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1998 Index

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Abalone, tenderized by papain, Feb-19
Aflatoxin, natural inhibitors of, Jul-17
AgNIC, global ag info source, Nov-23
Agroforestry, for small farms, Nov-15
Alfalfa, transgenic, for new products, Apr-25
Allergies, aroused by roaches, Jun-4
Alum, adding to poultry litter, Jun-12
Ants, fire and pharaoh, Jul-20
Avian leukosis, new viral strain, Aug-24




Bacterial leaf scorch, fighting, Jun-27
Barley yellow dwarf virus, Jun-24
Barley, wheat genes for, Nov-4
--anti-mite gel licensed, Nov-23
--chalkbrood's causes, cures, Aug-16
--cranberry-pollinating, Sep-16
--formic acid gel kills mites, Feb-19
--managing the business, Jan-23
--mustached mud bee, Sep-16
--pollens vary in protein, Oct-23
--Russian, resist mites, May-23
--venom sacs in Apis cerana, Nov-21
Berries, blackberries ship well, Apr-26
Berries, new blackberries, blueberries, strawberries, Jan-21
Biocontrol against
--Asian longhorn beetle, Feb-18
--bee mites, with gel, Feb-19
--beet armyworms, with nuclear polyhedrosis virus, Jan-17
--Cercospora fungi, Aug-10
--cotton aphids, with Lysiphlebia japonica wasp, Feb-19
--deer ticks, Mar-22
--fire blight, with Pseudomonas fluorescens, Jan-14
--Formosan subterranean termites, Oct-4
--fresh-cut produce microbes, with methyl jasmonate, Feb-12
Fusarium in cotton, Jun-23
Biocontrol with
--baculovirus, against earworms, Mar-25
--Biosteres arisanus wasps, Jul-8
--borer-resistant sugarcane, Aug-7
--Bugslinger and Mite Meter, Aug-12
--compressed hay bales, Mar-21
--deleterious rhizobacteria, Oct-14
--diatomaceous earth, Jul-22
--fungus curbs green mold, Mar-27
--microencapsulated biopesticides, Jun-20
--noninsecticidal ant repellents, Jul-20
--oils, spice against Eimeria, Mar-27
--particle films, Nov-16
--red dye and cucurbitacin, May-11
--red dye kills fruit flies, May-23
--Saccharomyces boulardii yeast, Dec-18
--spiders, Aug-4
--sugar esters, Jul-14
--synthetic insect chemicals, May-15
--Trichoderma and relatives, Jul-10
Biofilms stick to stainless steel, Feb-10
Bioimpedance estimates water-weight gains, Sep-23
Biosensor tests soil and water, Nov-14
Biotechnology Research and Development Corp, Mar-4
Biotechnology, test for cotton pests, Jun-16
Bluetongue, midge spreads, Mar-26




Camellia, Lu Shan Snow, Oct-21
Campylobacter, tracking source, Feb-19
Campylobacter, yeast may inhibit, Dec-18
Cancer, colon, noninvasive screening, Oct-23
Castration, minimizing stress of, Aug-15
--bull evaluation, INTERBULL, Feb-16
--dogs host Neospora parasite, Dec-21
--management with DECI, May-16
--pasture-finishing, Jun-11
--PCR test for tuberculosis, Sep-17
--timing calf castration, Aug-15
Cattle, dairy
--brown stomach worm cuts milk, Jan-10
--coupled antibodies resist mastitis, Jun-17
--cytokine wards off mastitis, Sep-22
--high-moisture corn feed, Jul-16
--milk fever gel licensed, Jul-23
--test for Johne's disease, Oct-18
Chlamydia, new tests for, Jun-7
Citrus, fungus fights green mold, Mar-27
Citrus, picker for juicing fruit, Mar-8
Cockroaches, curbing their allergens, Jun-4
Composting fights farm pollutants, May-20
Computer model
--GPFARM decision support system, Nov-22
--helps time fumigation, Jul-21
Conservation tillage helps beneficial microbes, Jan-23
--apomictic hybrid patented, Dec-10
---based heavy metal attractants, Jul-23
--low-phytic-acid, May-23
Cotton, ginning improvements, Feb-15
Cotton, test for pests, Jun-16
Cryopreservation of seeds, Sep-12
Crystals, carbon dioxide, Oct-12
Cucumber mosaic virus, test for, Jun-27
Currants, disease-resistant, Dec-19
Cytokine, helps cows fight mastitis, Sep-22
Diesel, improved cold-weather starting, Apr-21




E. coli, heat-shocking toughens, Jul-21
Erosion, stabilizing streambanks, Aug-27
--DHA lowers tryglycerides, Sep-18
--health effects of table spreads, Sep-14
--saturated, NIR detects in food, Sep-23
--trans and non-trans, Sep-14
Fire blight, alternative treatments, Jan-14
Folate, women's needs, Mar-14
Food safety
--biofilms on stainless steel, Feb-10
--heat resistance in E. Coli, Jul-21
--poultry inspection, automated, May-4
Formic acid, gel-form miticide, Nov-23
--A National Formosan Subterranean Termite Program, Oct-2
--Biocontrol Innovations, Aug-2
--Breeding Designer Plants, Nov-2
--Celebrating a Century of Plant Exploration, Sep-2
--Consumer-Oriented Insect Research, Jun-2
--Fabulous Fruit—Without Fumigation, Jan-2
--New Ways for an Ancient Science, Jul-2
--Research That Goes Beyond the Farm Gate, May-2
--Restoring Stream Corridors, Feb-2
--Speeding Inventions Along—From Lab to Marketplace, Mar-2
--Teaming Up To Examine Planet Earth, Apr-2
--There's No Place Like Home, Dec-2
Fractal geometry, in soil research, Apr-10
Fumigation, alternatives to, Jan-2
Fumigation, timing of, Jul-21
--source of cah marker gene, Jul-12
--systematic taxonomy, Jul-10
--thwartingCercospora genetically, Aug-10




Gene-mending plant enzymes, Oct-11
Genetic engineering
--cah marker gene, Jul-12
--cfp gene protects fungi from toxins, Aug-10
--cfp gene turns Cercospora fungi off, Aug-10
--hspX gene probe for Johne's disease, Oct-18
--peptides into plants, Jun-23
--soybeans, Jan-22
--to control ripening, Feb-12
--to strengthen wheat dough, Nov-4
--ubiquitin7 promoter gene, Jan-12
--vaccine for shipping fever, Dec-20
Germplasm preservation, Sep-4, Sep-12
Germplasm preservation, in situ, Dec-4
Global positioning satellite aids manure application, Jun-16
GPFARM guides farm managers, Nov-22
Grapes, anti-phylloxera efforts, Dec-19
Grapes, rock, rootstock, Dec-4
Grass, TifEagle, for putting greens, May-13
Hay, compressed bales, Mar-21
Hides and leather, tanning update, Nov-12
Hops, domestic Santiam excels, Aug-27
Hot forced air curbs papaya pests, Jan-5
Hydraulic fluid from vegetable oil, Nov-9
Hydrodyne, meat tenderizing technique, Jun-8




--a simple way to collect, Jul-22
--aping their brain chemicals, May-15
--Asian longhorn beetle, Feb-18
--bee mites, May-23
--bees battle chalkbrood, Aug-16
--beet armyworms, Jan-17
--brown stomach worm in cattle, Jan-10
--corn earworms, Mar-25
--corn rootworms, May-11
--deer ticks, Ixodes scapularis, Mar-22
--EGPIC, automated insect counter, Sep-20
--Formosan subterranean termite, Oct-4
--fruit flies, May-23
--Hessian flies, Jan-23, Mar-21
--in stored foods, Jul-21
--nematode dupes house flies, Oct-19
--pear psylla, Jul-14
--screwworm, Sep-22
--silverleaf whiteflies, Jul-14
--tobacco budworm, corn earworm, Oct-20
Integrated pest management
--of leafy spurge, Oct-16
--to control cockroaches, Jun-4
--to control termites, Oct-4
Irradiation of cattle hides, Nov-12
Irrigation, computerized TDR system, Jan-7
Johne's disease, gene-based test for, Oct-18
KISS, hand-held insect sampler, Jul-22




Leafy spurge, areawide controls, Oct-16
Lychees and longans, Jan-8
Lyme disease, tick vectors, Mar-22
--curbing odors in, Oct-22
--laser analyzes animals' diet, Aug-22
--precise application of, Jun-16
Maples, two new, Apr-27
Mars studies with CO2 crystals, Oct-12
Mass-rearing Biosteres arisanus wasps, Jul-8
--detecting marbling in live animals, May-19
--shock waves tenderize, Jun-8
Medicinal plants yield drugs, Apr-18
Microwaves, to evaluate ripeness, Aug-23
Milk, nutrients vary among mammals, May-7
Millet, foxtail, in crop rotations, Jan-22
Mulch, colored pine needle straw, Sep-23
National Plant Germplasm System, Sep-2, 4
Near infrared reflectance (NIR)
--to destroy insect pests, May-14
--to detect saturated fat, Sep-23
--to evaluate rice quality, Aug-18
New and alternative crops, currants, lychees, and longans, Jan-8
Nutrient data, chemical analyses for, Dec-12
--dietary fiber, evaluating quality, Aug-15
--for teen mothers, Mar-17
--kids' diet survey, Apr-26
--low transferrin levels, Mar-27
--measuring folate status, Mar-14
--more healthful vegetable oil, Jun-14
--of military mothers, Apr-14
--phytonutrients for health, Mar-12, Jul-22




Ornithogalum, colorful varieties, Dec-21
Packaging, pest-proof, Mar-10
Papaya enzyme is tenderizer, Feb-19
Papayas, for export, Jan-5
Particle films, repel plant pests, Nov-16
Peach tree short life, rootstock resists, Oct-10
Peanuts, South American landraces, Sep-10
Pecans, routing scab, Aug-8
Peptides, antifungal, for cotton, Jun-23
Pest-proofing food packaging, Mar-10
--fogger sprayer, Jul-14
--keeping on target, Jan-20
--nozzleless sprayer, Aug-8
--"seeing-eye" sprayer, Jul-22
--and farms, Feb-4
--composting helps control, May-20
Phylloxera, finding key to resistance, Dec-19
--from transgenic alfalfa, Apr-25
--fungus aids production of, Apr-26
--antioxidant in foods, Oct-17
--in foods for optimum health, Mar-12, Jul-22
Pigeonpea, a summer legume, Feb-17
Pinto, better bean cultivars, Jul-11
Plant exploration
--a brief history, Sep-4
--for peanuts, Sep-10
--for wild crop relatives, Dec-4
Plant proteins, protective, exploiting, May-8
Plants send distress signals, Oct-20
Poinsettias, free-branching, Dec-9
Polymerase chain reaction to differentiate Chlamydia, Jun-7
Poplars cope with salty water, Jun-19
--built-in rot resistance, Jan-12
--pedigrees of 4,000, Aug-27
--vine silage as cattle feed, Oct-23
--ALV-J threatens chickens, Aug-24
--automated inspection, May-4
--bone disorders, May-6
--curbing coccidiosis carrier, Mar-27
--flu epidemic averted, Dec-16
--managing manure nutrients, Jun-12
--Preempt curbs Salmonella, Jun-27
--survey seeks microbes' origins, Feb-19
--turkey reproduction, Jul-4
Precision farming
--retrofitting equipment, Nov-20
--with GPS, Jun-16
Produce, anti-browning treatments, Feb-12
Quality, measuring ripeness, Aug-23




--reseeding with rodents, Jan-18
--using rainwater to reseed, Nov-21
Rhizobacteria, deleterious, Oct-14
--disease-resistant varieties, Aug-19
--tailored to consumers, Aug-18
Rock grapes and wild crop relatives, Dec-4
Safflower cuts fertilizer loss, Apr-17
--bacterial blend thwarts, Jun-27 t
--racking source, Feb-19
--yeast may inhibit, Dec-18
Scrapie, simple test for, Nov-6
Seeds, glassy, in cold storage, Sep-12
Sheep, simple, safe scrapie test, Nov-6
Shipping fever, problem in livestock, Dec-20
Sludge, beneficial to crops, safe, Nov-23
Small farms, growing trees on, Nov-15
--affects weather, Apr-4
--bioremediation with bacteria, Dec-21
--TDR measures moisture, Jan-7
Southern Great Plains 97 Project, Apr-4
--Asian rust species, Jul-20
--hypernodulating gene, Jan-22
--multiple-use giant, May-12
Spice fights coccidiosis carrier, Mar-27
Spiders control insect pests, Aug-4
St. John's-wort, from Hypericum, Apr-18
Standard reference materials (SRMs) for chemical analyses, Dec-13
-- long-term, of seeds, Sep-12
--probe counts insect pests, Sep-20
--warehouse fumigation, Jul-21
Strawberries, pest-free, hydroponic, Nov-10
Sugarcane, borer-resistant strains, Aug-7
Sunflower, mid-oleic hybrids, Jun-14
--cryopreserved embryos, Mar-19
--porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome, PRRS, Nov-23




Tall whitetop, goats feed on, Jul-18
Tanning hides, reduced pollution from, Nov-12
Technology transfer, at BRDC, Mar-4
--ELISA, for screwworm larvae, Sep-22
--for barley yellow dwarf virus, Jun-24
--for chemical residues, with cyanobacterium, Nov-14
--for Chlamydia, Jun-7
--for cucumber mosaic virus, Jun-27
--for tuberculosis in cattle, Sep-17
--genetic, for PRRS, Nov-23
--live-animal, for scrapie, Nov-6
Transferrin, indicator of infection, Mar-27
Turkey reproduction efficiency, Jul-4
Ultraviolet light harmful to plants, Oct-11
Vitamin C deters cataracts, Jan-23




Water spinach, Ipomoea aquatica, Jun-26
--buffering riparian areas, Feb-4
--farming affects quality, Jul-22
--in-stream wetland improves, Jun-18
--soil microbes help clean, Jan-23
--waste treating with heavy metal attractants, Jul-23
Weather, soil plays a role, Apr-4
--aquatic, water spinach, Jun-26
--need a mix of controls, Apr-22
--tall whitetop, Jul-18
Wetland, in-stream, constructed, Jun-18
--improved dough quality, Nov-4
--lines resist Hessian flies, Jan-23
--proteins impart texture, Aug-27
--resistant to barley yellow dwarf virus, Jun-24
--separating gluten, starch, Feb-17
Wormwood extract fights malaria, Apr-18
Yew synergizes insecticides, Nov-14
Zinc in vegetarian diets, Mar-13

"Index 1998" was published in the December 1998 issue of Agricultural Research magazine.

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