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Training pack mules in 1942
During World War II, Fort Reno supplied horses and mules for the military. (Historic Fort Reno Inc., D3851-1)
1880 historical photo of U.S. Army soldiers and Indian Scouts
U.S. Army soldiers and Indian Scouts 1880. Fort Reno was instrumental in keeping peace among Indian groups by combatting the illegal invasion of land-hungry settlers into parts of Oklahoma territory. (Historic Fort Reno Inc., D3848-1)
1900s photo of soldier on a horse jumping a fence
Cavalry training at Fort Reno in the 1900s. (Historic Fort Reno Inc., D3850-1)
Cavalry stables at Fort Reno in early 1900s
Cavalry stables, early 1900s. In 1908, Congress established Fort Reno as a remount depot, where mules and horses were bred and trained for the U.S. Cavalry and our allies. (U.S. Cavalry Association and Museum, D3849-1)
German POW camp Fort Reno in 1943
In 1943, Fort Reno became a prisoner-of-war camp where several hundred German prisoners were held. (Historic Fort Reno Inc., D3852-1)
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