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Index 1999



--corn line resistant to, Jun-23
--new ways to measure, Feb-11
--sampling peanuts for, Jul-15
Africa, diagnosing crop yield barriers, Jun-17
Aging, dietary copper might forestall, Aug-10
Aging, foods that may slow, Feb-14
--computer imaging its gene map, Aug-15
--"ineffective," nitrogen-hungry, Apr-18
--lactic acid source, May-20
Alternan, substitute for gum arabic, Sep-10
Alternative crops for small farms, Oct-2, 4
Animal ag, economic value, Dec-28
Animal health, on-line news, Sep-23
Apolipoproteins and blood lipids, Jul-20
Aquaculture, feed consumption, Aug-7
Aquaculture, major disease vaccines, Oct-10
Aquatic weeds, salvinia, Nov-23
Aquatic weeds, watermilfoil, Mar-16
Arabidopsis, model plant genome, Jan-26
Artificial gut, nutrient bioavailability, Aug-4
Bananas, Hawaiian, and fruit flies, Sep-17
Barberpole worms as parasites, Jan-18
Barley, head scab defenses, Jun-18
Barley, resisting barley stripe rust, Aug-20
Beans, green, high-calcium, Nov-20
Beef, leanness gene pinpointed, Jun-9
Beefsteaks, predicting tenderness in, Nov-10
--small hive beetle attack, Aug-12
--sunflower leafcutter as pollinator, Sep-22
--varroa-tolerant Russian, Aug-12
Biocontrol of—
--caterpillars with Anagrapha falcifera nuclear polyhedrosis virus, Feb-23
--corn rootworms with taiuia, Apr-16
--diamondback moths, Mar-26, Sep-20
--Russian wheat aphids, Sep-20
--fire ants with phorid flies, Sep-2,4
--fungi that attack cacao trees, Nov-4
--greenhouse, silverleaf whiteflies, Jan-25
--imported fire ants, Sep-2, 4
--leafy spurge with flea beetles, Jul-23
--Malaysian fruit flies, Sep-17
--Mexican fruit fly with new lure, Mar-27
--peanut pests, Nov-9
--salvinia in lakes and ponds, Nov-23
--sap beetles, with attractants, Apr-20
--silverleaf whitefly with wasps, Apr-14
--sugarcane smut, May-21
--wheat take-all with Pseudomonas, Mar-10
--yellow starthistle, with Eustenopus weevil, Feb-22
Biocontrol with—
--Beauveria bassiana, Paecilomyces fumosoroseus, Sep-20
--Encarsia formosa wasps, Apr-14
--lure for Malaysian fruit flies, Sep-17
--phorid flies behead fire ants, Sep-2, 4
--Thelohania solenopsae, Sep-2, 4
--Trichoderma, Nov-4
Biocontrols, deep-tank fermentation of Paecilomyces fumosoroseus, Jan-25
Bioinformatics, computational biology, Dec-15




Cacao trees under fungal attack, Nov-2, 4
Carbon dioxide, changing over time, Dec-4
Catfish, feed consumption in, Aug-7
--appear healthy, spread bluetongue, Jul-4
--double-muscled, Jun-9
--grazing can help grasslands, May-7
--oral vaccine for shipping fever, Oct-23
--predicting beefsteak tenderness, Nov-10
--vaccine for shipping fever, Dec-28
Cattle, breeding for better beef, Dec-34
Cattle, dairy
--bromelain reduces mastitis in, Nov-21
--genetic improvement of, Dec-32
--grass-based farming saves money, Oct-20
Cauliflower, high-beta-carotene, Jul-18
Cherry, original trees from Japan, Apr-6
Chicory, absorbs nutrients in litter, Jun-13
Chocolate, fungi threaten supplies, Nov-2, 4
Cholesterol, type of fats important to, May-22
Climate change, 103 years of data, Dec-19
Compost, sub for methyl bromide, Jul-23
Composting, grass-straw residue, Feb-7
Computer, model fine tunes fertilizing, Oct-15
Computer, TOPAZ evaluates land characteristics, Apr-9
Copper, deficiency and birth defects, Mar-24
Copper, status may affect aging, Aug-10
--hybrids resist gray leaf spot fungi, Feb-23
--resistant to aflatoxin fungus, Jun-23
--tropical, for late plantings, Nov-21
Cotton, and tarnished plant bugs, Jul-12
Cotton, on Tennessee Valley soils, Aug-18
Cryopreservation, fruit germplasm, Jun-15
Cryopreservation, of seeds, Dec-10
Culture Collection, ARS, new fungi, Nov-18
Delta NIRI, Jan-12
DNA, fingerprinting to I.D. grapes, Jun-14
DNA, probes I.D. spoilage yeasts, Aug-16




E. coli, in swine, Jul-7
Eggs, more with timed vaccination, Mar-17
--long-term studies of, Feb-4
--new crested wheatgrass fights, Jan-27
--slowed by sunflowers, Feb-21
Fallowing, phasing out on the plains, Nov-12
FANS, measuring airflow in barns, Jul-22
Feed, efficiency of phosphorus use, Jan-2
Feedlots, fly ash for paving, Jan-22
Fescue, high-magnesium, Apr-15
Food additives, nonfat, from sugar, Sep-10
Food safety
--ARS lab network helps ensure, Dec-27
--computer software improves, Jan-17
--curbing microbes on fresh-cuts, Jun-10
--detecting pathogens on meats, Dec-28
--fresh-cuts for salads, Jan-16
--NADC research efforts, Feb-12
--PREEMPT curbs Salmonella, Mar-27
--Shigella and E. coli O157:H7, Jan-16
--tests for Campylobacter jejuni, Mar-13
--hiMag fescue, Apr-15
--measuring nitrogen in manure, Sep-22
--new crested wheatgrass, CD-II, Jul-7
--tempting ruminants' taste buds, Sep-9
FORUM, A Need for More and Better Nutrients From Plants, Aug-2
FORUM, Agriculture and Marine Environments, Jan-2
FORUM, ARS Research: Past, Present, and Future, Dec-2
FORUM, CACAO—Good for Agriculture and the Environment, Nov-2
FORUM, CRADAs—Partnerships That Speed Technology to Users, Mar-2
FORUM, Defining Our Programs; Refining Our Vision, Jul-2
FORUM, Hope for Fire Ant Control, Sep-2
FORUM, Keeping a Nice Place To Live Nice—Environmentally, Jun-2
FORUM, Long-Term Experiments: Keystones for Future Planning, Feb-2
FORUM, Time To Act, Oct-2
FORUM, Toward a Greener Revolution: Creating More Healthful Food Systems, May-2
FORUM, U.S. National Arboretum Revives Historic Cherries, Apr-2
Fresh-cut produce, minimizing microbes on, Jan-16, Jun-10, Dec-27
Fruits, dwarf trees from Kearneysville, Jul-16
Fungi, new, found on decaying wood, Nov-18
Fusarium, fighting in wheat, barley, Jun-18
Fusarium, wheat scab research funds, Aug-23




Genetic engineering
--automated DNA-analyzers, Apr-23
--first plant genome, Arabidopsis, Jan-26
--for disease-resistant flowers, Nov-23
--piggyBac genes aid gene transfer, Apr-10
--to boost animal agriculture, Dec-28
--two new plant gene centers, Apr-23
--vectors aid transformation, Apr-10
Genetic diversity and seed storage, Dec-10
--alfalfa gene map, Aug-15
--from Gregor Mendel to today, Dec-15
--soybean genome map, Feb-8
Goats, for brush-clearing, meat, milk, Oct-4
Goats, thrive on forage peanuts, Jun-23
Grapes, DNA identifies cultivars, Jun-14
Grapes, three new seedless, Oct-23
Grass, new crested wheatgrass, Jan-27
Grazing-based dairy systems, Oct-20
Guayule latex, instead of rubber, May-18
Gypsum protects soil, hikes yields, Oct-23
Gypsy moths, pesticide skirts curb, Apr-22
Heart health, genetic basis of, Jul-20
History, ARS accomplishments, Dec-36
History, timeline of ag research, Dec-4
HIV/AIDS, amino acid supplement, Jan-27
Homocysteine and heart health, Mar-25
Horses, equine leukoencephalomalacia, May-23
Human nutrition
--athletes need zinc, Jul-22
--breeding more nutritious plants, May-4
--cancer and beta carotene, May-23
--children have special needs, Dec-26
--chocolate's good for you, Nov-5
--copper deficiency in pregnancy, Mar-24
--dietary copper and aging, Aug-10
--dietary fats and cholesterol, May-22
--dieting imperils bone density, Apr-14
--diets for Mississippi Delta, Jan-12
--food affects behavior, learning, Nov-16
--glutathione and AIDS, Jan-27
--green beans with higher calcium, Nov-20
--homocysteine and heart disease, Mar-25
--Internet, long-distance research, Nov-16
--iron availability, Aug-4
--low-birth-weight babies, Jan-10
--low iron and depression, May-22
--nutrient bioavailability, measuring, Aug-2, 4
--obesity a growing problem, Dec-20
--research directions, Dec-20
--Rett Syndrome, Feb-20




--baiting and trapping, Jan-9, Mar-26
--corn earworm migrations, May-8
--gypsy moth control, Apr-22
--imported fire ants, Sep-2, 4
--ladybugs, blacklight trap for, Apr-23
--Mexican fruit fly, Jan-23
--midges spread bluetongue, Jul-4
--mosquitoes, new traps for, Nov-23
--repellents for human use, Dec-35
--sap beetle pheromones, bacterial, Apr-20
--"Star Wars" pest control tactics, Jan-23
--tarnished plant bugs on cotton, Jul-12
Iron intake and depression, May-22
Irradiation, of fresh-cut produce, Jan-16
Irradiation, of coccidia vaccine, Jan-20
Irrigation, less environmental impact, Dec-4
Johnsongrass, and sugarcane smut, May-21
Karnal bunt, T. indica and T. walkeri, Mar-18




Lesquerella, new types and uses, Nov-14
Malnutrition, how to counter, May-2, 4
Manure, lysimeters track pathogens, Nov-22
Melons, tastier, more nutritious, Feb-18
Methyl bromide replacement
--compost, on strawberries, Jul-23
--natural plant extracts, Mar-14
--soil solarization, Oct-18
--to control nematodes, Mar-22
MSEA, Mississippi Delta, Mar-20, Jun-2, 4
Nematodes, soybean cyst resistant, Jan-27
New crops, cuphea, milkweed, euphorbia, Dec-18
New products from crops, Dec-10
Newcastle disease, protecting poultry, Oct-16
NEXRAD tracks corn earworm moths, May-8
Niche markets, small farms fill, Oct-4
Nitrogen, model predicts crop needs, Oct-15
Nuclear polyhedrosis virus, Feb-23
Nutshells, activated carbons from, Sep-14




Oatrim, antioxidant for fatty acids, Mar-27
ORAC, oxygen radical absorbance, Feb-14
Osteoporosis, dieting exacerbates, Apr-14
Peaches resist bacterial spot, Apr-9
--nutritious forage for goats, Jun-23
--resist attacks by thrips, borers, Nov-9
--sampling for aflatoxin, Jul-15
--strains resist root-knot nematodes, Apr-13
Pears and plums, resistant varieties, Jul-16
Peas, two for the Southeast, Apr-23
Pecans, edible coating helps store, Jan-9
Penicillium, new types discovered, Nov-18
Pesticides, aerial spray system, Sep-23
Pesticides, measuring in water, air, Jan-4
Pfiesteria outbreaks, Jan-2, 4, Dec-4
Photosynthesis research, Dec-10
Photosynthesis, sugar transport, Mar-9
Phytochemicals, in soybeans, May-10
Phytonutrients, enrich diet, Aug-2, Dec-20, 24
Pickles, HPLC spots quality flaws, May-11
Plant exploration, Dec-10
Porphyrins, helpful pigments, Jun-23
--chicory cleans up turkey litter, Jun-13
--controlling coccidia in, Jan-20
--PREEMPT protects against Salmonella, Mar-27, Dec-28
--Newcastle disease protection, Oct-16
--timing mycoplasmosis vaccination, Mar-17
--turkey poult enteritis mortality, Sep-23




Ramps, Appalachian specialty crop, Oct-4
Rangeland, grazing for diversity, May-7
REAPS, Research Extension and Apprenticeship Program, Jan-14
Reclamation, mining and topsoil, Feb-21
Recycling, new products from crumbled rubber, Aug-23
Recycling, soy hulls and nutshells into activated carbons, Sep-14
Remote sensing
--ground measurements confirm, Mar-4
--RESOURCE21, for farmers, Mar-2, 4
--to assess natural resources, Jul-8
Rett Syndrome, nutrition for, Feb-20
Rice, flour for low-fat batter, Jan-11
Rubber allergies, guayule substitute, May-18
Runoff, curbing nutrient, Jan-2, 4, Dec-4
Salmonella, S-RAMPP, risk in poultry, Jan-17
Salmonella, drug-resistant strain, Jul-23
Seeds, catalogs trace ag history, Jul-19
Seeds, organic growers collect, Oct-12
Sex sorting, of livestock sperm, May-12
Sheep, bluetongue costs industry, Jul-4
Shipping fever, oral vaccine for, Oct-23
Small farms, research helps, Oct-2, 4
Soapstock, for biodegradable film, Jul-23
Soil Organic Matter Network, Feb-2
--clay, subsoiling aerates, Feb-10
--solarization curbs pests, Oct-18
--topsoil life span, Feb-21
--early-season planting system, Aug-8
--estrogenlike isoflavones, Oct-23
--genome maps, Feb-8
--health protectants in, May-10
--Phytophthora-resistant germplasm, Aug-9
--public EST project, Feb-9
--resist soybean cyst nematode, Jan-27
--subsoiling boosts yields, Feb-10
--calcium dip for melons, Feb-18
--edible coating for pecans, Jan-9
--sound, infrared detect microbes, Apr-12
Strawberries, breeding better, Sep-12
Sucrose, liquid epoxies from, Jun-22
Sugarcane, loose-kernel smut, May-21
Sugars, how plants transport, Mar-9
Sunflowers, in crop rotations, Feb-21
Sustainability, agricultural, Feb-2, 4, Dec-4
--helping piglets thrive, Sep-18
--resisting edema, Jul-7
--test for atrophic rhinitis, Jun-23
Taxol, technique to boost production, Apr-13
--BGYF flags Aspergillus flavus, Apr-12
--for atrophic rhinitis bacteria, Jun-23
--for bluetongue, Jul-4
--for Campylobacter jejuni, Mar-13
--for epizootic hemorrhagic disease, Jul-4
--for Johne's disease, Dec-28
--HPLC for wine, pickle quality, May-11
--new ELISA detects aflatoxin, Feb-11
--rapid, for drug-resistant Salmonella, Jul-23




--and soil fertility, Feb-2
--conservation, subsoiling helps, Feb-10
--methods to curb farm runoff, Dec-4
Timeline, research accomplishments, Dec-4
--auxins give vine-ripened taste, Apr-19
--high-lycopene, Oct-22
--with more beta carotene, Feb-23
TOPAZ, topographic parameterization, Apr-9
Trap cropping, stink bugs, Jan-9
Trap cropping, diamondback moths, Mar-26
Vanadium's role in crop growth, yield, Sep-23
Ventilation, important in barns, Jul-22
Viroids, harnessing for ag use, Dec-16




Wasps, DNA shows strains' origins, Apr-14
Wasps, lure may help control, Feb-23
Water quality
--agriculture's effects on, Dec-4
--in Chesapeake Bay, Jan-2, 4
--MSEA projects, Mar-20, Jun-2, 4
--tracking manure-borne pathogens, Nov-22
--under pastures, barns, Oct 4
--with grazing-based dairy systems, Oct-20
Weeds, leafy spurge field day, Jul-23
Weeds, yellow starthistle, Feb-22
Wetlands, to trap farm runoff, Jan-4
--durum for pasta, breadmaking, Aug-23
--funding to boost scab research, Aug-23
--head scab defenses, Jun-18
--Karnal bunt look-alike, Mar-18
--labs ensure end-use quality, May-14
--resistent to powdery mildew, Mar-27
--suppressing take-all, Mar-10
--waxy and low-amylose, May-14
Wine, detecting spoilage yeasts, Aug-16
Winterfat shrub, freeze-resistant, Jan-24
Zinc, affects exercise performance, Jul-22

"Index 1999" was published in the December 1999 issue of Agricultural Research magazine.

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