug-16
    effect of grass farms on, Oct-18
    studies of conservation’s effects on, Dec-2,4
Water stress, remote sensing of in crops, Mar-20
Water use, best rotations in dry areas, Jun-14
    grafting onto squash, gourd rootstock, Jul-8
    wild, evaluating for pest resistance, Dec-14
Watersheds, conservation research on, Dec-2,4
Weeds, compound from sorghum combats, May-18
    alternatives to wheat/fallow in Great Plains, Jun-14
    leaf-spot fungus, gene sequencing of, Oct-23
    Penawawa-X, a new “full-waxy,” Nov-23
    proteomics studies in, Jan-10
    scab pathogen mapped, Feb-6
    yields reduced by topsoil erosion, Dec-9
Wild rice, cryopreserving, Apr-8
Wildlife, effect of grass farms on, Oct-18
Wool, biopolishing process to shrinkproof, May-12
Worm burrows funnel manure to pipes, Sep-10
Yersinia, radiation resistance of, Feb-10
Zinc transporter proteins, Jun-12

"2005 Index" was published in the December 2005 issue of Agricultural Research magazine.


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