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1996 Index



Aerial observations for farms, Dec. 16
   controlling in peanuts, Jul. 14
   keeping out of peanuts, Feb. 22
   varies in corn varieties, Oct. 22
African swine fever, Aug. 14
Agricultural commodities, new uses, new markets, May 10
Alfalfa, for feed and fuel, Oct. 18
Algae, blue-green Spirulina, Mar. 23
Algae, monitoring in fishponds, Nov. 21
Antioxidants and human health, Nov. 4, 10
Apples, Asian germplasm, Feb. 23
   monitoring pond algae, Nov. 21
   vaccines for catfish, Nov. 20
Arboretum, U.S. National
   IPM lowers chemicals use, Jan. 12
   new elms, Jul. 6
Arthritis, from foodborne bacteria, Oct. 16



Bacillus thuringiensis collection, Mar. 16
Barley, heart benefits from, Feb. 20
Bees, Africanized honey, Mar. 4
Bees, bee-vac for sampling, Mar. 10
Biocontrol against
   brown spot, Mar. 15
   citrus root weevil, Nov. 22
   corn earworm, Jan. 16
   damping-off fungi, Jun. 16
   fall armyworm, Jan. 16
   golden nematodes, Apr. 16
   gypsy moth, Aug. 23
   Japanese beetles, Jan. 16, Feb. 12
   medflies, Jan. 20
   mold on fruits, Jan. 23
   pear psylla, Dec. 20
   pink bollworm, Jan. 16
   plum pox virus, Mar. 11
   storage rot, Jan. 16
   tree fruit pests, Aug. 20
   water hyacinth, May 16
   whiteflies, Jan. 16, Jul. 23
Biocontrol with
   abamectin, curbs citrus pests, Jan. 11
   Autographa californica, Dec. 18
   Bacillus popilliae, Jan. 16
   Bacillus thuringiensis, Mar. 16
   Beauvaria bassiana, Jan. 16
   breeding, of rust-resistant oats, Feb. 10
   Calosoma sycophanta, Aug. 23
   Candida oliophila, Jan. 16
   caterpillar-killing proteins, May 23
   controlled atmosphere, Nov. 16
   cotton that resists whiteflies, May 23
   farm demos, Eastern Europe, Feb. 23
   Gliocladium virens GL-21 Jun. 16
   Paecilomyces fumosoroseus, Jan. 16
   Pseudomonas syringae, Mar. 15, Dec. 20, Jan. 16
   red dye, Jan. 20
   resistant potato germplasm, Apr. 16
   Steinernema glaseri, Feb. 12
   Steinernema riobravis, Nov. 22, Jan. 16
   transgenic fruits, Mar. 11
   Trichoderma harzanium, Jan. 23
   wild tobacco genes, Jul. 23
Biodiversity, parasites help understanding of, Dec. 4
Biological processes in fungi, Feb. 22
Bioremediation, cleaning wastewater, Jul. 15
Breeding, precision, of corn, Aug. 4
Brown spot, control, Mar. 15
Brucellosis, producer-friendly vaccine, Oct. 17
Buckskin disease, of cherries, Aug. 20



Carbon, in soil, reduced by plowing, Mar. 23
Carotenes, dietary, what they do, Nov. 4, 10
Carrots, for seed, water needs, Jun. 21
Catfish, vaccines, Nov. 20
   biting flies, mites, ticks, Jun. 10 dairy,
   BLAD disease, May 18
   grazing helps range, Aug. 22
   haptoglobin shows health, May 22
   Holstein, genetic link to mastitis, Aug. 23
   Line 1 valued in breeding, Aug. 18
   projecting producer profit/loss, Apr. 4
   Romosinuano embryos imported, Jun. 23
Children's nutrition, body composition, Jun. 18
Citrus pests, biocontrol, Jan. 11
   pre-peeled with enzyme, May 8
   suppressing weevil pest, Nov. 22
   variegated chlorosis, Jun. 9
Clover, disease-resistant red, Dec. 9
   agricultural applications, Apr. 4
   algorithm spots jumping genes, Mar. 23
   TEKTRAN on-line, Oct. 23
Computer models
   EXNUT guides peanut irrigation, Apr. 7
   MADMAC maps crop stresses, Dec. 16
   NLEAP spots nitrate leaching, Apr. 11
   STEERISK for cattle producers, Apr. 4
Conservation tillage, field day demo, Jun. 23
   ethanol yield increased, Oct. 8
   individual plant pedigrees, Aug. 23
   more bioavailable phosphorus, Dec. 12
   precision breeding for yields, Aug. 4
   silk repels pests, Apr. 23
   better grading, classification, May 4
   fiber moisture sensor, Aug. 23
   fibers reject dye, Dec. 10
   foreign genes for domestic, Feb. 14
   naturally colored, Apr. 20
   resistant to whiteflies, May 23
   textile enhancements, May 5
Cottonseed oil, isohexane solvent, Aug. 7
CRADA (cooperative R & D agreement)
   biological controls hit marketplace, Jan. 16
   breeding sweet corn, repel pests, Apr. 23
   combat BLAD in dairy cattle, May 18
   detect larvae in stored grain, Jan. 23
   develop cytokinin plant defense, May-23
   genetic markers for corn plants, Aug. 23
   harmless Aspergillus strains, Feb. 23
   in-shell poultry vaccinations, May 18
   In-transit pest control for produce, Apr 23
   test cotton fiber moisture sensor, Aug. 23
   test for coccidiosis drug, Jan. 23
Cryptosporidium, in drinking water, Jun. 4
Cucumber mosaic virus, curbing, Jul. 16


Diagnostic test
   DNA identifies Xanthomonas and Xylella bacteria, Jun. 9
    ELISA for tree fruit viruses, Aug. 20
   for Campylobacter jejuni, Arcobacter, Listeria, Feb. 4
   for elevated homocysteine, May 23
   for salinomycin in feed, poultry, Jan. 23
   for soybean sudden death fungus, Jan. 23
   haptoglobin shows cattle health, May 22
   quantifies aflatoxin in grain, Oct. 22
Disney World, ARS research at, Jul. 20
DNA fingerprinting
   corn plant pedigrees, Aug. 23
   distinguishes microbes, Dec. 15
   sorts soybeans, Aug. 12
Dust, reducing airborne particles, Mar. 18


Elms, disease-resistant new Americans, Jul. 4
   intercropping forage reduces, Mar. 15
   wind, PM-10 sources, Mar. 18
Ethanol, improving yield from corn, Oct. 8



Flowers, understanding color, Jul. 12
Foodborne illness
   minimizing, Feb. 4
   toxoplasmosis and cats/pigs, Feb. 8
Foods, new, all-fruit confections, Nov. 9
Foods, new, rice french fries, Feb. 21
   high-mass alfalfa, Oct. 18
   more with intercropping, Mar. 15
   rhizoma peanut, Apr. 23
   Pests Won't Concede: Here's How We Deal, Jan. 2
   Curbing Foodborne Illnesses, Feb. 2
   Africanized Honey Bees--the March North Has Slowed, Mar. 2
   Does Agriculture Compute?, Apr. 2
   The Research Commitment to Rural Communities, May 2
   ARS Science Serves Many Users, Jun. 2
   Horticultural Research Is No. 1, Jul. 2
   Today's Plant Breeders Increase Tomorrow's Food Supply, Aug. 2
   A Summer Job Can Shape a Life, Sep. 2
   Agricultural Pests: No Shortage in the Forecast, Oct. 2
   Pennies for Research Can Cut Dollars From Health Care, Nov. 2
   Parasites: The Problems Persist, Dec. 2
   apples from Kazakhstan, Feb. 23
   gelled puree in varied forms, Nov. 9
   IPM in orchards, Jan. 18-22
   tree, important to rural economies, Aug. 20
   tree, preventing plum pox, Mar. 11
   bacteria control damping off, Jun. 16
   Olpidiurn zoospore moves genes, Mar. 23
   sexual Trichoderma discovered, Feb. 22



Genetic engineering
   at Disney World lab, Jul. 20
   chromosome for cow mastitis susceptibility, Aug. 23
   cytokinin-boosting plant gene, May 23
   drawing chicken genome map, Jul. 19
   flower pigments, Jul. 12
   fungus transports genes, Mar. 23
   jumping genes, Mar. 23
   of Autographa californica, Dec. 18
   precision breeding possible, Aug. 4
   to control aflatoxin in peanuts, Jul. 14
   to control cucumber mosaic virus, Jul. 16
   to control plant aging, ripening, Aug. 8
GPS/GIS, agricultural applications, Apr. 4
Grain pests, microwaves zap, May 21
Grapefruit, controlled atmosphere, Nov. 16
Grazing, helps range soil condition, Aug. 22
Greenhouse, automated spray system, Jul. 22


Health, human
   arthritis from food poisoning, Oct. 16
   homocysteine and heart disease, May 23
Hi-tech mosquito barrier, Mar. 12
Hormones, plant, muting effect of, Aug. 8


   Africanized honey bees arrive, Mar. 4
   ALFID detects in stored grain, Jan. 23
   corn earworms, biocontrol, Jan. 16
   fall armyworms, biocontrol, Jan. 16
   fire ants devour planted seeds, Oct. 14
   fruit flies, controlled atmosphere, Nov. 16
   grasshoppers, Jan. 4, Jan. 10
   gypsy moth has beetle predator, Aug. 23
   Japanese beetles, Feb. 12
   managing livestock pests, Jun. 10
   Mediterranean fruit flies, Jan. 20
   microwaves subdue grain pests, May 21
   mosquito repellents, Jun. 4
   mosquitoes, salt marsh, Mar. 12
   pink bollworms, biocontrol, Jan. 16
   tropical fruit flies, Apr. 23
   whiteflies, biocontrol, Jan. 16, Jul. 23
IPM (Integrated Pest Management)
   at U.S. National Arboretum, Jan. 12
   grasshopper IPM User Handbook, Jan. 8
   of grasshoppers, Jan. 4
   orchard ecosystems tested, Jan. 18
IRP-4, Interregional Research Project, Oct. 4
Irrigation, computer-directed, Apr. 4, May 18


Karnal bunt, genetic resistance to, Nov. 23


Landscape plants, controlling pests, Jan. 12
   Legumes, pharmaceutical sources, Nov. 12
   Legumes, special-purpose collection, Nov. 12
   Leptospirosis, test identifies strains, Jun. 4
   Livestock Insects Research lab, Jun. 10
   Lyme disease, and licks, Jun. 4


Melon, blight, Oct. 20
Melon, cantaloupe for beta carotene, Oct. 23
Mexico, cooperative bee research, Mar. 4
Microbial collection, world's largest, Dec. 15
Microwaves zap grain pests, May 21
Minor crops, pesticides research for, Oct. 4
   pine needle straw, May 16
   red plastic boosts yields, Jul. 23
   using construction waste, Jul. 9
   waste paper pellets, "peat" pots, Jul. 9



NAPIAP, assesses pesticide impacts, Oct. 5
Nematodes, golden, in potatoes, Apr. 16
Nematodes, ridges distinguish types, Apr. 18
NIR, spectroscopy to grade raisins, Jun. 22
Nitrogen, soybeans use excess in soil, Apr. 23
Nutrition, human,
   algae nutritious, healthful, Mar. 23
   barleys benefits, Feb. 20
   beta carotene's benefits, Nov. 10
   children's body composition, Jun. 18
   fat-creep and aging, Jul. 23
   fruits and vegetables important, Nov. 4
   phosphorus' role, Dec. 12


Oats, hardy, for cool climates, Dec. 8
Oats, rust resistant, Feb. 10
ORAC, measures antioxidant capacity, Nov. 7



Eimeria Coccidia in poultry, Oct. 12
enzyme blocks whipworms, Jul. 23
interleukin-4 expels, Nov. 23
National Collection, Dec. 4
ridge patterns identify nematodes, Apr. 18
   aflatoxin-resistant, Jul. 14
   EXNUT guides irrigation, Apr. 7
   rhizoma is good forage, Apr. 23
Phosphorus, in feed and food, Dec. 12
Photosynthesis, slowed by cool nights, Oct. 15
Pigments, plant, promote human health, Nov. 4
Pigments, the basis of flowers' color, Jul. 12
Pine needle mulch, May 16
Plum pox virus, preventing, Mar. 11
   air, effects on crops, Oct. 20
   cleanup in water, Jul. 15
   NLEAP computes, Apr. 11
Potatoes, golden nematode threat, Apr. 16
   chicken genome map, Jul. 19
   in-shell vaccination, May 18
   Salmonella in older hens, Nov. 23
   strategies against Coccidia, Oct. 12
Precision farming, Apr. 4
Preserving produce in transit, Apr. 23
Prunus necrotic ringspot virus, Aug. 20
Psylla, pear, bacteria control, Dec. 20



Raisins, better grading, Jun. 22
Range, improved by grazing, Aug. 22
Range, restoring big sagebrush, Aug. 11
Recycling, paper, farm, and yard waste, Jul. 9
Remote sensing, data more useful, Dec. 16
Remote sensing, spots crop needs, Apr. 12
RESOURCE21, orbiting crop watching, Apr. 12
Rice, for lower-fat french fries, Feb. 21
Rural economies get boost, May 18



Safety, food, begins on farm, Feb. 4
Sagebrush, big, restoring to range, Aug. 11
Salmonella in older hens, Nov. 23
Satellites, airborne crop surveillance, Apr. 12
Sensors, wartime, find agricultural applications, Oct. 23
Sheep, hardy, for the midsouth, May 7
   NLEAP, nitrogen applications, Apr. 11
   plowing lessens CO2, fertility, Mar. 23
   soybeans use excess nitrogen in, Apr. 23
   enzyme for industrial uses, Jan. 23
   Sudden Death Syndrome fungus, Jan. 23
   remove excess soil nitrogen, Apr. 23
   sorting look-alikes, Aug. 12
Soyoil, enzymes speed drying, Apr. 22
Speck Trek, collaborators solve textile problem, Dec. 10
Starch, biodegradable wheat, Jul. 23
Starch, superabsorbent polymer, May 10
Storage rot in fruits, biocontrol, Jan. 16
Strawberries, angular leaf spot, Jun. 9
Students, gain ARS research experience, Sep. 4-23
Sugarcane, for cooler climates, Feb. 17
Super Slurper, starch polymer, May 10
Supercritical fluid extractor, multiuse, Jun. 23
Swine, African swine fever, Aug. 14
Synlophes, nematode ridge patterns, Apr. 18
Systematics, naming and grouping living things, Dec. 4


TEKTRAN on World Wide Web, Oct. 23
Temperature, cool hardiness in plants, Oct. 15
Textiles, cotton fiber moisture sensor, Aug. 23
Textiles, cotton specks resist dye, Dec. 10
Tomatoes, cool nights limit growth, Oct. 15
Toxoplasma gondii, in cats, pigs, Feb. 8



Waste, recycling, Jul. 9
Water hyacinth, biocontrol, May 14
   computer-aided irrigation, Apr. 4, May 18
   microbes clean polluted, Jul. 15
   probes signal need for irrigation, Nov. 23
   aquatic, water hyacinth, May 14
   smart sprayer detects, Apr. 15
Wheat, resistant to karnal bunt, Nov. 23


Zoonotic diseases, spread to humans, Jun. 4


"1996 Index" was published in the December 1996 issue of Agricultural Research magazine.


This page last updated June 2005.

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