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2003 Index



    as salt-tolerant forage, Mar-23
    barrel medic markers help find genes in, Jan-23
    falcata subspecies of, Oct-8
    transgenic, protein preserved in, Dec-20
Animal disease research, Nov-4
Animal health, new Cryptosporidium species, Feb-23
Antioxidants, benefits of to eye health, Aug-4
Ants, parasitic, Feb-20
    dwarfing gene in, Nov-18
    fire blight, wooly apple aphid resistance in, Nov-18
    methyl jasmonate improves red color in, May-10
    native bacteria fights replant disease in, Jun-23
    wasp as control of tarnished plant bug on, May-11
    yeast fights blue mold on, Aug-17
Apricots, Apache variety added to genebank, Jun-8
    liquid oxygen used in catfish harvest, Aug-8
    production, Jun-2, 4
ARS Collection of Entomopathogenic Fungal Cultures, Apr-8
ARS's 50th anniversary, Nov-2, 4
Avian influenza, new rapid test for, Feb-9
Bacteria, Lactobacillus strain to make mannitol, Mar-7
Barley, health benefits of eating, May-8
Barrel medic, genetic markers in, Jan-23
Basil, colored mulches improve qualities of, Sep-14
    disease resistance in, Jan-23, May-4
    ozone tolerance in snap beans, Jan-7
    artificial diet for aids almond pollination, Mar-12
    blue orchard, good pollinator of cherries, Jan-18
Berries, ARS breeding program for, Oct-4
Biocontrol agents, technologies to produce, Aug-22
    of blue mold with yeast, Aug-17
    of glassy-winged sharpshooter, Sep-2, 18
    of imported fire ants, Feb-20
    of leaf spot disease with fungal enzyme, May-14
    of red and black imported fire ants, May-16
    of skunk vine with beetle, bug, Oct-16
    of tarnished plant bug with tiny wasp, May-11
Biotechnology risk assessment, Jan-2
Blackberry, new thornless cultivars of, Oct-4
Boll weevil eradication program, success of, Feb-2, 4
Bonsai, penjing at National Arboretum, Jun-12
Broccoli, downy mildew resistance in, Mar-23
Bt corn and monarch butterflies, Nov-4
Buffer strips, vegetative, Oct-2, Dec-4
Cacao trees, nine high-yielding varieties, Jul-23
Carbon sequestration high in golf courses, Jun-10
Carrots, colored mulch alters vitamin levels in, Sep-14
    liquid oxygen used during harvest of, Aug-8
    preventing off-flavors in, Mar-15, Apr-21
    balancing protein and nitrogen in, Jul-10
    calculating bulls' profitability, Apr-12
    feedlot runoff system recycles manure of, Apr-18
    genetic sequencing of disease microbes in, Apr-19
    ultrasound reveals fat and marbling in, Apr-6
    vitamin D as meat tenderizer, Jul-18
Cherry, blue orchard bee great pollinator of, Jan-18
    bacteria levels on featherless skin, May-23
    test for avian flu in, Feb-9
    vaccine reduces Salmonella shedding by, May-7
Chickpea, Sierra variety resists blight, Oct-23
Citrus, three better rootstocks for, Dec-11
Clean Water Act, compliance with, Dec-12
Community Nutrition Mapping Project, Apr-16
Composting, managing animal-waste with, Aug-20
Computer model predicts pesticide movement, Jul-14
Computer program ranks bulls' profitability, Apr-12
Conservation buffers, Dec-2, 4
Conservation tillage
    raises Old Rotation cotton yield, May-19
    strip-tillage benefits soil, May-22
Consumer product development, Nov-4
Corn rootworm, two controls for, Jan-4
    benefits of new high-oleic varieties of, Aug-18
    Bt, mixing seed of with non-Bt seed, Jan-4
    increasing bioavailable iron in, Apr-14
    iodine-based fungicide for seed, Jan-19
    YieldGard Rootworm variety, Jan-4
    boll weevil eradication program, Feb-2, 4
    deep tillage in Old Rotation experiment, May-19
    more efficient lint cleaner for, Sep-19
    new uses for gin waste, Nov-23
    reflected far-red light elongates fibers in, Sep-14
    ultrasound speeds enzymatic treatment of, Feb-10
    wound-healing bandages made of, Jan-14
Cows, determining fertility in, Apr-4
Crickets, Mormon, tracking, Apr-23
Crop research, Nov-4
Crops, genetic engineering of, Jan-2
Cryptosporidium canis identified, Feb-23
Diabetes, effect of exercise in Hispanics with, Apr-20
Dietary Guidelines, role of in human nutrition, Mar-2
Elm trees, phytoplasma causes disease in, Jan-18
Environmental health
    activated carbons from poultry litter, Aug-23
    agricultural water management, Aug-16
    BARC farm research benefits, Oct-2, 12
    cleaning groundwater with vegetable oil, Jan-23
    composted manure is better for, Aug-20
    conservation buffers, three-zone, Dec-2, 4
    frog malformations, Jan-20
    monitoring effects of feedlots on, Jul-10
    radio wave heating for pest control, Feb-15
    recycling feedlot runoff, Apr-18
    ultrasound use in cotton processing, Feb-10
    wood chips curb nitrate loss from cropland, Feb-23
E. coli, composting method kills in manure, Aug-20
Everglades Agro-Hydrology Model, Aug-16
Exotic Newcastle disease, vaccine for, Oct-20
Eye health, nutrition linked to, Aug-4


Falcata alfalfa, benefits of to forage and soil, Oct-8
FarmSuite, software package aids farmers, Oct-18
Feedlot, experimental, monitoring runoff from, Jul-10
Fire ants, biological control of, Feb-20, May-16
Flavonoids, new database of, Mar-6
Flood irrigation, effect of on stream, meadow, Nov-16
Flora and fauna, inventory of at BARC, Oct-2
Food animal research meets consumers' needs, Apr-2
Food safety
    history of ARS research on, Nov-4
    milk-based protective coating for foods, Jun-23
    new way to analyze pesticide residue, Jul-9
    training wasps to detect mycotoxins, May-23
Forage, salt-tolerant, Mar-23
Formosan subterranean termites, control of, Jul-2, 4
Forum: 50 Years and Counting, Nov-2
Forum: Agriculture and Wildlife—More Than Peacefully Coexistent, Oct-2
Forum: Banking on Weed Control, Aug-2
Forum: Dietary Guidelines: Expert Advice for Healthy Eating, Mar-2
Forum: Efforts To Protect Water Quality From Agricultural Runoff, Dec-2
Forum: Food Animal Production: Combining Traditional Practices and Modern Tools, Apr-2
Forum: Investigating Invasives: It Takes a Team, Sep-2
Forum: Is Your Health What You Eat? May-2
Forum: Lessons From a Decade of Genetically Engineered Crops, Jan-2
Forum: Operation Full Stop in Full Swing, Jul-2
Forum: Trout Research Makes a Splash! Jun-2
Forum: Winning the Weevil War: Beating a $22 Billion Bug, Feb-2
    cause of malformations in, Jan-20
    effects of pesticides on, Oct-12
Fruit breeding, Oct-4
Fungi, collection of those that fight insect pests, Apr-8
    controlling blue mold with yeast instead of, Aug-17
    cultivars reduce need for chemical-based, Aug-11
    iodine-based, for Fusarium control, Jan-19
    enzyme from, prevents leaf spot disease, May-14
    Paecilomyces fumosoroseus as insecticide, Aug-22
Genes for calcium accumulation in potatoes, Mar-18
Genetic engineering
    altered Ultrapetala gene in thale cress, May-12
    of commercial crops, Jan-2
    of cyanobacteria to stop catfish off-flavors, Mar-15
Genetic markers Jan-23, Aug-14
    ARS research in, Nov-4
    co-dominant interpretation in beans, May-4
    dwarfing gene in apples, Nov-18
    of grapevines, Sep-16
    of trout, Jun-2, 4
    of X. fastidiosa, Sep-2, 16, 17
Genomic sequencing
    identifies avian virus in turkeys, Nov-23
    of microbes that cause cattle disease, Apr-19
    value to humans of, Jun-23
    animal and aquaculture collection started, Feb-12
    ARS efforts to preserve, Mar-23, Jun-8, 20
    exploration and collections, Nov-4
    seed storage, Feb-12
Germplasm Resources Information Network, Jun-20
Glassy-winged sharpshooter, control of, Sep-2, 16, 17
Global positioning system in agriculture, Jun-17
Grain, stored, Insector probe monitor for, Jul-12
Grain-based diets for trout, Jun-2, 4
Grapevines, controlling Pierce's disease in, Sep-2, 16
Grasshoppers, device monitors populations of, Apr-23
Ground beetles, Bt corn's effect on, Jan-4
Gypsy moth, GYPCHEK for control of, Oct-2, 12
Hairy vetch as alternative to plastic mulch, Jul-14
Human nutrition
    50 years of ARS research on, Nov-4
    barley, oats, health benefits from eating, May-8
    benefits of drinking tea, Sep-10
    bone density, Feb-23, Mar-8, Sep-19
    cognitive function and, Jan-11, Dec-15
    Dietary Guidelines and, Mar-2
    dietary needs of various communities, Apr-16
    eye health and, Aug-4
    failure to thrive and, Dec-15
    flavonoid database, Mar-6
    heart disease in American Indians, Jan-11
    high-meat diets, Apr-23, Nov-23
    in Hispanic groups, Apr-20
    in teens, May-23, Jul-23
    iron bioavailability, Jan-17, Apr-14, May-15, Jul-23
    Mobile Nutrition Research Laboratory, Jan-11
    nutrient database uses Palm OS, Mar-4
    obesity in Hispanic children, Jun-16
    osteoporosis and sulfur-containing proteins, Mar-8
    phytonutrients, health benefits of, May-2
    resistance training and low-protein diets, Feb-23
    vitamin A's role in immune response, Mar-10
    vitamin, mineral supplements, Jan-11
    vitamin K and bone density in women, Sep-19
    zinc supplements in adolescents, Jan-11
    Z-trim replaces fat in processed foods, Aug-23
Indianmeal moth, behavioral studies of, May-20
Insecticides, new grain monitor reduces use of, Jul-12
    beneficial, assay predicts fertility of, Jun-11
    Insector probe system counts in grain, Jul-12
    servosphere tests attractants for, Feb-18
Irrigation, Jul-17, Nov-4, Nov-16
Lutein, high bioavailability of from eggs, Aug-4


Management Zone Analyst software, Aug-17
Mannitol, using bacteria to make, Mar-7
    poultry, conversion of to activated carbons, Aug-23
    sanitizing and managing, Aug-20, Nov-20
Methyl bromide alternatives, Feb-15, Jun-23
Milk, protective film made from proteins in, Jun-23
Moon Cake, ARS giant vegetable soybean, Sep-8
Mosquito, Culex, baculovirus CuniNPV kills, Oct-23
MSEA, Nov-4
    colored, crops' qualities enhanced by, Sep-14
    plastic, increases pesticide levels in runoff, Jul-14
    vegetative, reduces runoff, Jul-14
National Agricultural Library, plant expedition photos at, Jun-18
National Animal Germplasm Program, Feb-12, Mar-23
National Arboretum, Jun-12
National Bonsai and Penjing Museum, Jun-12
National Center for Cool and Cold Water Aquaculture, Jun-4
National Center for Genetic Resources Preservation, Feb-12
National Clonal Germplasm Repository for Fruit and Nut Crops, Jun-8
National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference
    downloadable PC version of, Oct-23
    portable version of, Mar-4
National Plant Germplasm System, Jun-20, Jul-23
Natural resources conservation, Nov-4
Nematodes, Steinernema, as fly biocontrols, Nov-20
Nutrient databases, upgrades to, Mar-5
Oats, health benefits of eating, May-8
Operation Full Stop, success of, Jul-2, 4
Orchids, caffeine controls slugs, snails on, May-23
PAM, polyacrylamide, as erosion control, Nov-4
    computer programs manage production of, Oct-18
    screening for allergens in, Jan-23
    two new cultivars resist disease, spoilage, Aug-11
Pearl millet, new strain of, Feb-19
Pest control,
    areawide, for termite control, Jul-2, 4
    boll weevil eradication program, Feb-2, 4
    eradication, Nov-4
    Insector probe for use in stored grain, Jul-12
    Paecilomyces fumosoroseus fungus as, Aug-22
    radio wave heating for in produce, Feb-15
    computer model predicts movement of, Jul-14
    effects of on frogs, Oct-12
    new way to analyze foods for residue of, Jul-9
    reduced in boll weevil program, Feb-2, 4
    use of at BARC plummets, Oct-2, 12
Phorid flies
    for fire ant control, Feb-20
    geographic information system tracks, May-16
Phosphorus, replacing, managing in soil, Jan-16
Phytonutrient requirements, databases, May-2
    biological clock protects, regulates, Apr-11
    new corn varieties by traditional breeding, Aug-18
    seed yield slows as temperature rises, Aug-23
    systemic acquired resistance in, Dec-8
    varieties, efforts to safeguard, Jun-20
Plum pox virus, real-time PCR test for, Oct-11
Potato Research Worksite, Jul-20
    activating defenses in with salicylic acid, Dec-8
    dormancy, wound healing in, Jul-20
    high calcium in improves quality, Mar-18
    six new varieties from ARS, Jan-8
    identifying avian metapneumovirus in, Nov-23
    litter, conversion of to activated carbons, Aug-23
    test for avian influenza in, Feb-9
    vaccine for exotic Newcastle disease in, Oct-20
Precision agriculture
    aerial field photos sent via wireless network, Jun-17
    computer model maps management zones, Aug-17
QuEChERS method analyzes pesticide residue, Jul-9
Rangeland, effects of grazing on after wildfire, Mar-20
Raspberry, recent releases of, Oct-4
Red clover, gene from inserted in alfalfa, Dec-20
Remote sensing, May-16, Oct-23
Rootstocks, three better citrus, Dec-11


Safflower, hair gel made from soapstock of, Sep-19
    composting method can kill in manure, Aug-20
    vaccine reduces shedding of by chickens, May-7
Salt-tolerant plants, Jan-22
Scale insects, monitoring, identifying, Dec-18
ScaleNet, full inventory of scale insects, Dec-18
    total maximum daily loads of, Dec-12
    use of acoustics to monitor flow of, Oct-22
Seeds, high temperatures cut productivity of, Aug-23
Sheep grazing and weeds after wildfire, Mar-20
Sheep, hair-breeds efficient for meat production, Apr-7
Silage, reducing protein loss in, Dec-20
Silverleaf whitefly, fungus as biocontrol for, Aug-22
Skunk vine, Paederia foetida, biocontrol of, Oct-16
Snap beans, vitamin C and ozone tolerance in, Jan-7
Sock Saver delivers liquid oxygen to catfish, Aug-8
    beneficial microorganisms in, Jul-23
    benefits of strip tillage to, May-22
    compost remediates nutrient-deficient, Aug-20
    computer model development, Nov-4
    conservation buffers help to clean, Dec-4
    electrical conductivity of and herbicide use, Aug-14
    erosion of, Nov-4, Dec-12
    measuring moisture, nitrogen, carbon in, Aug-23
    nutrient loss, curbing with wood chips, Feb-23
    ferritin in is highly bioavailable, Jan-17
    first giant vegetable variety of, Sep-8
    hair gel made from soapstock of, Sep-19
    photos of historical expedition to collect, Jun-18
Stable flies, movement and control of, Nov-20
Strawberry, two new cultivars of, Oct-4
Sugar beets, Cercospora infection in, May-14
    breeding new varieties of, Sep-5
    hot liming benefits producers of, Sep-4
Sunflowers, spread made from, Apr-23
Sustainable agriculture, Oct-2, 12, Dec-4
Sweetpotato weevils, irradiation sterilizes, Apr-22
Tarnished plant bug, wasp as biocontrol for, May-11
Tea, bioactivity of compounds in, Sep-10
Technology transfer, Nov-4
    naphthalenic termiticide, Jun-23
    success of Operation Full Stop, Jul-2, 4
    for avian influenza, Feb-9
    for plum pox virus uses real-time PCR, Oct-11
Textiles, new tandem spinning system for, Mar-23
Thale cress, altered petal gene in, May-12
Trout, genetics and breeding studies of, Jun-2, 4
Turkeys, avian metapneumovirus identified in,
USDA honor awards for preventing spread of pest, pathogen, Sep-16
USDA Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging, Aug-4
Variety and cultivar development, Nov-4
Vegetable oil to clean contaminated aquifers, Jan-23
Viruses, for fire ant control, Feb-20
    A, influence of on immune system, Mar-10
    B12, deficiency of in Hispanic elderly, Apr-20
    C and ozone tolerance in snap beans, Jan-7
    C and eye health, Aug-4
    D supplements and bone density, Feb-23
    D2, metabolite of, could fight cancer, Jul-18
    D3 tested as a way to tenderize beef, Jul-18
    E and eye health, Aug-4
    K and bone mineral density in women, Sep-19
    as biocontrol against tarnished plant bug, May-11
    training of to detect foodborne mycotoxins, May-23
Water management, improving in South Florida agricultural areas, Aug-16
Watermelon, citrulline amino acid in rinds of, Sep-19
Water quality, Oct-22, Dec-2, 4, 12
    ARS collection of seeds from, Aug-12
    preventive approach to managing, Aug-2
    seed banks, ecology and distribution of, Aug-14
    seed dormancy, Aug-12, 14
    soil microbes curb growth of, Jul-23
    WEEDSITE computer program manages, Aug-14
Wheat, gene inhibition for salt-tolerance in, Jan-22
Wildfires, grazing's effect on rangeland after, Mar-20
    artificial insemination boosts numbers of, Oct-12
    diversity of at BARC, Oct-2, 12
Wood, naphthalenic compounds may protect from fungal decay, Jun-23
Xyllela fastidiosa, efforts to control, Sep-2, 16, 17
Yellow head disease, as fire ant biocontrol, Feb-20
Z-trim, high-fiber fat replacement, Aug-23

"2003 Index" was published in the December 2003 issue of Agricultural Research magazine.



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