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Grassland-shrub savanna with mountains in background
Grassland-shrub savanna on ARS’s Jornada Experimental Range in New Mexico. (Peggy Greb K11299-1)
USDA technician collects field vegetation samples in 1927
A USDA technician collects vegetation samples in Mandan, North Dakota, in 1927. (USDA-ARS, D3190-1)
ARS scientists collect sensor data at a 100-year-old LTAR site in Beltsville, MD
At a 100-year-old LTAR site in Beltsville, Maryland, scientists review maps and check data from sensors. (Stephen Ausmus, D3857-1)
Herd of cattle walking across a plain
Cattle move toward a windmill on the horizon for a drink of water at an LTAR site in Colorado. (David Augustine, D3858-1)
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