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1997 Index


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Agrobacterium tumefaciens, to transfer alfalfa genes, Jan. 16
Agroforestry, row crops amid trees, Nov. 10
Air quality, monitoring cotton gins, May 17
Alfalfa, absorbs excess nitrogen, Jan. 14
Alfalfa, major pests targeted, Dec. 14
Alley cropping, Nov. 10
Alternative crops for the Midsouth, Nov. 10
Anticancer compounds
    ellagic acid from strawberries, Aug. 16
    limonoid glucosides from citrus, Jul. 23
    resveratrol from grapes, Nov. 14
    wheat bran against colon cancer, Nov. 23
Apples, keeping Fujis fresh, Apr11
Apricot, superb Robada, Aug. 11
Aquaculture, canned carp product, Jan. 12
Aquaculture, suckers raised for bait, Oct. 23
Arboretum, U.S. National
    prize-winning ornamentals, Feb. 18
    South African wildflowers, Sep. 8




    for vegetable oil conversion, Mar. 21
    to make biofuel, fertilizer, Apr. 23
    caged for pollination, Oct. 10
    smaller cells help fight mites, May 22
    smoking out mites, Aug. 19
    traps for Africanized honey bees, Mar. 22
    areawide IPM against codling moths, May 4
    areawide IPM against corn pests, Oct. 4
    Beauveria bassiana curbs corn borer, Nov. 12
    built-in plant defenses, Feb. 13
    colored mulch starves nematodes, Oct. 18
    diets for beneficial insects, Jun. 2, Jun. 4, Aug. 23, Oct. 23, Dec. 21
    Edovum puttleri for potato beetles, Dec. 21
    insecticides in ornamentals, Jul. 22
    Italian insects eat musk thistle, Mar. 10
    keeping microbials alive, Oct. 22
    leaf hairs confuse fungi, Jul. 22
    maysin starves corn earworms, Jun. 18
    Mir1 gene curbs corn pest, Jun. 19
    neem biopesticides, Jan. 23
    nematode curtails sap beetle, Apr. 10
    nematode-resistant peppers, Oct. 12
    of melaleuca with insects, Dec. 4
    of silverleaf whitefly, Feb. 4
    Pasteuria controls soybean cyst nematodes, Sep. 7
    pheromone confuses armyworms, Jan. 23
    pheromone confuses gypsy moths, May 23, Dec. 20
    Rogas indiscretus for gypsy moth, Mar. 23
    trap-cropping melon pests, Sep. 16
    wasps control lygus and plant bugs, Dec. 14
    wheat resists Hessian fly, Aug. 22
    with rival Fusarium species, Aug. 20
    microbes clean up toxic waste, Mar. 18
    with novel alfalfa, Jan. 14
    yeast gene for bioaccumulation, Mar. 21
Birdsfoot trefoil, commercial variety, Sep. 22
Bitter pit, calcium controls in orchards, Apr. 16
BLO, bacterium-like organism, Nov. 20
Broccoli, grown in soybean mulch, Mar. 12
Brucellosis, monitoring; vaccine, Nov. 18




Carp, canned, Jan. 12
Cattle diet improves nitrogen efficiency, Jun. 12
    diet strengthens immunity, Oct. 19
    dietary fat warms calves, Jun. 23
    pine needles disrupt pregnancy, Sep. 23
    Romosinuanos from Venezuela, Sep. 14
    temperature-humidity index, Aug. 23
Cereal grains resist head scab, Sep. 22
Citrus, extracting limonoid glucosides, Jul. 23
Cockroach, new allergen, test for detecting, Mar. 23
Computer models
      WEPP, Jul. 4
    Rusty computes wheat rust, Apr. 22
    Stored Grain Advisor, Jun. 23
    WeedCast predicts weeds, Mar. 20, Nov. 4
   WEPP predicts soil erosion, Apr. 4
Computer software
    FarmWin 97, Nov. 8
   fuzzy logic helps set RDAs, May 20
   for peanut producers, Oct. 20
    cross-pollinating hybrids, Nov. 4
    domestic-exotic crosses, Sep. 4
    fungus controls borer, Nov. 12
    Mir1 enzyme prolongs Bt, Jun. 19
    oil and gum from hulls, Dec. 12
    sap beetle a damaging pest, Apr. 10
    seeds protected by microbial coat, Apr. 23
    silencing specific genes, Sep. 23
    silk has natural repellent, Jun. 18
    viral studies enhanced, May 21
Corn Belt, areawide IPM, rootworms, Oct. 4
    air quality around gins, May 17
    conveyor-belt dryer, Jun. 11
    mending ties on bales, Jul. 20
    more frequent watering, May 23
    NIR measures maturity, dyeability, Mar. 23
    school for gin managers, Oct. 12
    transgenic, has stronger fiber, Aug. 23
    undeveloped fiber and PIX, Jan. 23
    white-speck neps won't dye, May 14
    antibody test kit for glycoalkaloids, Dec. 16
    corn gene functions, Sep. 23
    encapsulated insect diet, Aug. 23
    insect mass-rearing diet, Oct. 23
    new neem products, Jan. 23
    suction-powered valve, Feb. 23
    tastier rice cakes, Sep. 23
    uses for feathers, Jan. 23
    wheat bran and colon cancer, Nov. 23
Cryptosporidium parvum, vaccine, Jan. 12
Drought, lessened by conservation tillage, Jan. 4




Earthworms reflect soil condition, Jan. 19
Embryo rescue, to develop new fruits, Aug. 9
    curbs for small farms, Nov. 17
    gypsum and PAM control, Sep. 18, 21
    in the wheat-growing Palouse, Jun. 20
    surge protector lessens, Mar. 15
Exports, rice for Japanese consumers, Mar. 4
FarmWin 97, computerized recordkeeping, Nov. 8
Fire blight, studying in arborspheres, Jun. 8
Flowers, native South African, Sep. 8
Food safety, killing bacteria on meat, Oct. 16
Forage, multiuse sunn hemp, Apr. 23
    An Experiment Continues, Jan. 2
    Teaming Up Against the Whitefly, Feb. 2
    Booming Exports Good for Jobs, Mar. 2
    WEPP—Erosion Prediction for the Next Millennium, Apr. 2
    The Promise of Dolly, May 2
    Diet Critical To Mass-Rearing Beneficials, Jun. 2
    Global Change—What Will It Do to Agriculture? Jul. 2
    Making More Cropland by Tinkering With Plants, Aug. 2
    Many Rewards From International Cooperation, Sep. 2
    Going Areawide Makes IPM Goal Practical, Oct. 2
    Big or Small—All Farmers Gain From Research, Nov. 2
    It Takes Teamwork To Restore the Everglades, Dec. 2
Freeze-thaw effects on soil, Apr. 9, Jun. 20
Freezing, ice damage in plants, Apr. 18
    and vegetables, lightly processed, Jan. 20
    calcium sprays boost quality, Apr. 16
    new peaches, nectarines, grapes, Aug. 9
    Beauveria bassiana protects corn, Nov. 12
    clean up toxic pollution, Mar. 18
    Fusarium graminearum, head scab, Sep. 22
    Fusarium strains reduce wilt, Aug. 20
    hold soil particles together, Oct. 22
    Phytophthora, Fusarium in soybeans, Oct. 8
    Puccinia recondita causes rust in wheat, rye, Feb. 22, Jul. 22




Genetic engineering
    Agrobacterium tumefaciens transfers DNA, Jan. 16
    cloning animals for biomedicines, May 2
    gene "gun" speeds transfer, Jan. 10
    wheat, for baked goods, Feb. 23
Geranium, identifying viruses in, Jun. 22
    Enhancement for Maize, GEM, Sep. 4
    pollinated with caged bees, Oct. 10
Global change, effects on agriculture, Jul. 4
Glycoalkaloids, new test for, Dec. 16
Goats, formula for trait components, Jan. 23
Grapes, products from muscadines, Nov. 14
Grass seed, field-burning alternatives, Aug. 12
Guayule, for hypoallergenic latex, May 23
Gypsum curbs erosion, Sep. 18
HAM, hand-held aerosol monitor, May 17
Homocysteine, and B vitamins, Apr. 23
Homocysteine, reduced by folic acid, Jun. 16




Immune system competence, Dec. 18
    beet armyworm, Jan. 23
    Colorado potato beetle, Dec. 21
    corn earworm, Jun. 18, Jul. 22
    corn rootworm, Jul. 23
    cucumber beetle and squash bug, Sep. 16
    European corn borer, Nov. 12
    fall armyworm, Jun. 19, Jul. 22
    fruit flies controlled by irradiation, Jun. 23
    gypsy moth checked by wasp, Mar. 23
    gypsy moth lure disrupts mating, May 23, Dec. 20
    Hessian fly, Aug. 22
    how predators and parasites feed, Jun. 4
    lab diet for wasps, spined soldier bugs, Aug. 23, Oct. 23
    melaleuca biocontrols, Dec. 4
    migratory travel patterns, Feb. 14
    Peristenus wasps against alfalfa pests, Dec. 14
    pollinate germplasm collections, Oct. 10
    sap beetle succumbs to nematode, Apr. 10
    southwestern corn borer, Jun. 19
    stored grain, cooling suppresses, Jun. 23
    whitefly, a 5-year update, Feb. 4
Internet, ARS Digital Image Gallery, Mar. 23
Internet, Trickle-L mailing list, May 18
    areawide codling moth suppression, May 4
    areawide corn rootworm suppression, Jul. 23
    pest migrations affect control, Feb. 14
Irradiation, for pest quarantine, Jun. 23
    automatic pressure control, Mar. 15
    drip, Trickle-L shares details, May 18
    for more cotton, May 23
    pulse, plus water-saving valve, Feb. 23
    sprinkler head cuts costs, Dec. 11




Latex, hypoallergenic, from guayule, May 23
Livestock behavioral study facility, Jun. 14
Manure, equations reduce risks, Nov. 23
Manure, maximizing crop nutrients, Jun. 12
Mass-rearing, lab diets for beneficial insects, Jun. 2, Jun. 4, Aug. 23, Oct. 23, Dec. 21 Meadowfoam, for biodegradable oil, Feb. 17
Melaleuca, Florida wetlands pest, Dec. 4
Melons, protecting, Jan. 19, Sep. 16, Nov. 20
Microwaves measure grain moisture, Dec. 21
Migration of insect pests, Feb. 14
Mulch, colored, starves nematodes, Oct. 18
Neem, commercial biopesticides, Jan. 23
Nutrition, human
    alcohol lowers vitamin B, Apr. 23
    beneficial corn hull products, Dec. 12
    folic acid fortification, Jun. 16
    homocysteine reduced, Apr. 23, Jun. 16
    marginal nutrient deficiencies, Dec. 18
    more rational RDAs, May 20
    preemie infant feeding, Feb. 23
Nuts, automated pistachio sorter, Jan. 18




Obesity, effects of two hormones, Nov. 23
Oil, vegetable, for industrial uses, Mar. 21
Ozone hole, a different issue, Jul. 16
PAM, polyacrylamide anchors topsoil, Sep. 21
Pawpaws, keen interest in growing, Mar. 16
Peanuts, breeding improved, Feb. 16
Peanuts, expert system for producers, Oct. 20
Peas, dried, improved, Sep. 23
Peppers, resistant to nematodes, Oct. 12
Pesta, for raising helpful microbes, Mar. 20
Pesticide, gentle sprayer cuts drift, Apr. 12
Pistachio sorter, Jan. 18
Plastic, more flexible, degradable, Apr. 21
Pork, leaner, role of hormones, Nov. 23
    breeding better, in less time, Dec. 16
    hybrids survive blight, May 13
    less reconditioning before chipping, Dec. 21
    under late blight attack, May 10
    feathers, for biodegradable products, Jan. 23
    heterophils keep chicks healthy, May 9
    how Salmonella bacteria invade, Jul. 23
    sterilized without cooking, Oct. 16




Resveratrol in muscadine grapes, Nov. 14
    DNA helps catalog diversity, Jun. 22
    improving Japanese varieties, Mar. 4
    slower-digesting products, Jan. 22
    tastier flavored cakes, Sep. 23
    tolerant to zinc shortfall, Mar. 4
Rust, identifying in wheat, rye, Feb. 22
    how infection happens, Jul. 23
    killed by steaming, Oct. 16
    lymphokines thwart in chicks, May 9
Scales to weigh dangerous items, Dec. 21
Seeds, grass, certification, Aug. 12
Silvopasture, raising cattle and trees, Nov. 10
Small farms, grower-supported studies, Nov. 4
    aerenchyma roots penetrate claypan, Aug. 4
    amendments reduce erosion, Sep. 18, 21
    earthworm casts show condition, Jan. 19
    freeze-thaw worsens erosion, Jun. 20
    freezing and thawing effects, Apr. 9
    glomalin protein holds together, Oct. 22
    nationwide erosion prediction, Apr. 4
    RZWQM predicts ag. chemical movement underground, Jul. 18
    smearing curtails plant growth, Oct. 23
    subsidence in Everglades, Dec. 8
    cyst nematodes, Sep. 7
    for tofu and natto, Nov. 13
    oil-based waxes, Feb. 23
    sudden death syndrome, Oct. 8
    to mulch broccoli, Mar. 12
Stabileze, process extends microbes' viability, Oct. 22
Starch, wheat-based concrete, Jan. 13
    apples in controlled atmosphere, Apr. 11
    computer keeps grain cool, Jun. 23
    fresh-cut produce, Jan. 20
    reconditioning of potatoes, Dec. 21
Strawberries, boosting ellagic acid, Aug. 16
    cannabinoid receptors in livestock, Jun. 15
    cold, reduced in calves, Jun. 23
    in livestock studied, Jun. 14
Sugar beets, smoothroot germplasm, Mar. 17
Sugarcane, bred to benefit Everglades, Dec. 8
Sunn hemp, fast-growing Tropic Sunn, Apr. 23
Supercritical fluid extraction and enzyme combo, Aug. 22
Swine, new test for bacterial diarrhea, Feb. 22




Tanning hides with potassium chloride, Feb. 23
    conservation, ameliorates drought, Jan. 4
    for the Pacific Northwest, Jun. 20
    sensor detects soil smearing, Oct. 23
Tomato, beneficial Fusarium strains, Aug. 20
Tomato, flavor compound, furaneol, Mar. 17
Trap cropping, squash protect melons, Sep. 16, Nov. 20
Vaccine, nucleic acid, against Cryptosporidium parvum, Jan. 10
Viburnum, outstanding cultivars, Feb. 18
Video thermography, measures ice damage, Apr. 18




Waste treatment with microbes, Mar. 18
Water quality
    predicted by RZWQM, Jul. 18
    protected by manure management, Nov. 23
    reducing tannery brine, Feb. 23
Watermelons, mosaic-resistant, Jan. 19
Watersheds, managing field-size, Nov. 17
Weather info faxed to farmers, Aug. 23
    musk thistle control, Mar. 10
    on the Central Great Plains, May 19
    string trimmers cut herbicides, Jul. 21
    sweep cultivating downy brome, May 23
    tropical soda apple, Apr. 14
    WeedCast forecasts trends, Mar. 21
    bioengineered for baking, Feb. 23
    bran against colon cancer, Nov. 23
    DNA helps catalog diversity, Jun. 22
    hard white, for Asian noodles, Mar. 9
    Hessian-fly-resistant, Aug. 22
    predicting rust severity, Apr. 22
    starch-based building material, Jan. 13
    understanding hardness, Jul. 21
    wild hybrids resist mildew, Jul. 23
    heavy-metal-tolerant gene in Schizosaccharomyces pombe, Mar. 21
Yellow vine disease
    in melons, Nov. 20 

"1997 Index" was published in the December 1997 issue of Agricultural Research magazine.


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