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2000 Index




Adhesive, new starch-based, Apr-8
Air quality
--and wind-blown dust, Mar-19, Jul-14
--ionizers and, Mar-20
Alpine pennycress, for soil cleaning, Jun-4
Aluminum tolerance in crops, Jun-4, Nov-23
Animal management, low-stress, Nov-4
Animal-to-human diseases, Feb-18
--in blueberries, Sep-10
--in seed coat of beans, Sep-20
--in tomatoes, Sep-14
Apple maggot, control with decoy, Jan-12
Asian longhorned beetle control, Jun-18
--for Colorado potato beetle, Feb-22
--for mosquitoes, Feb-12
--pheromones for Siberian moth, Apr-20
--synthetic lures, Apr-20
Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt), alternative to, Apr-17, Aug-8
Bean breeding, Sep-20
Beauveria bassiana, new strain fights caterpillar pests, Nov-12
--alternative pollinators, May-2, 4
--blueberry pollination by, Sep-10
--collection of, Mar-6
--hive insert traps Varroa mites, Mar-22
Biocatalysis, Feb-21
--of caterpillars, Nov-12
--of fungi and nematodes on beets, Aug-10
--of insects, May-16, Aug-23
--of weeds, Feb-10, Mar-4, May-7, Jul-16
Biodiesel burns cleaner, Apr-23
Biofungicides for fruit rot fungi, May-23
Biomining, burning plants to mine ash, Jun-6
Bioremediation, Jun-10
Blood pressure in hypertensive rats, Jul-21
--health benefits, Feb-23, Sep-10
--new cultivars of, Sep-10
Botanical illustrations preserved, Sep-12
Brazil/U.S. research partnership, May-12
--selenium in and colon cancer, Jun-12
--sulforphane in, Feb-23
--vitamin K in, Jan-16
Bronze wilt, cause of in cotton, Nov-21
Brucellosis, new vaccine for, Feb-18
Brussels sprouts, selenium in, Jun-12




Cadmium hyperaccumulators, Jun-6
--chlorophyll in oil from, Jan-9
--to clean up excess soil selenium, Jun-10
--cancer-fighting fatty acid in milk, Apr-21
--diseases of, May-12
--fescue toxicosis in, Jul-2, 4
--gene mapping of, Jul-10
--summer syndrome in, Jul-2
--virtual fence to round up, Nov-4
Cercospora leaf spot in sugar beets, Aug-10
Cercosporella rubi, new fungicide for, Jun-23
Cesium-137, phytoremediation for, Jun-4
--ascites in, May-11
--gene mapping of, Apr-14
--lactic acid reduces Salmonella in, Nov-20
--Marek's disease in, Apr-14
--protein affecting obesity in, May-22
Chinese beetles, for saltcedar control, Mar-4
Cinnamon extract and diabetes, Jul-21
Citrus canker, early-warning for, Dec-20
Clay Iron cowpeas as cover crop, Jan-15
Climbing fern, moths, mites to control, Jul-16
Coffee green scale, Sep-4
Colorado potato beetle
--artificial diets to sustain, Apr-22
--hairy vetch mulch to control, Sep-23
--lure for, Feb-22
Computer models
--to predict spillway performance, Feb-4
--to predict water movement, May-20
--to predict wind erosion and dust, Mar-19
--avidin-containing transgenic, Aug-8
--Bt, and milkweed populations, Dec-16
--European corn borer resistance in, Apr-17
--enetic diversity in, Jan 18
--low-phytic-acid line of, Mar-13
--mutant collection, Jan-18
--seed pretreatment for Fusarium in, Jan-8
--ARS-improved pimas, May-18
--benefits of ultra-narrow-row, Jan-20
--cause of bronze wilt in, Nov-21
--fiber properties of, Oct-23
Cover crops
--for Colorado potato beetle control, Sep-23
--for orchard replant disease, Sep-16
--to improve date yield, Jan-15
Dates, sustainable production of, Jan-15
Dyeing process for cotton/wool, Nov-8




Erosion control, crop residue for, Jul-14
Escherichia coli O157:H7
--detecting and controlling on meat, Oct-8
--fluorescent, Mar-15
--hydrodynamic pressure to reduce, Dec-19
Fabric dyeing of cotton/wool blend, Nov-8
Fat analysis in foods, Jun-22
--canola as, Jun-10
--kenaf waste as, Aug-14
--restriction of, May-22
--kenaf as, Aug-14
--precision farming and, Jan-4
Fescue toxicosis, Jul-4
Fiber intake, Jan-23
--bass hybrid, Feb-16
--catfish feedings, Jul-23
--mechanized sorting of, Jul-20
--production techniques, Feb-16
Flavonoids in beans, Jul-21, Sep-21
Flax, new retting process for, Sep-23
Flood control, Feb-2, 4
Floral and nursery crops, Sep-2, Dec-2
Food safety
--E. coli detection and, Mar-15
--of pork, Aug-18
--of sprouts, Aug-16
--Salmonella growth factor AHL, Jan-11
Food storage
--behavior of fats in, Jun-22
--canning quality tests for beans, Sep-20
--grain cooling and, Apr-18
--preserving produce, May-23, Oct-22
--tomato shelf life, Sep-14
Formosan subterranean termites, overview of control efforts, Oct-12
Forum: Biological Control: Important Tool for Managing Invasive Species, Mar-2
Forum: Blue Orchard Bees and Other New Pollinators for Agriculture, May-2
Forum: Enhancing Plants for Western Rangelands, Apr-2
Forum: Furthering the Well-Being of Farm Animals, Nov-2
Forum: A Grass Roots Analysis of Tall Fescue, Jul-2
Forum: Horticultural Research: It's a Growing Process, Sep-2
Forum: Hydraulic Lifelines for Soil, Water, and People, Feb-2
Forum: Keeping the Bloom on the Floral and Nursery Industry, Dec-2
Forum: Microbial Genomes: Unraveling Their Potential, Aug-2
Forum: Mighty Mites: Ubiquitous, Inconspicuous, Harmful, Helpful, Oct-2
Forum: Teaming Up for Better Water Quality, Jan-2
Forum: Using Superplants To Clean Up Our Environment, Jun-2
Fruit, fresh-cut
--alternative sanitizers, May-23
--preserving of, Apr-23, Aug-23, Oct-22
Fuel, soy-based biodiesel, Apr-23
Fungicide, blackberry spray schedule, Jun-23
--fighting weeds with, Feb-10, May-7
--identifying with PCR, Aug-12
--in tall fescue, Jul-2, 4
--Metarhizium for termites, Oct-12
Fusarium, new causes of, Aug-4




Gene mapping
--of chickens, Apr-14
--of cows, Jul-10
--of sugar beet, Aug-10
Genetic engineering
--of canola, Jan-9
--of corn, Aug-8
--of raspberries, Oct-19
--of wheat, Dec-18
--safety testing for products of, Sep-2
Genetic fingerprinting of seeds, Jul-12
--microbial collections of, Aug-2
--storage of, Feb-23
Global Positioning System (GPS)
--and precision agriculture, Jan-4
--to track Formosan termites, Oct-12
--use to round up cattle, Nov-2, 4
Global warming, methane production from rice and, May-22
Grain, pests of, Apr-18, Jul-22, Aug-8
Grapes, Pierce's disease of, Nov-23
--improving rangelands with, Apr-2, 4
--new roadside crested wheatgrass, Mar-23
--northern grasses, Feb-23
--seeding rangeland with after fire, Mar-23
--toxicity from, Jul-2, 4
--use in waterways, Feb-2
Grazing management without fences, Nov-4
Guayule latex products and diseases, Mar-23
Heavy metals, plants rid soil of, Jun-2, 4
Herbaceous perennials online, Sep 18
--protein from Fusarium as natural, Feb 10
--reduction of in groundwater, Sep-23
Historical agricultural items, Mar-23, Sep 12
Horticultural crops and industry, Sep-2
Human nutrition
--added-sugar intake, Jun-17
--anemia, Mar-13, Aug-13
--cinnamon extracts and insulin sensitivity, Jul-21
--dietary fat and obesity, Mar-14
--dietary shakes, May-19
--glucose metabolism, Jul-21
--high-fiber flour, May-21
--insulin sensitivity, Jul-21
--low-calorie sweetener, Jul-19
--nutrient intake, Jun-17
--of Hispanic Americans, Jan-23
--phytonutrients, Feb-23
--vitamin B12 deficiency, Aug-13
--vitamin K and bone, Jan-16
Hyalella azteca, water quality and, Feb-9




--ditches to trap runoff of, Sep-23
--environmentally friendly, Apr-10, Jun-23
--vetiver grass as alternative to, Oct-12
--artificial diets for, Apr-22
--Asian longhorned beetle control, Jun-18
--biocontrol of, May-12
--biocontrol with, Mar-2
--caterpillar control, Nov-12
--flour beetle control, Jun-23
Integrated Pest Management for Mexican corn rootworm, Nov-18
--in stored grain, Apr-18
--Russian wheat aphid control, Jul-22
Japanese brome, as forage, Nov-20
Jojoba, appetite suppressant in, Dec-21
Kaolin, coating fruit trees with, Nov-14
--new uses for fiber and byproduct, Aug-14
--to clean up excess soil selenium, Jun-10
Kudzu, mycoinsecticide for, Oct-23




Late blight, study of fungal cause of, Aug-23
Leafhoppers, new species found, May-23
Leafy spurge, biocontrol of, Mar-4
Leptospirosis, causes of and vaccines against, Feb-18
Low-temperature scanning electron microscopy, studying mites with, Oct-4
Lycopene, in tomatoes, Sep-14
Lyme disease, deer pesticide collars, Jan-23
--algae to clean, Jul-22
--disease-causing microbes in, Jan-23
--odor-causing microbes in, Mar-16
Mastitis, new vaccine for, Nov-22
Mayapple, cancer-fighting compound in, Jul-9
--biocontrol of, May-16
--pesticide dips for, Sep-4
--making more tender and safer, Dec-19
--trichina-free certification of pork, Aug-18
--environmentally friendly control of, Apr-10
--longer-lasting attractant for, Oct-20
--recycled medfly diet for livestock, Mar-18
--sterile male production, Jun-14
Mexican corn rootworm, control of, Nov-18
Microorganisms, odors caused by, Mar-16
Milkweed, survey of in Iowa, Dec-16
--as biological controls, Jul-18, Oct-4
--control of, Jun-23
--research and use, Oct-4
Monarch butterfly and milkweed, Dec-16
--attractants for, Feb-12
--biocontrol agent for, Aug-23
MSEA, water quality program, Jan-4
Nematode development, Sep-23
North Plains Evapotranspiration Network, Dec-12




Ogallala Aquifer, conservation of, Dec-12
Onion hybrids, Jul-23
Ozone stress in plants, Apr-13
Pest control
--of weeds, Mar-2, May-7
--vetch mulch for Colorado potato beetle control, Sep-23
--application and nursery crops, Dec-4
--dips, Sep-4
--effective new sprayer for a, Nov-23
--transport in groundwater, Jan-4
--viewing coverage of with electron microscopy, Dec-4
Pest risk assessment, role in easing wheat embargoes, Dec-14
Phosphorus in waterways, Jan-4
Phytonutrients, report on health benefits of, Feb-23
Phytoremediation, Jun-4
Piroplasmosis (equine babesiosis), Jul-8
--CO2 and ozone and, Apr-13
--hyperaccumulation in, Jun-4
Plum pox virus on stone fruits, Nov-10
--new for blueberries, Sep-10
--of sweet cherry and almond, May-2
--specimen collection of, May-6
--breeding resistance to late blight, Sep-8
--four new varieties, Dec-8
--unique potato virus collection, Mar-19
Precision agriculture
--in the U.S. and Brazil, May-12
--systems approach, Oct-16
--facilities, Mar-7
--for foreign bacteria, May-7




Ragweed pollen, atmospheric CO2 may increase, Nov-23
--enhancing with plants, Apr-4
--prevention of cheatgrass, Mar-23
Raspberry bushy dwarf virus, Oct-19
Rats, colon cancer studies in, Jun-12
Replant disease, control of, Sep-16
Rhizoctonia root rot in sugar beets, Aug-10
Rice, genetic markers for breeding, Dec-11
--electrostatic system for removing, Mar-20
--in fresh produce, May-23
Scab (Fusarium head blight), Aug-4
Scanning electron microscopy
--to study mites, Oct-4
--to study pesticides on leaves, Dec-4
Seed oils, composition of, Jun-22
Selenium, in broccoli, Jun-12
Snail control in orchids, Sep-4
--conservation practices, Jan-20
--cover crops improve quality of, Jan-15
--detoxification of, Jun-2, 4, 10
--erosion control, Jul-14, 19, Feb-4
--fungal populations in, Sep-16
--nitrogen fixing in, Jan-15
--field processing of, Apr-23
--soybean cyst nematode, Sep-23
Soy isoflavones affect cell responses, Feb-15
Spillways for flood control, Feb-4
Spinosad for medfly control, Apr-10
St. John's-wort, quality and potency of, Jul-12
Sugar beet pests and diseases, Aug-10
Sunflower disease resistance, Nov-11
--bacteria in manure of, Mar-16
--feed additive to improve immune response of, Aug-23
--trichina-free pork, Aug-18




Tall fescue, toxicity to cows, Jul-4
Technology transfer, pilot plants aid, Aug-20
Termites, new baits for Formosan, Oct-12
--fluorescence assay for E. coli, Mar-15
--for identifying triglycerides, Jun-22
--for piroplasmosis, Jul-8
--high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC), Jul-12
Thrips, Jun-23, Sep-4
Ticks, deer collar kills, Jan-23
--leaching, Jan-4
--no-tillage system, Jan-15
--ridge tillage's effects on pesticide
--genetically modified for firmness, Dec-21
--safer fresh-cut, May-23
--slower ripening transgenic, Sep-14
Toxicants, feeding stimulants combined with, Nov-18
Transplant mix, beneficial microbes in, Oct-23
Trefoils, new lines released, Apr-22
Tropical flowers, palms, Sep-4
Tuberculosis, disease transmission, Feb-18
U.S. Pollinating Insects Collection, May-6
--for cattle and bison, Feb-18
--for mastitis, Nov-22
Varroa mites
--screen to separate from bees, Mar-22
--SEM studies of, Oct-4
Virtual fence, Nov-4
Virus collection, Mar-19




Water conservation, faxed advisories for, Dec-12
Water-hyacinth, biocontrol of, Mar-10
Water quality
--CO2 and water stress, Apr-13
--crustaceans sign of good, Feb-9
--ditches to improve, Sep-23
--of farm runoff, Jan-23
--of surface and groundwater, Jan-4
Water use
--hydraulic engineering, Feb-4
--overapplication of water, Oct-16
--safeguarding water resources, Jan-4
--simulated storm runoff, Sep-23
--water management for rice crops, May-22
--biocontrol of, Feb-10, Mar-2, 4, 10, May-7, Jul-16
--breeding sheep to prefer, Dec-20
--cover crop lowers replant disease, Sep-16
--finer ground whole wheat bread, May-21
--TCK fungus in, Dec-14
Wheat streak mosaic virus, use as viral vector, Dec-18
Whey protein, prevents breast cancer in some rats, Oct-10
Woody ornamentals, choosing online, Sep-18
Xylitol, low-cal sweetener from corn, Jul-19
Zoonoses, Feb-18

"2000 Index" was published in the December 2000 issue of Agricultural Research magazine.

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