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Cold plasma treatment of blueberries to kill microbes.
ERRC scientists are working on using ionized gas molecules, also known as “cold plasma,” to kill microbes on fruit, such as the treatment of blueberries in this photo. (Joseph Sites, D3492-1).
Ultrasonic image of leather reveals defects.
ERRC scientists developed techniques to use airborne ultrasonic imaging on leather and hides to reveal defects (shown in red) earlier than previous methods. (Cheng-Kung Liu and Nick Latona, D3491-1).
ARS scientists review PCR lab results on a computer screen.
In efforts to develop new techniques to quickly and reliably identify pathogenic E. coli serogroups, microbiologist Pina Fratamico (left) and molecular biologist Yanhong Liu (center) view real-time PCR results from study samples as microbiologist Lori Bagi loads a thermal cycler with more samples for testing. (Stephen Ausmus, D2156-1).
Twin boys drink bottles of infant formula.
ERRC scientists developed predictive models to help regulatory agencies in risk assessments of powdered infant formula exposed to various conditions. Here, 8-month-old twin boys enjoy drinking bottles of infant formula. (Stephen Ausmus, K10902-1).
Chemist prepares fruit and vegetable extracts.
Chemist Steve Lehotay prepares extracts of fruits and vegetables for analysis of pesticide residues.(Stephen Ausmus, K11684-1).
Technician dying fabric.
A technician dyes samples of a wool/cotton blend fabric. (Peggy Greb, K9140-1).
Workers washing apples with machinery.
Apples exit a flatbed brush washer within a containment chamber at ERRC’s biosafety level-2 pilot plant. (Peggy Greb, K9821-1).
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