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1995 Index


Agrotricum, wheat/grass hybrid, Jan.13
ALERT, advanced insect-rearing technology, May 22
Alfalfa, Sclerotinia resistance, Dec. 16
Animal welfare, alternatives to live animals in research, Feb. 4
Apples, better storage methods, Feb. 21
Apples, calcium hikes quality, Apr. 9
Apples, germplasm repository, Mar. 23
     catfish disease test, Mar. 9
     yeast pigment for salmon, Dec. 21
ASPIRE, biofungicide, Jun. 23


     breeding better, Sep. 22
     golden mosaic virus, Apr. 23
     rust resistance, Feb. 20
Beef, tenderness defined, Mar. 20
     dispense biocontrol virus, Jan. 23
     Varroa and tracheal mites, Jun. 18
BIO-SAVE-11, biological fungicide, Jun. 23
     antimicrobials from spices, Nov. 10
     ASPIRE and BIO-SAVE-11, Jun. 23
     Beauveria battles whitefly, May 16
     bees spread biocide, Jan. 23
     boosting plants' virus resistance, Sep. 18,
     breeding corn rootworm resistance, Aug. 13
     coordinated area-wide IPM, Jul. 4
     fungi yield insecticides, Jan. 20
     fungus fermented/granulated, Jun. 20
     gonad-specific virus, Aug. 23
     mexfly trap improved, Aug. 20
     pheromone confuses cranberry fruitworm, Dec. 15
     pirate bugs save stored grain, Mar. 19
     predatory mites, Apr. 23
     protein inhibits fruit rot, Dec. 14
     flies decapitate fire ants, Feb. 23
     sprayed-on beneficials, Jun. 23
     SureDye curbs fruit flies, Feb. 23
     Thanasimus attacks pine shoot beetle, Dec. 12
     trap for pepper weevil, Apr. 10
     virus curbs cotton pests, Oct. 23
Blueberries, highbush Chandler, Sep. 23


Calcium sprays for apples, pears, Apr. 9
Calcium, racial differences in absorption, Dec. 21
Cantaloupe, sweetness defined, Mar. 23
Carambola, cold treatment protects, Mar. 22, Dec. 21
Carbon dioxide, effects on agriculture, Apr. 4
Casaba, mildew-resistant, Jan. 23
     coumaphos dip for ticks, Apr. 15
     grazing ponderosa pine, Jan. 23
     health research, Feb. 4, Dec. 2, 4
Cherries, buckskin disease, Sep. 21
Chickpeas, blight-resistant, Apr. 8
Citrus, reducing bitterness, Aug. 22
Citrus waste, for ethanol, Jun. 10
Conservation tillage
     cover crops for no-till, Aug. 16
     earthworms increase with, May 18
     for the Palouse, Apr. 16
Corn, prototype accession catalog, Jan. 23
Corn, resists armyworm, borers, May 23
     breeding weevil resistance, Nov. 21
     cottonseed for young bulls, Mar. 23
     ginner's handbook revised, Jul. 22
     ginning efficiency, Jan. 11
     virus controls bollworm, Oct. 23
Coumaphos, disposing of tick dip, Apr. 15
Cover crops, for no-till in winter, Aug. 16
     500th agreement signed, Oct. 23
     ag wastes remove toxic metals, Sep. 23
     ARS' highlighted on Internet, Jun. 23
     corn pest resistance, May 23
     I.D. rust resistance markers, Apr. 23
     in-ovo Newcastle vaccine, Nov. 16
     on Beauveria bassiana uses, May 16
     rain forest chemicals explored, Oct. 23
     spraying-on beneficial insects, Jun. 23
     to make dextran sugars, Jun. 23
     wheat pest resistance, May 23
Cryopreservation, of hazelnuts, Apr. 22
Cryptic species, techniques to I.D., May 4
Cucumbers, more beta carotene, Nov. 13


Dairy, new products from ERRC, Oct. 10
Dairy cattle
     Holsteins world champs, Jul. 23
     more milk with less feed, Sep. 16
Dietary survey, "What We Eat in America," Apr. 23
Diets, purified for lab rodents, Jun. 21
DNA, improves insect I.D.'s, Feb. 12
DNA fingerprinting
     the process, Feb. 14
     to classify organisms, May 4
     to distinguish pea types, Nov. 18
Dryland agriculture
     plant survival secrets, Mar. 12
     wheat rotations, Feb. 19
Earthworms, nature's no-till plow, May 18
Electroantennography, how insects smell, Jan. 12
Embryo rescue, germinating old seed, Mar. 10
Ethanol, from citrus by-products, Jun. 10
Databases, models, systems
     AGNPS tracks water pollutants, Feb. 22
     ARS pesticide database, Nov. 23
     calculating stored-grain risks, Jun. 22
     Chalcid Corner for wasps, May 8
     computer maps track animals, Aug. 23
     Corn-Base, computerized accessions, Jan. 23
     food composition database, May 12
     global change/hydro power, Nov. 23
     GLYCIM models soy crops, Jan. 23
     MINIMO estimates soil nitrogen, Oct. 9
     modeling aids animal research, Feb. 4
     research synopses on Internet, Jun. 23
     RUSLE for soil erosion, Aug. 8, Sep. 11


Fantesk, versatile corn/soy product, Sep. 12
Fat, poultry, feed reduces, Feb. 23
Fat, supercritical fluid to extract, Mar. 18
Fertilizer, fine-tuning nitrogen, Oct. 9
Food, composition data computerized, May 12
Food safety
     controlling Escherichia coli, Nov. 10
     E. coli O157:H7, Jul. 9
     new microbial controls, Nov. 10
     test kit finds fungicides, Aug. 23
Foot-and-mouth-disease research, Dec. 4
     agritricum for grazing, Jan. 13
     drought-tolerant grasses, Aug. 13
     fall seeding of alfalfa, Dec. 16
     pine needle toxin, Jan. 23
     sheep graze Centennials, Jun. 2, 4
     For Economical, Abundant, and Varied Fruits, Jan. 2
     Animal Health Programs in ARS, Feb. 2
     Biosystematics: Putting Pests in Their Places, Mar. 2
     Carbon Dioxide and the Human Community, Apr. 2
     Improving on Linnaeus, May 2
     Letting Go of Certain Myths, Jun. 2
     Food Security: New Tools, New Teamwork, Jul. 2
     Getting to the Root of Wheat Take-All, Aug. 2
     Cooperation Crosses Our Southern Border, Sep. 2
     Forming a Global Plant Genetics Insurance Policy, Oct. 2
     Green Remediation: Letting the Earth Heal Itself, Nov. 2
     An Island Fortress for Biosecurity, Dec. 2
Fruit, better light for sorting, Jun. 19
Fruit, rot reduced by fruit protein, Dec. 14
Fruits, tropical and subtropical, Jan. 2, 4
Fumonisin, toxin mechanism, Nov. 23
     Botrytis cinerea inhibited, Dec. 14
     reproduced in liquid culture, Jun. 20
     sclerotia have insect toxins, Jan. 20


Gamagrass, helps corn resist rootworms, Aug. 13
Garlic, from true seed, Feb. 9
Gene banks, for ag diversity, Oct. 2, 4
Genes, genetic engineering
     bean rust resistance markers, Apr. 23
     building plant virus resistance, Sep. 18
     Endless Summer tomato, Jul. 20
     germplasm repository system, Oct. 8
     preserving apple germplasm, Mar. 23
     potato with virus Y resistance, Jul. 23
     resistance to Russian wheat aphid, May 23
     virus protection for peanuts, Aug. 18
Germplasm repository system, U.S., Oct. 8
Global climate change
     carbon dioxide increase, Apr. 2,4
     effects on hydropower, Nov. 23
     monitoring gases, Jun. 12
Gypsy moth, in space, Jun. 23


Hazelnuts, cryopreservation, Apr. 22
Homocysteine, and arteriosclerosis, Apr. 23
Hydroponics, using fishpond waste, Feb. 10
Hyperaccumulators cleanse soil, Nov. 2, 4


     antennae 'smell' targets, Jan. 12
     codling moth in northwest, Jul. 4
     cold curbs carib flies on carambola, Dec. 21
     cold temperature survival, Sep. 22
     cranberry fruitworm mating, Dec. 15
     fire ant versus parasitic fly, Feb. 23
     identifying with DNA, Feb. 12
     lady beetles for pest control, Mar. 4
     mass-rearing Catolaccus grandis, Sep. 5
     mass-fearing, innovations in, May 22
     medfly, malaria research, Sep. 23
     Mexican fruit fly, trapping, Aug. 20
     pine shoot beetle control, Dec. 12
     pirate bugs guard stored grain, Mar. 19
Internet, ARS databases on, Jun. 23, Nov. 23
     Arboretum cuts pesticide use, Apr. 23
     area wide, against codling moth, Jul. 4
     evolution of concept, Jul. 8
     pepper weevil war, Apr. 10
     tillage/rotation for pests, erosion, Apr. 16
     whitefly control strategies, May 16
Irradiation, for safer meat/poultry, Nov. 10
Irrigation, region wide coordination, Oct. 14


Kleingrass, timing emergence, Apr. 14
Lettuce, Salinas dominates, Apr. 14
Lettuce, Tiber resists tipburn, Apr. 23
Lipid, anti-inflammatory drug, Jul. 22
Lupin, food/feed for cool regions, Mar. 23
Meat, measuring fat-to-lean ratio, Jul. 18
Meal-more tender beef, Mar. 20
Melons, source of bland taste, Mar. 23
Methane, cattle emissions, Jun. 12
Methyl bromide, alternatives to, Jan. 14
Mexico, cooperative research with, Sep. 2,4


Newcastle disease, new vaccines, Nov. 16
Nitrogen, applying the right amount, Oct. 9
Nitrogen, fixed by plant rhizobia, Mar. 16
Nutrition, human
     boosting zinc absorption, Jun. 15
     calcium absorption by girls, Dec. 21
     continuing diet survey, Apr. 23
     counting alcohol's calories, May 23
     tine-liming protein needs, Jul. 13
     food data standardized, May 12
     heritability of lean tendencies, Dec. 20
     homocysteine in elderly, Apr. 23
     immune system stresses, Jan. 28
     kidney stone-oxalate link, Oct. 9
     low-calorie/high, exert ion regimens, Jan. 22
     protein needs in elders, Jul. 12
     raising HDL cholesterol, Jul. 15
     recovery from weight gain/loss, Feb. 23
&nbsnbsp;    selenium affects mood, Oct. 19
     selenium and weight gain, Oct. 18
     weight loss sex-linked, Aug. 14
Onions, sale sheep feed, Apr. 22
Oxalate, bacterium degrades, Oct. 9
     biotech virus protection, Aug. 18
     blight-resistant SW Runner, Jul. 10
     flavor/oil quality link, Jan. 11
Peas, germplasm collection, Nov. 18
Peppers, hot sauces are big sellers, Oct. 22
Peppers, weevil damage curbed, Apr. 10
Pesticides, database on Internet, Nov. 23
Phomopsis, elusive fungus, Aug. 21
Pine shoot beetles damage Christmas trees, Dec. 12
Planter, senses soil moisture, Dec. 17
Plum Island Animal Disease Research Center, Dec. 4
Potato, hybrid resists PVY, Jul. 23
Potatoes, jasmine inhibits sprouting, Dec. 21
     automated inspection system, May 23
     avian flu virus mutations, Jul. 23
     dead-virus Newcastle vaccines, Nov. 16
     leaner with amino acid feed, Feb. 23


     grazing, effects of, Jun. 4, Sep. 15
     reseeding, Mar. 12
Rhizobia, world's largest collection, Mar. 16
Rhizotron, growth chamber, Oct. 20
Rice, flood-resistant, Oct. 13
Rice, germinating old seed, Mar. 10
Rubber, latex from common plants, Mar. 22
RUSLE, Revised Universal Soil Loss Equation, Aug. 8, Sep. 11
Salmon, yeast-based pink color, Dec. 21
Satellites, improve farming, Jan. 8
Seeds, digitally imaging vigor, Aug. 19
Seeds, germination techniques, Mar. 10
Selenium, in human diet, Oct. 18,19
     heat-tolerant St. Croix, Jun. 9
     scrapie and prion gene, Feb. 4
     study mimics range operations, Jun. 4
Silage, inoculation slows spoilage, Jun. 17
Snowflakes, SEM photographing, Apr. 18
     better nitrogen estimates, Oct. 9
     decontaminating with plants, Nov. 2. 4
     earthy smell from microbes, Jun. 16
     erosion control for steep sites, Aug. 8
     root/soil interaction, rhizotrons, Oct. 20
     universal loss equation revised, Sep. 11
Sorghum, changing day-length of, Dec. 18
Soy ink, more degradable, Jan. 19
     crop simulations, Jan. 23
     disease-resistant Probst, Jul. 23
     more oil in new inks, Jan. 19
Starch, as tissue culture medium, Jul. 11
STEEP, soil erosion solutions, Aug. 8
     controlled-atmosphere protocol, Feb. 21
     risks to stored grain, Jun. 22
Strawberries, hydroponic, Feb. 10
Strawberries, new early cultivars, Aug. 23
Sugars, bacterial, for dextrans, Jun. 23
Sunflowers, reducing cadmium, Jan. 21
Supercritical fluid, for fat extraction, Mar. 18
Swine, preventing Atrophic rhinitis, Nov. 22
Swine, PRRS virus less mysterious, Nov. 22
Systematics, better classification, May 2, 4


Take-all disease, of wheat, Aug. 4
     cotton ginner's handbook, Jul. 22
     decolorizing wastewater, Jul. 10
     formaldehyde replacement, Jan. 23
     microprocessor for ginning, Jan. 11
Tillage, in total darkness, Dec. 10
Tissue culture, on cornstarch gel, Jul. 11
Tomatoes, bioengineered, Jul. 20
Toxic metals, removal of, Sep. 23, Nov. 2, 4
Tropical agriculture research, Jan. 4
Turkey hens, broodiness in, Nov. 14
Vetch, as vegetable mulch, May 10
Viburnum, new leatherleaf, Nov. 23


     global change and hydropower, Nov. 23
     gullies dispense seed, Mar. 15
     Klebsiella degrades pesticides, Sep. 23
     lake pollution/runoff reduced, Oct. 23
     non-point, source pollution, Feb. 22
     removing textile dyes, Jul. 10
     snowflakes to predict supply, Apr. 18
     toxic metals removed by GAC's, Sep. 23
     using aquaculture wastewater, Feb. 10
     vegetable oils clean wells, Jul. 16
Weed, aquatic, Egeria densa, Apr. 12
Weeds, reduced by night tillage, Dec. 10
     bred to perennial wheatgrass, Jan. 13
     dwarf bunt not in California, May 23
     resistant to Hessian fly, Jun. 23
     stripper-header for harvest, Feb. 22
     take-all disease, Aug. 4
     why kernels sprout, Apr. 23
     with aphid resistance, May 23
Whitefly, fungus may control, May 16
WISE, women in science, engineering, Oct. 12
Zinc, in human diet, Jun. 15

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