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Technician uses DNA sequence analysis to identify yeasts.
A laboratory technician uses DNA sequence analysis to accurately identify yeasts in the ARS Culture Collection. (Keith Weller, K8555-11).
Scientist prepares enzymes.
A scientist prepares food-grade enzymes from a cultured strain to convert agricultural sugars into a slow-release sweetener. (Scott Bauer, D3488-1).
Elite bioenergy switchgrass. (Peggy Greb, D750-1).
Corn kernels.
Ethanol can be produced from corn grain. (Stephen Ausmus, D1156-8).
A scientist prepares a bioreactor to evaluate yeast fermentation of biomass.
To mass-produce Pseudomonas fluorescens bacteria, a researcher prepares a culture medium in a fermentor. (Keith Weller, K5968-1).
Scientists collect a fungal culture sample.
Scientists collect a sample of a fungal culture as part of their research on ethanol fermentation. (Stephen Ausmus, D1711-4).
Statue of Liberty.
ARS helped develop a soy-oil-based hydraulic elevator fluid that was evaluated in the elevator in the Statue of Liberty on Ellis Island, New York. (Kevin Daley, National Park Service, D3489-1).
Muffins, ice cream, and cheddar cheese.
Low-fat muffins, soft-serve ice cream, and cheddar cheese produced with FanteskTM, a natural product made from starch, water, and one or more oils. (Keith Weller, K9258-1).
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