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Agricultural commodities, new uses for, Dec-2, 4
--cellulose in as ethanol source, Apr-4
--use as feed, fuel, and fertilizer, Jul-8
Algae, extracting essential fatty acids from, Dec-10
Animal welfare, respiration monitor detects cattle stress, Jul-19
Anthocyanins in blueberries, Nov-10
Antimicrobial compounds for fruit crops, Jul-12
--assay to measure in blood, Feb-19
--in blueberries, Nov-10
Apples, multispectral scanning of, Aug-4, 9
Aquaculture research facility, new, Feb-19
ARS National Clonal Germplasm Repository for Fruit and Nut Crops, Aug-14
Atrazine, breakdown of by microbes, Oct-20
Bacteria turn fats and oils into plastics, Feb-19
Bacteria, models predict behavior of in food, Jul-23
Baculovirus biocontrols for caterpillar pests, Jan-14
Baker's yeast used to make valuable lipids, May-23
Barley formulation carries natural fungicide, Jan-18
Bean plants, repelling nematodes with, Jan-19
Bees, Internet information service on, May-23
Beet armyworms prefer pigweed, Jun-20
Beetle, as invasive fern biocontrol, Jan-4
Berries, anticancer compounds in, Jun-23
Biobased industrial products from ARS, Apr-2, 16
Biocompetitive exclusion, Jan-18
--of flies with wasps, Aug-10
--of melaleuca, Nov-18
--of Old World climbing fern, Jan-4
--of orchard pests with nematodes, May-14
--of tropical soda apple, Jan-12
Biodegradable packing-peanuts, Apr-16
--from fats, oils, and grease, Apr-9
--from soybean soapstock, Apr-4, 9
Biofuels and bioenergy production, Apr-2, 4, 9, Jul-8
Biofungicide coatings protect fruit from postharvest decay, Jul-12
Bioinsecticides, Jan-14
Biopesticide for aflatoxin, Jan-18
Biotechnology research, Jan-2
Bison, test for malignant catarrhal fever in, Jun-16
Blueberries, genetic studies of, Nov-10
Borlaug, Dr. Norman E., Feb-12
Bread, low-fat, low cal from waxy wheat, Oct-23
Broccoli, high-selenium reduces rats' tumors, Apr-23
Bt corn pollen and risk to monarch butterfly, Feb-16
Bt protein, tracking during ethanol production, Jul-14
Carbon credits, Sep-4
Carbon dioxide
--effect on rubisco activase, Nov-8
--elevated, and plant growth, Oct-10
--levels of and glomalin, Sep-4
Carbon storage in soil, Sep-4, Oct-10, 14
Castor, ricin- and allergen-free, Apr-22
Caterpillar pests
--baculovirus biocontrol of, Jan-14
--feeding of attracts own predators, Jan-19
--high-maysin corn deters, May-22
Catfish parasitic flatworm, control of, Sep-8
CATIE, Feb-10, 12
--reducing heat stress on, Jul-19
--tracking movement of with satellites, Aug-16
--worldwide effort to map bovine genome, Sep-18
CATTS (Controlled Atmosphere Temperature Treatment System), Feb-4
Channel erosion, guide for preventing, Jan-8
Cheese, Hispanic-style, Dec-16
Chesapeake Bay, control of runoff into, Oct-14
--electrical stimulation tenderizes, Dec-12
--factors affecting tenderness, texture of, Feb-14
--multispectral scanning of, Aug-4
--useful products from feathers of, Apr-16, Sep-23
Chromium, better supplement combined with histidine, Feb-19
Clean Water Act, 30th anniversary of, Oct-2
COBY process, products made from, Apr-12
Computer models
--to time crop harvests, Nov-4
--for grass growth, Sep-20
SWAT (Soil and Water Assessment Tool), Oct-17
Conservation tillage slows erosion, runoff, Oct-20
Conservation, of soil and water, Sep-20
Controlled drainage system, Oct-4
--Bt, no threat to monarch butterfly, Feb-16
--crop-growth models time harvest of, Nov-4
--enzymes speed oil, starch production, Sep-23
--high-maysin, available to breeders, May-22
--zein protein in, Apr-20
Cotton carpet, flame-retardant, Apr-19
Cotton gin waste, fuel and feed pellets from, Apr-12
--crop-growth models for timing harvest of, Nov-4
--moisture control and wetting agents for processing of, May-9
--sensor detects water stress in, Jul-21
--transgenic pest-resistant, Nov-22
Cottonseed oil, extracting fatty acids from, Dec-10
Cows, bioengineering of to resist mastitis, Jun-18
--diseases, portable DNA-based devices help identify, May-23
--performance, seasonal forecasts and, Jul-23
--rotation combinations, new CD spots best, Jul-7
--growth models for timing harvests of, Nov-4
Crop-sequence CD helps fight drought, Jul-7
Curtis's Botanical Magazine at NAL, Sep-2, 10
Daylilies, rust fungus outbreak in, Nov-12
DEET, West Nile virus renews focus on, Dec-4
Disease susceptibility in animals, Jan-10
DNA sequences identify and characterize fungi, Nov-12
Dome Trap for insect control in stored foods, Jan-16
Drainage pipes, depth of, Oct-4
E. coli
--irradiated hamburger and, Dec-4
--new test for in water, Nov-23
--tanning innovation reduces in meat, Feb-19
Estrogen keeps homocysteine levels down, May-10
--production of, Apr-2, 4, Jul-8
--yields of from Bt and non-Bt corn, Jul-14


Fatty acids, bioconverting to new compounds, Aug-17
Fertilizer, nutrient release via microbes in, Feb-4
Ferulic acid, use in soy oil-based sunscreen, Dec-13
Figs, California genebank of, Aug-14
--test for algae that kills, Sep-23
--treatment for ich disease in, Mar-15
Food safety
--high-speed chicken inspection, Aug-2, 4
--better tanning process reduces bacteria, Feb-19
--irradiated hamburger and, Dec-4
--multispectral imaging inspection improves, Aug-4
--NAL web site with database about, Jan-19
--predictive microbiology and, Jul-23
--Toxoplasma infection and, May-20
--washing equipment sanitizes produce, Mar-12
Food storage, insect control and, Jan-16
Food technology research, Feb-14
Forum: Adding Oomph to Organic Farming, Feb-2
Forum: Biobased Products: America's Second Green Revolution, Apr-2
Forum: Clean Water and Agriculture, Oct-2
Forum: Laying the Groundwork With Basic Research, Jun-2
Forum: Making Sense of Our Metabolisms, Mar-2
Forum: Meet the Food Inspection Robots, Aug-2
Forum: National Peer Review Process Sharpens Our Science, May-2
Forum: Research That Helps To Feed the World's People, Nov-2
Forum: Speeding Up Breeding of Superior Plants, Jan-2
Forum: Tech Transfer: From ARS to a Store Near You, Dec-2
Forum: The Power of Polyacrylamides, Jul-2
Forum: Your National Agricultural Library: Watercolors! Web Sites! Wow! Sep-2
Fuel alternatives to petroleum, Apr-4
--arbuscular mycorrhizal make glomalin, Sep-4
--new Trichoderma species identified, Dec-14
Fusarium, genetic strategies to fight, Jan-7, Aug-12
Genes for cold tolerance in blueberry, Nov-10
--engineering of wheat, Aug-12
--markers, Jan-2, 7, Mar-2
--studies of cyst-forming parasites, May-20
--bacterial artificial chromosome map, Sep-18
--silencing P34 gene for soy allergen, Sep-16
Genetics-based strategy for scrapie control, Nov-14
Global positioning system collars for tracking cattle movement, Aug-16
Global warming, Oct-10
Glomalin, role of in soil, Sep-4
Glycim, soybean growth model, Nov-4
Gossym, cotton growth model, Nov-4
--folate fortification of helps memory loss, Apr-23
--higher production with dwarf wheat, Feb-12
--menthone in as fumigant for, Apr-23
--microwaves to measure moisture in, Jun-23
Grapefruit, Mexican fruit flies and, Jun-10
Grass, Bermuda, ARS-developed, Dec-4
Grass buffer strips filter pathogens, Oct-9
Groundwater, protecting with alfalfa, Jul-8
Guayule-plastic composite boards, Apr-10
Henry A. Wallace Conference Series, Feb-10
Herbicides, microbes degrade in riparian zones, Oct-20
Herbivore-induced plant chemicals, Jan-19
Herbs, antioxidant capacity of, Nov-23
Homocysteine, role of in vascular disease, May-10
Hops, Newport variety of resists mildew, Sep-13
Human nutrition
--calcium supplement slows tooth loss, Dec-18
--essential fatty acids now in baby formula, Dec-10
--fortified cereal raises kids' calcium, Dec-21
--genetic markers used in research on, Jan-2
--hypoallergenic soybean developed, Sep-16
--increasing fiber in U.S. diet, Mar-15
--iron, zinc linked to mental performance, May-23
--low-phytate rice and nutrient absorption, Sep-14
--metabolism research, Mar-2
--new test measures folate in food, blood, Dec-19
--nutrient, fat, and calorie intake, Mar-15
--international research cooperation in, Nov-2
Hyperaccumulator plant mines soil, Aug-19
Industrial lubricants, Apr-16
Insect cadavers, rearing biocontrol nematodes inside, May-14
Insect control, Jan-14, 16
Insects, identifying, categorizing of, Jun-4
Karnal bunt fungus, genes for resistance to, Jan-7
Kenaf fiber for insulation in automobiles, Jul-18
Kenaf hay as alfalfa forage substitute, Aug-19


Land-management practices, Oct-20
Landscape changes, photographic record of, Oct-18
Leaf rust, wheat genes for resistance in, Jan-7
Leafminers, test to distinguish, Jul-22
Lycopene, bioavailability of in watermelon and tomatoes, Jun-12
Machine vision scans chicken for defects, contaminants, Aug-2, 4
Malignant catarrhal fever, tests for, Jun-16
--adding alum or zeolite to limits ammonia loss, Mar-15
--grass strips keep bacteria in out of water, Oct-9
Mastitis, recombinant gene to fight, Jun-18
Meatborne parasites, genetic variation in, May-20
Melaleuca, psyllid, weevil as biocontrols for, Nov-18
Melons, crop-growth models time harvest of, Nov-4
Methyl bromide alternatives, Feb-2, 4
Mexican fruit flies learn where to lay eggs, Jun-10
Microbial fermentation to make polymers, Feb-19
Micronutrient deficiencies, Nov-2
Mite holder, new, for SEM studies, May-12
Mite, as climbing fern biocontrol, Jan-4
Mosquitoes, piperidine-based repellants for, Aug-19
Moth, as Old World climbing fern biocontrol, Jan-4
MSEA (Mississippi Delta Management Systems Evaluation Area), Oct-20
Muscadine grapes, antioxidants in, Jun-23
Mushrooms, cause of green mold in, Dec-14
National Agricultural Library, overview of, Sep-2
National Arboretum, overview of, May-4
National Collections of Insects and Mites, Jun-4
--afflicts pecan trees, Mar-14
--as biocontrol for biting flies, Jul-22
--curbed by crop rotations, Oct-23
Nitrate losses from drainage systems, Oct-4
Nutrim, vegan chocolates made with, Dec-4
Oils, biodegradable, Apr-22
Old World climbing fern, biocontrol of, Jan-4
Organic farming, ARS research overview, Feb-2, 4
Ozone, elevated, and plant growth, Oct-10
Parasiticides, reducing use of in organic beef, Feb-4
--biocontrol of aflatoxin in, Jan-18
--planting pattern for, Apr-23
Pears, new snack bars from, Dec-20
Pecan trees, nematodes afflicting, Mar-14
Peer review of ARS research, May-2
Peppers with no capsaicinoids, Jul-23
Perilipin, as predictor of heart attack, stroke, Sep-23
Pesticide resistance
--in German cockroach, Jan-19
--faster test for in ticks, Jul-20
Pesticides, prudent use of in food storage, Jan-16
Phytochemicals in blueberries, Nov-10
Phytofiltration with alfalfa, Jul-8
Phytomining cleans soil, ups revenue, Aug-19
Pigeonpea fills seasonal forage gaps, Aug-18
Pigs, Chinese Meishan, reproduction of, Nov-17
Pigweed, preferred by beet armyworms, Jun-20
Pink bollworm eradication program, Nov-22
Plant disease control, Feb-2
Plant regeneration of Bluecrop blueberry, Nov-10
Plant-dependent vs. petroleum-dependent economy, Apr-2
Plant-growth enzymes, rubisco and rubisco activase, Nov-8
Plastics, environmentally friendly, Feb-19
Polyacrylamide (PAM) slows runoff, Jul-2, 4
Postharvest disease, pest control, Feb-2, 4
--growth models time harvest of, Nov-4
--rot control in, Jun-14
--rotations to stop corky ringspot in, Oct-23
--sprouting control in, Jun-14, Jul-23
Poultry litter ash as fertilizer, Jun-23
Poultry, protein in may indicate infection, Oct-23
Precision farming, computer models for, Nov-4
Proanthocyanins in blueberries, Nov-10
Produce, ARS improvements to, Dec-4
Psyllid as melaleuca biocontrol, Nov-18
Raisins, new seedless, early, Dec-17
Rangelands, predicting grass growth on, Sep-20
Red beans, improved lines of, Jul-23
Remote sensing techniques for food inspection, Aug-9
--flour-blasting cuts cooking time of, May-18
--low-fat french fries, bread, from, May-18
--new low-phytic-acid, Sep-14
Riparian systems control runoff, erosion, Oct-14
River bank stabilization, Jan-8
Rubisco and rubisco activase, role of in plant growth, Nov-8
Runoff, ways to control, Jul-4, Oct-4, 9, 14


--air-cleaning system removes, Jun-23
--tanning innovation reduces, Feb-19
SALSA, Semi-Arid Land-Surface-Atmosphere program, Sep-20
San Pedro River Basin, water conservation efforts in, Sep-20
ScaleNet database, Jun-4
Scrapie, school flock outbreak of, Nov-14
Seabeach amaranth, regeneration of, Aug-19
SEHEM, Spatially Explicit Hydro-Ecological Model, prevents overgrazing, Sep-20
Selenium, role of in human nutrition, Mar-8, Apr-23
--eliminating scrapie in a flock of, Nov-14
--naloxone test identifies good breeders, Oct-23
Smithsonian Institution, ARS partner in insect research, Jun-2
Snails, hosts for catfish parasite, Sep-8
--and water management, Jul-2
--contamination, cleaning up with alfalfa, Jul-8
--electrical conductivity of, Dec-18
--stabilizer called PAM seals irrigation ditches, Jul-2
Soybean aphid, Aphis glycines, in Midwest, May-22
Soybean soapstock, biodiesel from, Apr-9
--crop-growth models time harvest of, Nov-4
--first hypoallergenic, Sep-16
--good performers under high CO2, ozone, Oct-10
--ink from, Apr-16
--nitrogen-fixing inoculant raises yields of, May-17
--reducing staining of from beetle, Feb-4
--sunscreen using oil from, Dec-2, 13
SoyFACE projects, Oct-10
Stilt bug, two new species of discovered, Jul-17
Straw fiber in biodegradable packaging, Apr-14
Stress, detecting in animals, Jan-10
--improving latex from, Jun-22
--lygus bug blemishes, Feb-13
Super Slurper, Apr-16
SWAT (Soil and Water Assessment Tool) computer model, Oct-17
Switchgrass, ethanol production from, Apr-4
Systematic Entomology Laboratory, Jun-2
Technology transfer, consumer benefits of, Dec-2
Termites, guayule resin helps wood resist, Apr-10
--blood-based, for tuberculosis in animals, Nov-20
--to count E. coli O157:H7 bacteria in water, Nov-23
--for gene variations and scrapie, Nov-14
--for pesticide resistance in ticks, Jul-20
--for poultry health, Oct-23
--third-eyelid, to detect cause of scrapie, Nov-14
Ticks, test for pesticide resistance in, Jul-20
Tomatoes, lycopene content of, Jun-12
Tortoise beetle, tropical soda apple biocontrol, Jan-12, 13
Toxoplasma gondii
--genetic studies of, May-20
--tracking in feed and food, Nov-23
Tropical Agricultural Research and Higher Education Center, Feb-10
Tropical agricultural research, Feb-10
Tropical soda apple, biocontrol of, Jan-12
Tuberculosis, new animal test for, Nov-20
U.S. National Fungus Collections, Nov-12
USDA food-consumption survey, Mar-15
Varroa jacobsoni mite, genetic profile of, Jun-9
Vegetable oils, new compounds from, Aug-17
Vitamin A, C content of blueberries, Nov-10
Vitamin E treatments for stress illness, Jan-10
Wasps, parasitoid, to control flies, Aug-10
Water quality, improvements in, Oct-2, 4, 9, 14, 17
Water, plant uptake and use of, Sep-20
Watermelon, lycopene content of, Jun-12
Weed control, cover crop planting and, Feb-4
Weed-management, Oct-20
--gluten, quick new test for, Mar-10
--breeding disease-resistant with molecular markers, Jan-7
--crop-growth models time harvest of, Nov-4
--genetic techniques fight Fusarium in, Aug-12
--soft, with strong protein content, Mar-10
--waxy, lessens fat in bread, Oct-23
--disease-resistant, Jan-7, Aug-12
Wood, treating with guayule resin, Apr-10
World Food Prize, Nov-2
Xylitol, co-product of ethanol production, Apr-4
Yeast, antagonistic, Jul-12
Zein, value-added co-product of corn ethanol production, Apr-20
Zinc, absorption, transport in body, Mar-2, 4

"2002 Index" was published in the December 2002 issue of Agricultural Research magazine.


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